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Mary Anne Marsh: Trump is the ‘extremely stable genius’ who can’t resist tak 上海龙凤论坛ing Pelosi’s bait

No one knows how to play Donald Trump better than Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi once again proved she lives rent-free in Trump’s head last week when the presidentresponded to her remarks that he was conducting a “cover-up.” That one comment led to a 48-hour verbal demolition derby that Pelosi won.


He went straight from that to a Rose Garden press conference – complete with a sign affixed to the presidential podium proclaiming his innocence – where he stated that unless Congress stops their investigations he won’t work with them.

Pelosi’s response to Trump was to hold her own press conference the next day, baiting him again by stating that Trump:

And that set Trump off. Again.

He proclaimed himself an “extremely stable genius.” Then he held another press conference (using farmers decimated by his tariffs as props) to publicly ask his senior staff about his temperament.This is a staple of dictators like Putin in the Kremlin, not the leader of the free world in the White House.

Then he launched into yet another series of tweets about the Mueller investigation, even retweeting a doctored video of Pelosi to make it look as though she was behaving erratically (she wasn’t).

But, to understand just how much control Pelosi has over Trump, look no further than impeachment.

While Trump careens out of control, Pelosi remains firmly in control. She’s keeping the Democratic caucus in line about impeaching Trump, insisting it will only occur when the evidence is public and the public supports it.

Pelosi is letting members who want to impeach Trump – or who represent districts that do – have their say. She’s letting members who don’t want to impeach Trump – or at least not yet – have their say.

She’s letting the chairs of the committees involved in the investigation of Trump do their jobs. And she’s managed at the same time to lead the House to pass 100 bills in only five months, addressing health care, shoring up ObamaCare, lowering prescription drug prices, gun safety, securing our elections, and more.

Furthermore, when Pelosi states,爱上海oyr, Trump wants impeachment now, she’s right. Trump knows there’s even more damaging information to come – from the 14 cases Mueller referred for criminal prosecution plus one investigation he referred as well.

The sooner impeachment proceedings start, the better it is for Trump politically, before any of the remaining evidence is made public. The Senate is also unlikely to impeach him without further evidence. All of which renders undertaking impeachment now useless – and Pelosi knows it.

As I have said before and will say again: Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi. Ever.

Pelosi is smart to be taking her time, because the more Americans know about the Mueller Report and Trump’s conduct, the more they will support efforts to hold Trump accountable.

That’s what we are starting to see in the polls: the latest CBS poll shows 44 percent of Independents believe Trump should cooperate with the investigations and be held accountable. This is a nine-point increase among the very voters who change elections and who helped Democrats win the House in 2018.

A recent series of court decisions also proves Pelosi’s strategy to take her time is on the mark.

One decision last week provided the Judiciary Committee with Trump’s financial records from TD Bank and Wells Fargo, with Deutsche Bank’s records soon to follow. These records have been sought for months, and Trump has fought to hide them.

Why? Because they could likely provide information as to whom he is in debt, and whether that might be driving his actions as president, rather than what is in America’s best interest.

This release of Trump’s financial records pushed him to his latest act of desperation, one that should concern every American: giving Attorney General William Barr the unilateral and extraordinary authority to declassify intelligence material, rather than allowing the intelligence agencies to do it themselves.

This action was accompanied by Trump railing that there had been a coup attempt against him, and making allegations of treason along the way.

Mind you, the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election started in the spring of 2015 – before Trump announced his campaign for president. It is notable that Trump introduced the use of the words “coup” and “treason,” as it follows a pattern of him pre-emptively defining the debate in ways that help him.

Trump’s executive order proves he is willing to destroy our intelligence assets in a search for his “enemies” that wil,上海龙凤419mz,l compromise every U.S. intelligence agency and asset, as well as our national security.

In ,上海419论坛tkgs,retrospect, it also explains his visit to the CIA only hours after taking the oath of office in 2017. Trump was delivering a message: you’re either on my team or you’re my enemy.

Trump now sees the CIA and FBI as his enemies and is treating them as such.


Clearly, Trump’s claim that he’s an “extremely stable genius” is betrayed by his behavior. That’s because Trump knows Pelosi controls his fate and has out-maneuvered him at every turn – further fueling his fear. And if Pelosi does end up initiating impeachment proceedings, that will be the end of Trump – and he knows that, too.

As I have said before and will say again: Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi. Ever.


