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Shot in the back: the dangers of being an opposition candidate in…

NOAKHALI, Bangladesh ( ) – At a library inside a small district court in southeastern Bangladesh, barrister Mahabub Uddin Khokon stood up to take off his coat and scrunched his white shirt up to his shoulders to reveal a back covered in bandages over several shotgun pellet wounds. Settling back into an office chair, the 62-year-old smiled.

“You see, my fight is not against the Awami League. It’s not them I am running against,” he said, referring to Bangladesh’s ruling party. “It’s against the police, the Election Commission, and the entire government machinery.”

Khokon, who is contesting Sunday’s parliamentary election as a candidate for the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), alleges he was shot on Dec. 15 by a senior police officer in Noakhali, a mostly-rural district in the country’s southeast. At the time he says he was out canvassing for votes along with hundreds of supporters, of whom about 40 were also injured.

“I thought the police was there to protect us,” said Khokon, who is also secretary of Bangladesh’s Supreme C,贵族宝贝mm自荐Kaiden,ourt Bar Association.

The top election official i,021上海贵族宝贝论坛Jace,n the area, who also oversees the police, has dismissed the allegations. Police, the government and the Awami League also deny opposition allegations of intimidation, and say the election campaign period has been fair.

While violence during election campaigns is not new in the South Asian nation, the attack on Khokon and his supporters has fed into the opposition accusations.

Sprawling paddy fields and coconut trees flank narrow roads in Noakhali’s Sonaimuri, about 100 miles (160 km) south of Dhaka, where Khokon is contesting.

The town was the scene of bloody violence on Dec. 15.

“The (police) officer-in-charge asked Khokon to leave the place immediately and then abruptly fired pellet bullets at the petitioner (Khokon),” said a lawsuit Khokon has filed at the Dhaka High Court against specific police officers, the government and the election commission.

One pellet hit Khokon’s chin, five his back and two his legs, the suit alleges, adding that 40 other opposition activists were also “grievously injured by illegal and unjustified firing of bullets by police” in that attack.

Tanmoy Das, the returning officer in charge of overseeing elections and police in Noakhali, said Khokon had made exaggerated claims and it was not the police but others, perhaps people from Khokon’s own party, who shot at him because of internal d上海龙凤419iscord. H. M. Ibrahim, the Awami League candidate Khokon is running against, echoed those statements.

“Some violence is usual in our politics,” Ibrahim said, adding that Khokon’s supporters had attacked an Awami League office on the same day and in the same area that Khokon was attacked. “He is a lawyer, he is trying to make a fool of the public. His own party people must have fired at him.”

Das said an investigation was un,爱上海同城交流论坛Falkner,derway, and the police officer in charge in Sonaimuri had been “replaced” on orders of the Election Commission “due to pressure.” He declined to say who the pressure was from.

“I think the situation is good here. There is a level-playing field,” Das said, adding that he had received no complaints of Awami League workers threatening or attacking anyone.

EU pushes October Brexit agreement, threatens no deal

SALZBURG, Austria ( ) – European Union leaders will push for a Brexit deal next month but warned Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday that if she will not give ground on trade and the Irish border by November they are ready to cope with Britain crashing out.

“Don’t worry, be happy,” joked EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker after telling reporters after a summit in Austria t,爱上海419Irene,hat the Europeans had full plans in place in the event there was no deal before Britain leaves next March.

May promised new proposals to reassure Dublin that it would not get a “hard border” with the British province of Northern Ireland but warned she too could live with a no-deal outcome — though many round the summit table in picturesque Salzburg see that as more of a negotiating tactic than a credible threat.

She said her “Chequers” proposals for trade with the EU, intended also to resolve arguments over the borders of Northern Ireland, were the only way forward. EU leaders repeated their view the plans would undermine their cherished single market.

But leaders also tried to put a positive spin on their 24 hours of talks. Summit chair Donald Tusk said he was more optimistic about getting agreements both to ease Britain out gently and to sketch out a future free trade pact.

Tusk said a Brussels summit on Oct. 18 would be a “moment of truth” to overcome remaining big problems and leaders pencilled in the weekend of Nov. 17-18 to formalise a final agreement.

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Expired corporate tax breaks await U.S. Congress after elections

WASHINGTON ( ) – When the U.S. Congress returns to work next week after Tuesday’s midterm elections, one of its first tasks will be dealing with dozens of expired corporate tax breaks, whose renewal and extension are seen as likely though not guaranteed.

