Before there are trembling hands, after ViVi micro vision, short video will be a new social hegemony?

With the continuous video dividends, the competition between the major short video platforms is becoming more intense. From the large data point of view, whether the user or short video number is still occupying an important position, but the recent fire has the power of shaking, shaking sounds, quick hands have become the two main short video platform overlord. And in this rapidly changing Internet age, such as ViVi, micro – vision can quickly occupy the market, challenge the supremacy of shaking voice, quick hands? Before there are trembling hands, after ViVi micro vision, short video will be a new social hegemony? on the status quo analysis, any new video social platform wants to be in the short video market, the first is to “avoid” shaking sounds and quick hands from the flow of suppression, in the field of entertainment to find a vertical direction of development of its own products. It is not difficult to find that at the beginning of the tremor, it also relies on the “music creative short video social platform”, avoiding the quick hand, developing rapidly in the vertical field, to the last “attack” and even surpassing the quick hand. At present, there are still a lot of vertical areas in the short video market, which are still a “blue sea”, such as strangers, education, tourism and other direction can be used as the platform of vertical field objects. As the new short video platform, micro vision and ViVi, micro vision still chooses the field that has been successfully tested by the “music and dance”, which has been successfully tested by the trembling sound, while ViVi is jumping out of the inherent thinking to choose a stranger in the blue sea, still a field in the country. Which field is the best vertical breakthrough for short video platform? Speaking of the product of micro vision, its experience can be said to be rather bumpy. This is a short video new show, and a platform for the originator of short video. As early as 2013, it had been on the big application market, but less than two years, the key period of short video was about to break out by Tencent strategy. With the increasing popularity of the short video market, it is imperative to restart the Tencent. Restarted in August 2017, the “new” micro vision is featured by video background music, music material and shooting templates, backed by a huge library such as QQ music, and the copyright issues facing other short video platforms have become competitive advantages for micro vision. But unfortunately, compared with the jitter, its product logic has not made a breakthrough innovation, and its content is homogenized. And ViVi, produced by Chengdu small hip hop technology company, is dedicated to “stranger social” products can be said to be more innovative, very good to avoid the trembling, quick hand, the two short video traffic overlord, but also fill the domestic stranger video social market vacancy, the product was officially started in May last year. The number 2.14 has been launched and has won hundreds of thousands of users without promotion. Before there are trembling hands, after ViVi micro vision, short video will be a new social hegemony? is worth mentioning that ViVi, in addition to asynchronous social networking in the form of 15S short video, adds to the “real-time match” of the sync social innovation, a bold attempt under the “real time” social situation. After entering ViVi app, the user enters the real time matching interface, hits the screen and starts to match, and randomly chat with the nearby online users in real time one to one video, avoiding the asynchronous social behavior such as “waiting for message reply” and “waiting for application”. Before there are trembling hands, after ViVi micro vision, short video will be a new social hegemony?‘s strategic direction for the future of ViVi, CEO Zheng Yongrui said: ViVi will adhere to the concept of “video dating, one key release”, focusing on single users, allowing every successful pairing to change life, continue to enter the social field of strangers, and keep up with the development of the times, innovation of technology, in VR/ AR makes further exploration and tries to achieve the ultimate user experience. It can be seen that the short video platform, after several years of development, is gradually entering the bottleneck, and the more interesting and fun vertical platform of the short video platform is appearing after several years of development. Therefore, it will be the key to seize the position of the short video industry to make the product extreme to the user experience, individualization and specialization, and to realize the ice breaking in the industry.

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