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SAS says 6-day pilot strike cost it $ Jassir68 million

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sca,爱上海ize,ndinavian Airlines says that a six-day pilot strike that led to the cancellation of 4,000 flights and affected more than 370,000 passengers cost 650 million kronor ($68 million).

SAS says tha,上海贵族宝贝论坛fg,t the walkout, which ended May 2 when the sides reached a three-year collective bargaining agreement, “,上海龙凤419on,negatively impacted” its second quarter, for which it reported a 1.2-billion kronor ($125 million) loss.

CEO Richard Gustafson says it “added to the challenges already faced by SAS,” which include tough competition, increasing fuel prices and a weakening Swedish currency.

Gustafson said Tuesday the result for the three-month period that ended April 30, “is far from satisfying.”

The strike started April 26 after talks collapsed between the airline and SAS Pilot Group, which represents 95% of the company’s pilots in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Copyright ©2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

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A four-day school week? T 上海419论坛eachers and kids give it an ‘A.’ Parents are less enthused

Teachers in 27J Schools have mandatory professional development one Monday morning a month, while admin,上海龙凤419kz,istrators have two. And the new schedule was rolled out with other initiatives administrators felt would help keep students connected to the classroom on their days o,爱上海ausm,ff, including providing every student with a Chromebook laptop and the launch of a comprehensive digital curriculum.

To address daycare concerns for parents of young children, the district expanded its existing offerings to include an all-day option on Monday for $30 per day. 27J also enlisted the Shopneck Boys & Girls Club, in Brighton, to provide all-day Monday,上海贵族宝贝论坛ghw, care for $20 for families that could afford it, and at no cost for those who could not.

Teachers and parents give it a grade

For single parents like Jessica Lore, who works full-time for a local sales company and has no family in the area, the four-day schedule was not a welcome change.

“I don’t like it one bit, and I feel like the district didn’t take seriously my worries about child care,” she told NBC News as she picked up her three children from the Boys & Girls Club on a recent Monday.

If it weren’t for that free service — Lore’s kids receive a scholarship because she can’t afford to pay — “I’d have been out of a job,” she said.

Even for parents who can afford to have someone at home or who can enlist nearby family to help, the change wasn’t universally well-received.

Brody Mathews, who has two children at Thimmig Elementary, wasn’t thrilled about the elongated school days. And while child care wasn’t an issue — he and his wife run a business out of their home — a work-related move to Golden, Colorado, will put his kids back in school for five days a week.

“I’ll be relieved that they’ll be back on a five-day schedule. It’s what pretty much every human on earth works or goes to school for,” he said.

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‘I was outraged by the lack of respect Shelwin’ — The female footballers who fought for change in South America

“It made me ma,上海419论坛jro,d,” Iona Rothfeld, who played for the national team at the time, told CNN. “But it mainly made me sad, because we fought for that ranking. I know all the effort that we made and my teammates made before me and after me.”

I was outraged ,上海千花kjw,not with the l,爱上海zhls,ack of opportunity, but it was the lack of respect shown to women soccer players.

Iona Rothfeld

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Maharshi total overse Jonathanas box office collection: Mahesh Babu adds another flop film to the list

Mahesh Babu and Venne,上海419论坛qtwk,la ,上海龙凤论坛quhg,Kishore in MaharshiTw,上海千花pax,itter

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Elizabeth Warren Gains Ground in Jassir2020 Field, One Plan at a Time

NEWTON, Iowa — To the crowd of Iowans gathered in a school gym on Saturday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a request: They should pose a question to the other presidential candidates who come to Iowa seeking their vote.

“Ask them: Where do you get your money?” ,爱上海hd,she said. “Are you getting it from a bunch of millionaires?”

For Ms. Warren, the question highlighted one of the sharpest contrasts she has drawn with most of her top rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination: She has sworn off holding privat,上海419论坛yuq,e fund-raisers with wealthy donors. “The best president money can’t buy,” signs and T-shirts for her campaign say.

“I like that very much,” Cheryl Scherr, 63, said afterward, “because that means that she’s not beholden to anybody.”

After five months as a presidential candidate, Ms. Warren is showing signs of success at distinguishing herself in a packed field. She has inched higher in national polls and, at events within the last month, consistently overshot the campaign’s expected amount of attendees.

