The success or failure of Tencent’s micro vision: the possibility of subsidy adjustment, supplier attitude and commercialization


Zhang Yiming and Ma Huateng’s “war of words” in the circle of friends is just a gorgeous appearance in the fierce competition.

Author: three voices

As a strategic class product of Tencent, the micro vision has been continuously supported by various resources of Tencent since it was restarted in May 2017. At present, the micro vision is not only supported by the flow of QQ space and QQ music, but also to Huang Zitao as the spokesperson. The Tencent video variety “creation 101” is also in the micro vision.

The success or failure of Tencent's micro vision: the possibility of subsidy adjustment, supplier attitude and commercialization

In April this year, micro vision launched a large-scale subsidy scheme to invite the guild and Daren to enter the city to build a content moat. For micro vision, counterattack is a near impossible task. If micro vision fails again, it will not only make Tencent face shred, but also let Tencent’s core social field be threatened by trembling.

The actual action is more practical than the shouting at the top. How to cultivate micro vision in subsidization and commercialization will determine whether a healthy and lasting business mode can be built on its own platform. Since the start of the subsidy program, a large number of content suppliers and short video players have joined the front line of the micro vision, and their attitude will be a reference to the victory and defeat of the war.


In April 2018, a screenshot named “short video short video project instructions” was widely circulated among industry personages. It mentioned that the subsidy amount was 3 billion, and the subsidy standard was provided with a subsidy time of 4-8 months.

In the past few weeks, three voices have interviewed several content providers who have co operated with micro vision, knowing that the subsidy actually started in March this year. However, the specific subsidy standards are not accurate.

Taking a content supplier as an example, the subsidy amount of the official setting is 3000 yuan, 1000 yuan and 300 yuan in turn, according to the contents of S, class A and B. S level content requires more than 1000 point of praise, effective play amount to 1000, a level content demand point 500, effective play amount to 1000, B level content request 50, the same amount of effective play is 1000. This subsidy standard has also been confirmed by another content provider.

At the same time, the Da must ensure that ten items are published in micro view every month in order to settle accounts. The number of subsidies is only limited to the top 30 best content of the data.

However, not all content providers will be divided into truthful standards. Some suppliers have already made three or four level agents, and single S level content subsidies can even shrink to 650 yuan.

In fact, the subsidy policy for micro vision is also being dynamically adjusted. In March and April this year, micro vision introduced the policy of guarantee foundation, that is, only through the content of the micro vision audit, even if the content of B level content can not be reached, it can also obtain 300 yuan to guarantee the bottom of the amount.

A month later, micro vision began to adjust the Subsidy Plan – on the one hand, the micro vision canceled the policy of the guarantee, on the other hand, the content rating was cancelled a bit of praise, but only the rating standard. The corresponding content standards of grade S, class A and B correspond to the effective playback volume of 100 thousand, 10 thousand and 1000 respectively, and the amount of subsidy has not changed.

The reason for this is that, due to the existence of the policy, a large number of organizations with micro vision have begun to circle people on a large scale, and these institutions are not intended to provide better content to the micro vision, only to earn a premium by raising the supply of content.

There is a content supplier telling “three voices” that because it doesn’t take too long to stay, the effective play needs to be watched more than 5 seconds, which means that the micro vision is now paying more attention to the length of the user’s stay.

At the same time, the standard of micro audit is increasing. In March and April this year, the trial rate of the main public meeting will be between 60% and 70% to 80%. After May, the trial rate of some public meetings will be reduced to about 40%. This will help eliminate a group of poor quality associations.

South boxing entertainment partner Dai Wei estimates that the current content suppliers in the micro view of the average of the average of the trial rate between 50-60%, the highest will be around 70-80%, and once the trial rate less than 30% will be eliminated risk.

A micro – visual examination form of “three voices” shows that many of them have not been examined for reasons such as “lack of view, video quality, cross screen black edge, and political involved yellow”.

