Will it be good to sell a good product?


Will it be good to sell a good product?

Does a good product sell well? Not at all。

“How can it be?” So many product books, which do not say user experience supremacy, you do not alarmist! “

Experience supremacy is indeed the golden rule of Internet products. But let’s put this problem back in the hardware area. You will finally find that the rule of experience is not applicable.

We take smart speakers, earphones, UAV as the three hardware categories as an example to make a comprehensive analysis.

One, three cases against common sense

1. smart speakers: why experience best and not sell best?

Smart speakers are the most intelligent hardware in China since 2017. Millet, Ali, Baidu, Tencent four giants took turns. In terms of Intelligence experience and word of mouth, Xiaomai Xiaomi has some advantages. When it comes to the quality of sound, Tencent will listen to the highest price and the bottom line. But in terms of sales volume, Tmall camp’s sugar cube smart speaker is a ride. In the week after the launch in May 9th, the product sold 260 thousand units with ultra-low price (199 original price, 89 member price).

Will it be good to sell a good product?

Tmall’s cube sugar experience is certainly not bad, but low price is the key factor to surpass its peers.

In the field of smart speakers, the idea of “good experience must sell well” does not hold water.

Maybe some people say, it’s not a low price. Low price is sure to sell well! Yes, it is not. There is no certain relationship between price and sales.

2. UAV: why the price is the lowest, not the best?

Over the past few years, the millet mode has been very hot, and many low-priced products of Xiaomi are selling well. But this does not mean that the price is low and the sales will be good. Such as the products of Dajiang, the cheapest UAV is Spark (price 2999), but it is the worst sales of the UAV.

Will it be good to sell a good product?

“The cheapest sales are the worst?” Are they all the local tyrants in the city of Xinjiang? “

It is not because Spark’s aerial performance is insufficient, and it is not far off, and people who buy it are naturally few.

At present, the best seller is Mavic air, with a price of 4999. It is a well deserved sales flagship of the UAV series. What is interesting is that although Mavic air is very portability, it is not the best UAV in terms of aerial photography. The ultimate experience of aerial photography is Mavic Pro. The endurance is long enough, the flight is far away, and the wind resistance is strong enough. Only those who do not have harsh demands on aerial photography will buy Mavic air.

In the field of UAV, the best selling product is not the lowest price, nor the best aerial experience.

3. earphone: why the best word of mouth, not the best selling  

The sales volume of products can not be explained by experience, and can not be explained by price, nor can it be explained by word of mouth. This, in the earphone field, is very obvious. Because the best selling headphone brand in China is the most controversial Beats.

Will it be good to sell a good product?

Take three headphones with 2800 headphones for example. Whether it is Tmall purchase score or public word of mouth, Bose and Sony products are better than Beats. But Beats is the best selling. The price of the three products is the same. In terms of the overall sound quality and noise reduction effect, Beats is inferior to Bose and Sony. Because of Beats, there is a reason to make people buy.

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