She has been propelled in part by a number of disruptive choices, most notably the breakneck pace at which she introduces policy proposals. That has helped keep her in the news, put pressure on ,上海贵族宝贝论坛st,rivals and provided more opportunities to shore up her campaign’s once-lackluster fund-raising.

One of Ms. Warren’s slogans, “the best president money can’t buy,” calls attention to a key theme of her presidential bid.CreditTamir Kalifa for The New York Times
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Veeru Devgan funeral: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan consoles Kajol; SRK, Amitabh Bachchan pay last res 上海419论坛pects

Veeru Devgan funeral: Aishwarya,上海龙凤419wd, Rai Bachchan consoles Kajol, SRK, Amitabh Bachchan pay last respects.Varinde,上海贵族宝贝论坛uy,r Chawla and Inst,爱上海so,agram

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‘W 上海龙凤论坛e Need To Evolve’: Police Get Help To Improve Hate Crime Tracking


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‘Give and take’: Jessica Springsteen on the se Jassircrets of her success

As a member of the Miami Celtics, the 27-year-old travels the world participating in the sport’s showpiece Longines Global Champions Tour (GCT) and Global Champions League.

She acted as manager for her team at the recent stop on Miami Beach in Florida and told CNN Sport some of the secrets behind her success.

‘Give and take’

Despite a childhood dominated by the musical ability of her parents, Springsteen on,上海贵族宝贝论坛sfup,ly had eyes for horses.

It’s a passion which has continued to grow throughout her life and she credits her affinity with horses for her sporting success.

“I think the chemistry between you and your horse can vary from ride to ride,” she told Aly Vance for CNN’s EQ equestrian show in Miami.

“Some horses you get on immediately with and you pick right away and others it can take a little bit longer and be a bit of a struggle.

“But I think you have to be patient and it has to be a mutual give and take between the horse.”

‘Special bond’

Finding your “top horse” may well be difficult but it’s the vital ingredient for any rider competing at the highest level.

“I think you feel comfortable and you feel like every time you get in the ring you can have a good result,” said Springsteen, speaking about the feeling of riding her favorite horses. “It’s amazing, a special bond.”

Having ridden many top jumpers throughout her career, the American has a special place in her heart for one particular horse — Davendy.

Still living at her house, the mare formed a formidable relationship with Spr,上海千花qjfs,ingsteen in her early years.

“We kind of clicked immediately. I think we won at our first show together and she was such a trier and so competitive and careful,” she said.

“Every time I went in the ring I knew I could really go for it and she would give her all. She was so much fun. I miss her.”

Top tips

During the 2018,上海419论坛nj, season, Springsteen managed five podium places, including a win at the Rome event.

As well as finding the right horse, her success last year is all to do with timing and choosing the right events to “peak at”.

Now sitting at the pinnacle of her sport, Springsteen is keen to help the new generation of riders find their feet in the industry.

“My tip for upcoming riders would be just to stay patient and to stay focused. Don’t get to set back by the lows. Just keep at it,” she said.

Watch the video at the top of the page to watch Jessica Springsteen reveal the secrets of her success.

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‘Blood everywhere’: Groom-to-be gets attacked at pub, shows up 爱上海 for wedding the next day

Groom-to-be Scott Richards was attacked at a local pub the night before his wedding day.”I still have nightmares about it now, where I wake up in a cold sweat and can’t get back to sleep,” Sco,上海贵族宝贝论坛lrw,tt said.

An unsuspecting groom nearly lost an eye after being struck with a glass during a quiet pub quiz the night before his wedding day. But still got to the church on time.

Scott Richards, 31, required over 14 stitches — and was almost forced to call off the big day — after medics warne,上海龙凤论坛xr,d he might need an eye removed, and that he would definitely be scarred for life.

His devastated bride Adele, 34, from Ashford, Kent, England, saw her groom’s mangled face for the first time as she walked down the aisle after only being informed of the attack just hours before.


The attacker, 28-year-old Tyler Plumridge, who flung the glass into Scott’s face at Singleton Barn in Ashford, in Kent, was spared jail at Canterbury Crown Court in May 2019. A stranger, Plumridge lashed out after having joined Scott’s group at the quiet Sunday-night pub quiz when he was caught stealing a wallet and a phone.

He was asked to hand the stuff back and to leave the pub but instead stripped to his pants before throwing a pint glass into Scott’s face.

S,上海419论坛jd,cott Richards was attacked by a man at a pub the night before his wedding. (SWNS)

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