Because of the requirement of micro vision for tonality, some suppliers who have long-term cooperation with volcano and fast hand are more difficult to sign with micro vision. However, some suppliers are also obsessed with micro tonal recognition. One of them said to “three voices”, “it’s very similar to the style of looking for a person and a shakes style. It has not yet found its own content and product tunability. It is constantly recruiting, but also trying to find its own tone.”

According to “three voices”, there will be a blacklist of music in the operation of the content. The music on the list is called “the song of the tremor”, that is, a song that has gone through the sound of trembling.

But one supplier, who did not want to disclose his name, said, “the paradox is that if the music is completely different from the music, no one will use it. Micro music can sometimes obscure these music. It’s that you use these trembling songs, and it’s okay, as long as the video can fire up.


Liaocheng media is one of the first batch of content providers to enter micro vision. Up to now, there are more than one hundred short video players who have successfully settled in Liaocheng media. Liaocheng Chinese media was founded in March 2017. It was originally a self media operation company, with its own media accounts, including science and technology and science and technology newspapers.

At the same time, Liaocheng Chinese media is also a content provider of Tencent penguin, and has a stable cooperative relationship with such platforms as singing and unfamiliar street.

In March 2018, when participating in the Tencent partnership conference, they first learned that micro vision should start subsidy scheme. Wang Zhihua, the founder of Liaocheng Chinese media, told three voices. “The first batch only had a dozen quotas. In the middle of March, it contacted us to say that the subsidy program was started immediately, and then we were formally entered.”

At present, part of the micro media of Liaocheng media is from the campus, and the other part is from the agency. Liaocheng Chinese media asked for a monthly release of 15-20 contents, “although the micro vision requires ten content settlement, but due to the issue of sensitive words, it is necessary to send a few more guarantees to pass the rate.”

In the cooperation with the people, Liaocheng Chinese media has not yet signed a long-term contract with the people. “It is said that this round of subsidy policy is carried out by August, and we want to wait until August.”

The number of more than 100 self timer people in Liaocheng has the largest number of self timer. In Wang Zhihua’s view, Yan values are better looking and the cost of production is lower.

At this stage, the proportion of Liaocheng Chinese media and talented people is from 3: 7 to 2: 8. “Our own reach is 37, but if an institution can provide one hundred high quality accounts, we will consider sharing 28 or 19 into institutions.”

Previously, Liaocheng media had used its own media account to recruit people, but the effect was not satisfactory. Wang Zhihua mentioned that more than 50 people recruited in this way, after the success of the certification, many people do not even send a video, “even if they send one, because the micro vision has a loss rate assessment, if the loss rate is too high, it will affect the guild’s rating.”

This explains why university campuses have become an important source of talent. In Wang Zhihua’s opinion, students are not only easy to manage, but also have plenty of time and willingness to try new things. The way to recruit people on campus is mainly through cooperation with student organizations in schools.

Nan Quan entertainment is another content supplier with micro vision. South boxing entertainment is a new media and short video operation company, with a toilet godfather, Chris small Z and other self media accounts, and has also been on the Tencent Penguin platform to do the game related content.

After the micro vision announced the subsidy scheme, the Southern Boxing entertainment also joined the micro content ecology. At the same time, the South fist entertainment also maintains in the trembling platform existence, in which Chris small Z already has 1 million 90 thousand fans in the jitter.

In terms of recruitment, Nan fist entertainment is mainly achieved through cooperation with the organization, and there are more than 10 such institutions. The reason for adopting this mode is that the direct signature of the people is slow and the contact area is relatively narrow.

“We are working with a live club, a music team, a training class, and they send different categories of people in, and we are more diversified and faster,” said Dai, the three voice.

The requirements of the Southern Boxing entertainment for the micro ordinary people need to update 30 items in one month, but the contracts between them remain flexible. “We hope to deliver hundreds of people before the end of the subsidy period. These hundreds of people may have a burst of money, once it is a burst, even if there is no flow subsidy, as long as the micro flow can be done commercial operation can be done, this is our idea.