Known as “extenders,” the 55 temporary laws – including tax breaks for depreciation and research – have been in limbo since the end of 2013, when their last authorized extension ran out.

Corporations have been clamoring for months for Congress to renew the laws, which also involve offshore finance, green energy and narrow interests such as Puerto Rican rum production.

But lawmakers, deeply divided over fiscal issues, have not acted and now are under heavy pressure to deal with the extenders in the “lame duck” session that ends in December.

The session is expected to cover only 14 legislative days, so lawmakers will have to work fast and stay focused, with must-pass budget items also on their agenda, analysts said.

“The fate of the 55 expired special interest tax breaks … will be the marquee legislative fight of the lame duck session,” said Guggenheim Securities senior policy analyst Chris Krueger.

In a research note, Krueger offered a 70 percent probability that Congress will renew retroactively and extend the entire package through 2015. 爱上海Others around Washington are not so sure.

“Suddenly, passage of the extenders no longer looks certain,” said Greg Valliere, chief political strategist at Potomac Research Group, in a research note last week.

Young fiscal hawks may resist renewal, arguing that many of the extenders provision,上海419论坛Ramona,s are egregious examples of Washington picking winners and losers in the private sector, he said.

Some of the laws could be in danger, such as a tax break for NASCAR race tracks, testing “whether the pro-business (Republican) leadership can fend off restive Young Turks who don’t see this as a proper role of government,” Valliere said.

The extenders also include tax deductions for individuals for college tuition costs, state and local sales taxes paid, schoolteacher expenses and the child tax credit.

A wild card will be whether Democrats try to add new curbs on tax “inversions” to extenders legislation. A 2013-2014 surge in these deals – in which U.S. companies reincorporate overseas to cut U.S. tax costs – has faded, but some Democrats want action beyond a recent Treasury Department crackdown.

Anti-inversion legislation is unlikely to win approval this year, said Height Securities analyst Henrietta Treyz on Monday.

Such measures will likely be put forward during the lame-duck session as possible offsets for government tax revenue losses that would be presented by separate Republican proposals to make certain temporary extender laws permanent.

“However, we do not believe at this time that a permanent extension of any of the tax credits sought by members of Congress will be enacted into law this year,” Treyz said.

“We expect that, while the road to a final bill will be rocky, it will ultimately result in a short-term ex,爱上海Lake,tenders package being authorized,” she said.

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Accused Silk Road administrator extradited to U.S. from Ireland

NEW YORK ( ) – Ireland extra,上海贵族宝贝论坛Raia,dited an Irish national on Friday to the United States to face charges that he helped run the now-defu爱上海nct Silk Road, an online black market where illegal drugs and other goods were bought and sold, U.S. prosecutors announced.

Gary Davis, 30, was charged in Manhattan federal court with crimes including conspiracy to distribute narcotics, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. Jacob Kaplan, a lawyer for Davis, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Davis was indicted in 2013, but fought extradition in Irish courts. He said he suffered from Asperger Syndrome, depression and anxiety, and argued that incarceration in the United States could hurt his mental health and endanger his life, violating his fundamental rights.

Ireland’s Supreme Court rejected those arguments ,上海龙凤419Keane,last month.

Silk Road was shut down in 2013 when authorities seized the website and arrested its creator, Ross Ulbricht, who is now serving a life sentence in prison after being tried and convicted of drug trafficking charges.

Prosecutors have said Silk Road was used in the sale of more than $200 million worth of illegal drugs and other contraband. They said Davis was among the site’s administrators, whose duties included monitoring users’ activity and resolving disputes between buyers and sellers.

Davis was indicted along with two others accused of working on the site. Peter Nash, an Australian, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to time served after 17 months in jail in 2015. Andrew Michael Jones, an American, also pleaded guilty but has not been sentenced.

Last month, prosecutors announced the extradition of another defendant charged in connection with Silk Road, Roger Thomas Clark, from Thailand to the United States. Clark, a Canadian national, has been accused of acting as Ulbricht’s “right-hand man.”

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Colombia’s President-elect names Maria Fernanda Suarez energy minister

BOGOTA ( ) – Colombia’s President-elect Ivan Duque on Wednesday named Maria Fernanda Suarez as mining and energy minister when he takes office next month, a role that will require her to bolster oil output to help a weak economy and settle messy mining disputes.

