How does the zero cost continue to obtain effective traffic?


The author of this paper is Huang Youcan, co-founder of the three lesson.

Source: three class (sanjieke01)

This article is an internal shared content of Huang Youcan, compiled and edited by three class interns, Wu Si. There are seven ways to help you get free traffic through hot topics.

Flow is the basis of a product’s profit. From the flow to the profit conversion, there are many paths to go in the middle, but the flow is an important starting point – it may not be the only starting point, but a very important starting point. Since traffic is so important, we can not help but ask further how we can get traffic.

Generally speaking, traffic can be divided into two types: paid traffic and free traffic. Pay flow refers to the promotion of advertising in Baidu or other channels. There is no detail here. This article will focus on how to get second kinds of traffic, that is, free flow.

The simplest logic on the Internet is topic = traffic. So you want to get free flow, or to use the current hot topics that have already formed potential energy, or create a topic that can attract users more naturally.

However, although the topic can get traffic, but to make traffic more valuable to you, but also to try to link your product’s core selling points or brand features to the topic in the course of the topic, how can we connect the product and the brand by attracting the traffic through the topic?

The following 7 ways may help you.


There are four typical and common thinking directions that we want to rely on existing hot topics to get traffic. The four direction of thinking is to combine the product or service with a hot topic, and in the process of this combination, one or more parties in the three party, the product, the hot spot, or the audience, can benefit from it. In this case, the benefiting point is a demand point, and any of the three parties will have it. A necessity or necessity. Naturally, our products or services also have value.

Specifically, the four thinking directions are:

One is, a hot event, if the characters have our products, how good, or to think, if a hot event, if the character of our product would have a better effect?

For example, a few years ago, there was a play called “Princess Taizi’s promotion”. The play itself was very hot, but the play was poor, and the play was not a taboo, even intentionally or unintentionally making it a topic. So, in the course of the play, there is a donation platform that calls on fans to make a donation to improve the film’s shooting environment, making it look less “Shanzhai”. Will there be a lot of people responding and participating in this interesting activity? I think many people are willing. In this process, the platform itself will naturally get a certain amount of exposure and visibility, or lack of flow.

The two is to think about whether we can provide a more professional voice for a hot event from the perspective of our company.

The three class, as an Internet vocational education organization, has been paying attention to and tracking Internet hot events. For example, in the previous time, the Tencent high-profile functional upgrading of the micro vision, page reversion, and spending a lot of money to subsidize the content of the creator of this matter, we released a timely analysis of the analysis of the contention between micro vision and trembling, for us to bring a good brand endorsement. It also brings a lot of traffic.

How does the zero cost continue to obtain effective traffic?

For example, the concept of bitcoin and block chain is popular at the beginning of the year, but ordinary people do not know what these concepts are and how high the risk of investment is. If at this time, a number of educational institutions or investment institutions can provide professional interpretation in a relatively easy language, and a scientific assessment of the risks will also have a great deal of attention.

Three, if the scene created by a hot event is especially beautiful, the operator can think about it. If the user uses our product or service, it can also get the same effect. In other words, if a scene is wonderful and attractive to the user, and a product or service can help the user realize it in life through a series of programs, it can cut in from here to attract users.

Do not look down on the “imitative behavior” that provides the scene. First, if a scene feels wonderful, it shows that it has passed the most basic aesthetic golden line, which is recognized and market; and then, if a wonderful scene appears in a hot event, it will inevitably have a social implication beyond the aesthetic, it will become For people’s taste and preferences, people are willing to show their interests through consumption. Driven by both, the user market must be broad.

For example, a few days ago, “the number one player” was very popular. There were lots of eggs in the play, which involved all kinds of classic games and modeling. If there is a “Cosplay first player special” of the two – dimensional organization, providing all the game role costumes involved in the “first player” film will not only attract the group that likes cosplay, but also attract the likes of the game, or be interested in “the first player” or even the director Spielberg. Interest of the user’s attention.

