10 minutes and 49 seconds, read the location


Note: enterprises need to find a location for their brands in the category list that users can remember. This is positioning.

10 minutes and 49 seconds, read the location

In business circles, marketing circles, advertising companies, everyone seems to know very well.

Positioning the whole day, brand positioning, strategic positioning, product positioning, market positioning, crowd positioning…… Exist everywhere。

But what is the location? How can there be so many positions? Which is the real location? How many other people are clear?

Now give me 10 minutes and 49 seconds to tell you clearly.

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10 minutes and 49 seconds, read the location

We should start from the beginning of the orientation theory in 1970s, so as to figure out what the location theory is.

1970s, the United States.

Business is booming, and competition is unprecedentedly fierce.

More and more goods on the shelves, homogenization is becoming more and more serious, do not say what products selling points, brand image, consumers even remember who you are a problem.

More importantly, the category begins to differentiate.

For example, the large class of computers may be produced by only one or two enterprises at the beginning, but slowly, the computer begins to derive a large number of categories such as servers, minicomputers, personal computers and so on. The personal computer is also divided into smaller categories, such as computers, office computers, game computers, desktop computers, and notebooks.

In each category, there are different brands competing, and the number of products is increasing.

For example, cars, slowly derived from cars, SUV, business cars, travel vehicles and a series of categories, each category can be further subdivided into small, compact, medium, medium and large in space, and further subdivided into smaller categories, such as economic, middle, middle and high-end, luxury, and so on.

No matter which category you buy, there are many brands for you to choose from.

At this time, the consumer’s purchase decision mode becomes “thinking with the brand, expressing by brand”.

For example, if you want to buy a car, first of all, will you think about buying a car or SUV? Is the price luxurious or high-end or economical? Is it a large or medium size compact car in space?

Then, for example, you decide to buy a luxurious medium-sized car.

Then this category has Mercedes Benz C, BMW 3, Audi A4L for your choice, in addition to Volvo S60L, Cadillac ATS-L, Infiniti Q50L, Lexus IS and a series of brands and products.

Then, you choose a few cars from this list to add your own comparison list, compare the advantages and disadvantages of different models, sell points, and finally decide which brand to buy.

This is to think about the category and express it by brand.

However, because of the explosion of goods and too many categories, consumers can not remember so many brands. From psychological theory, consumers can only remember seven brands under each category.

So for these cars, when consumers mention luxury medium cars, which brand can be thought of first, then it takes the first place in sales.

Therefore, enterprises need to find a location for their brands in the category list that users can remember. This is positioning.

The core of positioning is the difference (competition oriented).

The essence of positioning is to label itself in the minds of users, so that they can be separated from all other competitors, thus occupying a category.


To occupy a category, the preferred label is to become a category leader.

When a consumer wants to buy a product of a category, the first brand always takes the biggest advantage and wins the largest market share.

For example, the slogan of AFU’s essential oil: AFU is essential oil.

It is to seize the status of leading brands of essential oils, and let consumers first think of AFU when they buy essential oils.

10 minutes and 49 seconds, read the location

For example, in the category of used cars, the second-hand cars of melon seeds have been emphasizing that volume is far ahead.

10 minutes and 49 seconds, read the location

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