Suarez, 44, is currently executive vice president at state oil company Ecopetrol. She served as director of public credit at the finance ministry and as vice president of investments for the Porvenir pension fund. She has also held senior positions at Citibank, ABN AMRO and Bank of America.

Suarez has a Masters degree in public policy from Georgetown University. She will replace German Arce on Aug. 7.

“She has a brilliant resume in the public and private sectors,” Duque said in a statement.

As mines and energy minister, Suarez faces a difficult task as Colombia struggles to increase oil production to help increase revenue and stimulate a sluggish economy after years of weak international oil prices.

“With her, we will promote greater diversification of national energy, efficiency and competitiveness in the sector, p,爱上海Sabina,rovide energy security for Colombia, and social and environmental responsibility in all energy mining production sectors,” Duque said.

At current rates of production, Colombia has less than six years worth of oil reserves – about 1.8 billion barrels – the energy ministry says, and urgent investment in exploration is needed to replace reserves.

Duque’s solution to dwindling oil reserves is to encourage investment in exploration, which he says could provide years more oil production, and give tax relief to the sector.

He has also pledged additional investment at state-run Ecopetrol’s refineries to allow exports of more higher-value derivatives.

Still, with the economy growing at an expected pace of just 2.7 percent this year and a budget deficit that needs to be reduced, funding such expenditure may be tough.

The Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP), which represents private oil companies, says the industry needs to spend about上海龙凤419 $7 billion a year just to keep output between 800,000 and 860,000 barrels per day.

In a presentation on Wednesday, the ACP said oil companies could invest $34.7 billion over the next five years to help growth in the economy and boost reserves by about 2 billion barrels, but tax cuts per barrel and legal security are needed.

“We need to create and keep conditions to invest around $7 billion a year in exploration and production of hydrocarbons,” said Francisco Jose Lloreda, ACP president.

“It’s necessary that we have a fiscal regime that’s more competitive, that the royalty system is reformed so that its distribution is more equitable and fair with producing regions.”

Oil companies are already grappling with security concerns as well as local referendums – on whether to allow mining in certain areas – and environmental court r,上海千花网Nell,ulings that have stymied major mining projects in Latin America’s fourth-largest economy.

A recent paper by the ACP, which represents private crude producers, warned that planned referendums put one-fifth of oil production at risk.

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U.N. starts registering Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

NAYAPARA REFUGEE CAMP, Bangladesh ( ) – The United Nations and the Bangladesh government have started formally registering hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who have fled a military crackdown in Myanmar, a move that officials s爱上海ay would help their eventual return.

More than 700,000 mostly Muslim Rohingya have escaped Buddhist-majority Myanmar since last August, when attacks by Muslim insurgents triggered a military offensive that the United Nations has likened to ethnic cleansing. Myanmar denies the accusations and has said it waged a legitimate counter-insurgency operation.

The registration program started jointly by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Bangladesh government this week is aimed at creating a reliable database of refugees living in camps on Bangladesh’s southern coast, said Caroline Gluck, a UNHCR representative.

That data, expected to be ready by November, will have family and birth details of refugees, and will be shared with Myanmar, said Abul Kalam, Bangladesh’s refugee relief and repatriation commissioner. “This will aid the repatriation process,” Kalam said, stressing that any returns would be safe and voluntary.

Dozens of refugees queued up at a UNHCR office at the Nayapara camp, which overlooks the Myanmar border, providing fingerprints, iris scans and othe,上海千花网Gerald,r information to officials.

The white registration cards refugees are being given have the logo of both the UNHCR and the Bangladesh government, and state: “This person should be protected from forcible return to a country where he/she would face threats to his/her life or freedom.”

They list the refugees’ origin country as Myanmar.

Many refugees have reported killings, arson and rape by Myanmar security forces and Buddhist vigilantes, and say they will not re,爱上海419Indigo,turn unless they are granted citizenship in Myanmar. The UNHCR said last month conditions were not yet safe for Rohingya to return.

A senior Myanmar official has told Western diplomats that a proposal to review a citizenship law that effectively renders most Rohingya Muslims stateless could not be implemented, five people present at a meeting in Denmark in early June told .

