3 conventional means and 4 unconventional measures for competitive product monitoring


Note: the use of regular and very important means to regularly monitor competitive products, better optimize themselves, and promote a good competition industry environment, this is the significance of the monitoring of competitive products.

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3 conventional means and 4 unconventional measures for competitive product monitoring

A few days ago to participate in the activities, met a friend of a friend.

Talking about business, I said:

Your family last week to launch a certain activity is still OK; the number of participants is less than the first time, but the transformation of the activity is still possible, the first ROI should be above 1:12; you put on the A public number, this number I have long paid attention to, the price is 85 thousand? The number of this number is more true. You also voted for the 3 public numbers of BCD. The conversion rate of users is high, but it is estimated that the latter retention rate is not high. And you just opened some information flow advertisement, right? ROI is 6-8 times as much as it is? Just started opening the information flow to compare burn money, your family still has the money!

Maybe I said everything was said in the middle, then the friend merchant’s face was green, ten thousand grass and horses in the heart – the company is not out of the “traitor” ah?

Well, here it is clear that there is no traitor in your company; I get information through legal compliance through open channels, and the conclusions of cross validation.

So today we talk about 5 conventional means and 4 unconventional measures.

One, why do you want to monitor competitive products?

First set up a flag: competitive product monitoring is not to beat competitive products, not to spy on business secrets, but to anchor the position of their own enterprises in the monitoring of competitive products, learn from the advantages of competitive products, perfect self.

The market is so large that it is impossible for an enterprise to eat all the cakes, and common development is the absolute principle.

It is impossible for an enterprise to walk down the road and occasionally look up at the competing items, so as to find out whether or not they are walking too slowly or taking a detour.

Looking at KFC and McDonald’s, a stable and regular competition is good for healthy competition, and it is a benign thing for them to compete.

In the Internet financial world, there is no taste for competing products, and more is cooperation between friends.

I once found that our brand words were bought by a company, and I contacted WeChat to buy his president.

A competitive and cooperative environment is conducive to the further development of the industry.

Two. Determine competitive products

It is a matter of no standard to determine competing products, because in this market, any internet financial company is likely to become your competitive product.

Generally speaking, we believe that if the following two conditions are met, it will be a competing item:

  • Product positioning is highly consistent; Internet financial enterprise products are roughly the same, but the product positioning population may be subdivided, from subdivided people to find the same competing products with you.
  • Look at the size of the volume, almost the same size can become competitive products, otherwise, BAT is everyone’s competing products.

Three. Determine the form of competing products and the corresponding monitoring tools.

In addition to PC official website, APP, mobile terminal official website and public number, are there any small programs? Are there any other SEO sites? After determining the products of competing products, the corresponding monitoring tools are used for monitoring.

3 conventional means and 4 unconventional measures for competitive product monitoring

Four. Conventional means of monitoring competitive products

1. official network monitoring

The official website monitoring of competitive products is divided into official website internal monitoring and official website external monitoring.

1) internal monitoring of official network

Monitor the changes in product, activity and service of competing PC/APP/ public address.

After selecting competitive products, we will conduct internal scanning every 15 days to compete for the official website. The main purpose is to draw on the product design and activity form of competing products.

This is the most common means of competition monitoring, but here are 2 points to be observed.

  • Set up a record form, calculate the cost of competing products, so as to assess the intensity of each other’s activities. After accumulating for a period of time, we can roughly evaluate the strength of competing products at different time points.
  • The activity form of competing products is restored and the number of activities multiplying is judged. If the activity multiplex times exceed 2 times, it shows that the form of activity is likely to be effective. It is worthy of further study and reference.

2) external monitoring of official network

Mainly monitor the access of the official network.

Now many such webmaster tools, Chinaz, Baidu index and so on, very much the same, see personal habits.

Taking the Baidu index as an example (the Baidu index is a reference value, the internal algorithm is not published, so it can not be used as a specific reference; but the relative indexes can be set up from the relative fluctuation of the data between competing products.

Usually, I will set up 3 competing words, representing 3 competing products. In the case of no extension, the interval between the search indices of the 3 competing products is relatively stable; if a certain period of time a certain race curve fluctuates as follows, it shows that the competitive product has made some promotion activities. Then the next step you have to use other ways, such as looking at the competition official website, search competition words, consulting colleagues and channel competition, cross validation of your judgment, to find the reasons for the fluctuation of the competition curve.

3 conventional means and 4 unconventional measures for competitive product monitoring

At the beginning, I said that the activity of competing products was less than the first time, and the main reason was Baidu index.

The Baidu index for the first time was 80% higher than the second Baidu index. Obviously, the number of participants was much less.