Four, we should take a clear-cut objection or even tear up an event, bring out our own views, and provide some suggestions on events. This can attract the group with the same views and get the attention of these people.

For example, last night, Luo Yonghao released a new machine in the bird’s nest, whether it was spraying Luo Yonghao or supporting Luo Yonghao’s articles, all of which produced several 10w+. It is worth paying attention to and preparing for the hot events such as Luo Yonghao’s own traffic, the controversial hot spots, and the hammer press conference.

The above is the way to get free flow through the hot topics, but this is only one side of the free flow method, and another very important alternative path to help us plan to get free flow, not so “eat by the sky”, that is, to get free flow through the way of making the topic.


This article will also provide some specific ways to help you actively create hot spots.

First, think about how to do things or topics with “first”, “first”, “record” and “unheard of” characteristics. Because of the nature of human nature has some kind of hunting psychology, so those with these characteristics will attract the attention of the user, the user will not help to pay attention to such content. Moreover, once it becomes “record”, it helps users to make a quality screening, giving users a sense of trust.

For example, users want to buy a coffee in several nearby cafes. If Costa coffee lets users know that they are the fastest expanding brand in the domestic entity shops except Starbucks, users will have a position on the status of Costa in the industry, trust in quality, and even create some curiosity. “What qualities have made this store produce such an achievement?” or “since it is the best, I don’t want to miss it either.” Wait for the psychology.

One more example, before the three class, has been the largest lecture on the Internet, the theme of the “one of the most valuable capabilities in the future business world”, and the “most valuable” statement itself is used to attract the attention of the user. Moreover, the lecture has become the most paid lecture in the history of Internet related topics, which itself has become a topic of topic and attracts more users.

The two is to find a wonderful product that uses our products or services. Exotic flowers mean Extreme users, extreme low-end, extreme high-end, or in some extreme scenario, using our products or services. All we need to do is to simply tell his story.

Suppose a hotel wants to reflect the complete service facilities of a hotel. One possible way is to find a mother of seven births (some) to live in a hotel, to record and report their lives in the hotel, and to take care of the seven children with the help of the hotel, which can explain the good service of our hotel.

Three, think about what our current product or service is significantly higher than the industry average, or where there are prominent achievements or achievements. An article around this point is equivalent to showing the most advantageous part of the product or service to let the user understand that our products are fully capable of meeting his core needs.

For example, in the online course of three classes, the re purchase rate of online courses in the three section of 2016 is more than 60%. What is the concept of 60%? The average rate of purchase on the online education platform was less than 3% before. 60% far higher than the industry average, even more than 20 times more than the industry, so significantly higher than the industry average results, itself will become a topic, a selling point. Later, we made a review of the results, and carefully analyzed how we achieved such achievements, and this article naturally reap a lot of traffic.

For example, 8848 mobile phones. With the brand positioning of the first private customized smart phone plus 9999 of the pricing, it has become a cheap mobile phone in the market. This price plus far more than the ordinary mobile phone material, such as titanium metal frame, leather fuselage, and so on, let this mobile phone has become a very important topic event, and also natural access to a large number of traffic. So when we think about how we can dig out the topic, think about “what is far higher than the industry average” is a very effective way to think.

The above is how to create a hot topic of the three ideas, and in the process of operation, there is an important idea to pay attention to, and uphold this idea will be more effective to complete the market promotion. Specifically, it is necessary to choose more topic specific options in every aspect or element of the activity.

An activity can be disassembled into four elements: time, place, character and specific play. In these four links, try to choose a more topic – oriented way, for example, in time, a special day, such as a commemorative day, a holiday, or an important time node, is chosen in the space, and a more special and unusual place is chosen in space, such as the choice of every party at the “noon story” under the flag of the interface. At noon, the pub and its welfare is to provide brewed beer. The quack’s temperament and mysterious temperament make the activity more interesting. Through the attention of these four details, the topic is constantly superimposed, the topic space within an activity is opened to the greatest extent, and the final market effect must be more expected.

The above is how to get free flow through “topic”, hoping that content will inspire you. (finish)

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