“I asked them – are you doing this to send us back to Myanmar?” Shamsul Alam, a refugee, said he asked UN officials who took down his details. He said he was told that, while the information would be shared with Myanmar, the program was not aimed at repatriation, but would help him get food and other assistance.

“This is important for the refugees to get access to basic services,” UNHCR’s Gluck said. “Aid agencies need to know how many people are in the population and require assistance.”

Refugees have many questions about the program, some officials on the ground said. Nur Hashim, another refugee, wondered why the cards did not list his identity as Rohingya. “They told me UNHCR refugee registration cards don’t mention ethnicity anywhere in the world,” he said.

Myanmar and Bangladesh struck a deal in November under which Myanmar would take back Rohingya refugees after verifying their family details. But in March, Myanmar said it had been able to verify details of only 374 refugees from a list of more 8,000 names handed over by Bangladesh, because the information was incomplete.

Bangladesh officials have expressed doubts about Myanmar’s willingness to take back the Rohingya, who are denied citizenship in Myanmar. 

“Our working assumption is (the refugees) are not going anywhere soon,” Steve McAndrew, head of emergency operations in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, told a press briefing in Geneva on Monday.

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Britain’s Brexit laws: What’s changed and what happens next?

LONDON ( ) – Parliament is finalizing laws that will formally end Britain’s membersh,上海千花网Harriet,ip of the European Union, a process which has forced the government to make some important concessions that will change the dynamic of Brexit negotiations.

Below is a summary of what has happened so far and what it means for Brexit.


The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is being finalised in parliament after more than 250 hours of debate. It repeals the 1972 laws which made Britain a member of the European Community and provides the basis for existing EU law to be transferred into British law.

Having been debat上海龙凤419ed by both the lower house of parliament, the Commons, and the unelected upper house, the Lords, the bill is in its final stages.

The Commons is now debating whether to accept any of the 15 changes made by the Lords against the government’s wishes.

The debate began on Tuesday, and will resume at around 1200 GMT Wednesday.


Prime Minister Theresa May was forced into promising a major concession to pro-EU lawmakers on Tuesday which could give parliament a greater say over the exit deal Britain negotiates with the European Union.

May had to do this because she does not have a clear parliamentary majority and faced defeat. Her party is split between Brexiteers who want a clean break from the EU and a pro-European faction who want to retain close ties.

So far, the government has rejected all the other changes proposed by the Lords, including an attempt to remove the fixed Brexit date of March 29, 2019, from the bill.


The government has always promised to give lawmakers a vote on the final exit deal it negotiates with the EU. Ministers originally wanted to make this a vote to either accept the deal or to leave without a deal.

To avoid a rebellion, May proposed a plan whereby, if parliament rejected its deal, ministers would have 28 days to come up with a plan of action and present it to lawmakers. ,上海龙凤419Garrett,

This was not enough to convince the rebels. Ministers then agreed to discuss ways to add additional checks and balances to the process. The government said it would discuss a three-part alternative proposal put forward by one of the rebel lawmakers.


The government has agreed to consider,爱上海419Macey, ways to implement the first two parts of pro-European lawmaker Dominic Grieve’s plan.

The first part of Grieve’s plan means that if parliament votes against the government’s deal, ministers have 21 days to come back with a plan of action, which must then be approved by a vote in parliament within seven days.

Compared to the government’s proposal, this is a shorter time to respond, and gives parliament a vote to approve the response.

The second part of Grieve’s plan specifies that if the government has not reached a deal with the EU by November 30, ministers must submit a plan of action to parliament. This plan of action must then be approved by parliament in a vote.

This adds an extra backstop in case the government’s stalled negotiations with the EU are delayed. The government is aiming to have a deal agreed in October.

A third part of Grieve’s amendment, which the government has not agreed to discuss and is likely to resist, would hand control of the Brexit negotiations to parliament if an exit deal has not been agreed by Feb. 15 next year.


The final compromise has yet to be agreed and will be discussed in private over the coming days.

However, whatever form it takes it will give parliament a greater say over the final deal in the event that the government either fails to reach an exit deal, or proposes an exit agreement which parliament does not accept.

This is significant because a majority in parliament wishes to see a softer Brexit deal that would retain closer customs ties with the EU after Britain leaves.

If Brexit is softened in this way, an influential group of eurosceptics in May’s party could challenge her leadership. Such an outcome, though far from certain, would cast the Brexit process into disarray.