3) another reverse application of Baidu index is to judge the quality of competing product delivery channels.

In January and April, we continuously monitored a number of friends who had made several trips to channel resources. What is the effect? Are we going to follow up? The Baidu index can help to make a judgment.

We found that: compared to another competitive product B, the promotion of the Baidu search index is not improved, indicating that the travel promotion is very small for brand exposure. Look at the wool group channel. The media supplement volume has appeared.

The cross validation of Baidu index and wool group shows that the promotional activities do not achieve the desired results.

2. WeChat end monitoring

The competition public product number is mainly searched by keywords and competing words to monitor which public numbers are placed on competing products.

The correct monitoring posture is:

First, the keyword collection of competitive products, such as Jingdong card, A wheel, central enterprises and so on, these changes in the copywriting are all the key words to be publicized, plus competitive words, open search dog search, choose WeChat options. Note: Baidu and WeChat are not familiar with Baidu search. It is better to search by mobile phone WeChat, and its accuracy is better than Sogou search. Some new articles can only be searched in WeChat mobile search column.

The content of competing products is constantly changing, and key words should be adjusted accordingly.

At present, mutual gold enterprises have invested huge resources in WeChat public number, and some mutual gold platforms have been put in the WeChat public number up to 3 million, becoming the most important way to get guests.

Do a good job of the monitoring form, record the date of the bidding, the amount of reading, the amount of comments, and the number of praise. If 2 times are put, we can basically judge the quality of the public number, and decide whether to follow up with other parameters.

3. APP and small program monitoring

I usually choose seven wheat data, ASO114 and the APP index, and there are App Annie, Zen master, and cool analysis tools.

  • Seven wheat data is mainly used to see the ASO situation of competing products, especially the coverage of competing product keywords.
  • Android market is more chaotic, data accuracy is not high, so look at it, I generally choose ASO114 monitoring competition Android market situation.
  • Yi Guan thousand sail index can record the change of competitive APP operation ability, and is used to judge the activity of APP after the competition.
  • The small program is mainly Aladdin data monitoring. In general, this monitoring data is very general and can be referenced.

Five. Other unconventional means of monitoring

1.  wool channel

Wool channel is the best auxiliary tool to monitor the quality of competing products.

The 2 WeChat public number has been put into competition, indicating that the effect of the public address is likely to be good. But through a series of validation, one of the validation is to search for the competing word by wool group.

If the wool group has a media supplement, disguised as a novice wool party, it will further get a registration link of the media supplement (the reason for the camouflage of the novice wool party is to give more information to the woolen party). Today’s media supplement is relatively obscure, but there are traces to follow. Through media names or media companies, guesses are usually eight or nine or ten.

At the beginning of the article, I said that some public number conversion rate of competitive products is high, that is, because I found the media supplement in the wool channel, the amount of wool supplement, the conversion rate must be high!

Data shared by 2. channels and service providers

The channel providers refer to all media, advertisers and channels that provide traffic to competing products.

Usually, channel providers are always willing to share historical data with you, so that you can also put in the channel. Of course, in most cases, the channel business is exaggerated, you listen to it well; the performance of the data is not as good as the channel business said, but it can understand the distribution of competitive products and the budget of competitive products.

The public number and price of a company I mentioned at the beginning of the article is understood by its service providers.

I also know that the company put in the ROI, because I found the quantity of such media in the wool group, ROI 1:20, and the media costs are spread down, expected to be around 1:12 – because it is the media supplement, so I said the early conversion effect is good, but the later expected retention rate is not so high.

In addition to such channels, there are supporting services, such as electronic certificate service providers, SMS channel service providers and payment channel service providers, through the consumption of their products, can roughly deduce more competitive products.

3 conventional means and 4 unconventional measures for competitive product monitoring

3. understand the competition through the peers and the BD group

There is a competitive relationship between the peers and the mutual understanding of each other’s company, and the value of the information is certainly not high.

We can learn more about competing products when we join the group.

4. competitive product user feedback

Other ways are users who pretend to be competing products, enter the group and forums of competing products, participate in higher level activities of competing products, and so on.

To reiterate a point here: competitive product monitoring is to better learn and improve itself, not to steal commercial secrets of competitive products, to destroy competitive products – this basic business ethics should be adhered to.

The above is the 3 conventional means and 4 unconventional means to monitor and control competition products: to think well of the purpose of competitive product monitoring, to determine the product form and monitoring tools of competitive products, to monitor competitive products regularly with regular and very important means, to better optimize themselves and to promote a good competing industry environment, which is the significance of the monitoring of competitive products.

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