Talks with rebels will take place over coming days to negotiate a new form of words defining what say parliament will have over the process and will reveal how much ground May has given to the pro-Europeans.

This new form of words will then be presented to the Lords on June 18. Both houses must then agree the final wording before it becomes law. A final end-date for the process has not been fixed, but is likely to come within weeks rat,爱上海Pablo,her than months.

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Budget 2019: Petrol, diesel price to rise by Rs 2 上海419论坛/litre after the cess hike

Ali Stroker Wins Best Featured Actress In A Musical,爱上海Evan, At The 2019 Tony Awards

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,上海龙凤419Osman,The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has proposed to increase the Special Additional Excise Duty (SAED) as well as Road and Infrastructure Cess by Re 1 per litre on automobile fuels.

India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrives to present the 2019 budget in Parliament, New Delhi, July 5, 2019Reuters

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Gary Sanchez racks up another tape-measure blast for 爱上海 Yankees

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Gary Sanchez’s 10th-inning, three-run blast in the Yankees’ 8-4 win over the Rays on Thursday night was measured at 461 feet.

That is the fourth-longest homer by a Yankee this season and Sanchez has three of them.

His homer on June 21 against Houston was measured at 481 feet. On April 27 at San Francisco, Sanchez hit a homer that traveled 467 feet. Luke Voit hit a 470-foot homer May 25 at Kansas City.

Aaron Judge was given a scheduled day off Thursday, with Mike Tauchman starting in right field for the 10th time this season. Judge pinch hit for Tauchman in the 10th and drew a walk.

Others in Aaron Boone’s lineup can expect to open a game on the bench before the Yankees leave Florida after Sunday’s game.

“[I’ll] try to get a handful of our guys a day [off] down here with what makes t,上海千花Louise,he most sense matchup-wise,’’ Boone said.

The Yankees are 8-2 against the Rays this season and have won five straight. … Yankees hitters have homered in 33 of the past 34 games.

Mike Ford celebrated his 27th b,上海龙凤419Malcolm,irthday by going 1-for-2. He also scored a run and made two tough catches on pop-ups.

Thursday also was late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner’s birthday. He would have been 89.

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37 Cambodians deported in US move decried as 2n 上海贵族宝贝论坛d punishment

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Thirty-seven people who migrated to the United States decades ago have been forcibly deported to Cambodia after committing felonies.

The deportees, who arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport on Thursday, were the latest returned to Cambodia under a 2002 agreement. Cambodia has had rocky relations with the U.S. and informally suspended the program in 2017, but it resumed last year. More than 500 other Cambodians have already been repatriated.

U.S. law allows the repatriation of immigrants who have been convicted of felonies and have not become American citizens. Critics of the deportation policy say many of those convicted fell into crime as a result of social dislocation and culture shock.

Human Rights Watch on Friday condemned the deportations as a second punishment for people who may have difficulty integrating into Cambodian society because many have spent most of their lives in the United States. In some cases, the returnees have never lived in Cambodia, having been born to refugees.

“Most of these deportees are refugee children born decades ago in the Thai camps from p,上海419论坛Edith,arents who fled the Khmer Rouge regime. They have spent their entire lives in the U.S. and know nothing else. So, despite the fact they are Khmer, these deportations are like sending them to a strange land,” said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director of the U.S.-based rights group.

“Such deportations are totally unjust, it’s like they are being doubly punished for crimes committed in the U.S. — first with imprisonment, and then involuntary exile for the rest of their life, separated from their families and everything they have known in their lives,” he added.

U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement said the 37 are c,上海龙凤419论坛Lennon,onvicted criminals repatriated following their final removal order in accordance with immigration court proceedings. ICE said in a statement that their crimes included murder, rape, child abuse, assault, drug offenses, robbery, forgery, resisting arrest and auto theft.

The deportation flight took these criminals “off our streets and made our communities safer,” said Jeffrey Lynch, ICE’s acting assistant director for removals.

Some of the deportees told Human Rights Watch they were not allowed to pack a suitcase or say goodbye to their families before they were forced to board the plane, Robertson said.

“The U.S. should be considering these people’s strong ties to the U.S. and significantly revise this policy on human rights and humanitarian grounds. The U.S. must also end the outrageous and unacceptable treatment some deportees face leading up to their deportations,” Robertson said.

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