Three and half music is also one of the content providers working with micro vision. Three and a half music positioning is an internet music technology company, the main business on WeChat platform for music providers to provide micro station technology integration and content integration. Since its establishment in 2014, three and a half music has provided related services for over 6000 musicians.

The founder, Zhao Kefeng, told the three voice that the choice of cooperation with the micro vision was mainly to help the musicians develop more channels to gain gains and communication effects. At present, three and a half musicians provide musicians from their own platform on the one hand, on the other hand, from the cooperation with other music labels, and hundreds of people have been submitted for review.

Zhao Kefeng mentioned that three and a half submissions are mostly musicians and music lovers, and the contents of these people in the micro vision are also dominated by original or reversion songs.

“These people are basically professional in music, but how to attract users also need an adaptation process. Now the most intuitive thing is the value of the short video platform, and how to display the music characteristics, we need to take some thought.

A man

Since the restart of micro vision, Aki Jinko has been one of the first people to be invited by the official office. In January 2018, she published the first article in the micro vision, and so far she has harvested 38 thousand fans and 500 thousand praise, which is in the upper level of the micro vision.

Previously, Aki Jinko’s favorite short video platform was developed by App. Similar to jitter and micro vision, music is also a music short video product, but traffic has been very small. In 2018, Aki Jinko ceased to update, and the operator invited him to enter the small cafe show. However, this “off gas” platform is losing its appeal. “Even if they promise to push me for resources, I don’t want to play too much.”

Under the recommendation of friends, Aki Jinko began to enter the micro vision. The subsidy plan was not yet released, but she didn’t care. “I just like to play, just want to fire.” Aki Jinko, the first official to be invited by the government, has received many preferential treatment. Aki Jinko has been on the micro screen or home page Banner for several times.

After the subsidy program came out, micro vision assigned Aki Jinko to an agency in Beijing. “It is said to be subsidized, but I haven’t got it yet, it seems to be in the settlement.”

Since entering in January of this year, Aki Jinko clearly feels the continuous optimization of micro vision in product function. For example, the function of the fixed-point shooting, “I first can only completely complete hand beat, during the Spring Festival, when I need to replace or change the filter, I need my mother to help me, now the fixed-point function can emancipate hands. Now the quality of the micro view is very high. No black screen is allowed. I want to make sure that the environment is clear. “

However, even if all of us can get certification and V, how to improve the powder is still a headache. “The amount of fans is still not up, basically one thousand one thousand rise, I am very worried now.”

In order to solve the problem of flow, micro vision has a diversion with QQ space on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also cooperates with the popular variety “creation 101” under the Tencent video. In this program, in addition to the micro view as a point of praise channel, these women’s team members also collectively visit the micro vision.

In the same period, Aki Jinko, a dance dancer, entered the micro view in the same period of the same period. The direct reason lies in the cooperation between ray’s star entertainment and micro vision. According to Yu Lei’s statement, he has been able to get the subsidy in January and February this year, and the highest content can get 800 yuan. In March and April, the subsidy for micro vision began to be linked to the amount of play and the amount of praise. In April, Lei made 200 items, earning more than thirty thousand.

Yu Lei’s content in micro vision is mainly dance MV. Because the association has contracted with micro vision, the content of Lei FA’s micro vision must be exclusive.

Simply and roughly, the advantage of micro vision is that it can earn more than any other platform. As a matter of fact, Yu Lei began to shake his voice last year, but his ability to acquire fans on this platform is not optimistic. After Lei’s short video began to be subsidized, Lei also earned money in a short video, with a monthly income of more than ten thousand yuan.

He Jiacheng is also an exclusive signing person, whose external status is actor, artiste and singer. In February 2018, due to the overall signing of the company’s micro vision, he began to publish content in micro vision. In his view, the content pattern of jitter has been relatively mature, which is quite difficult for newcomers or small V.

In contrast, “micro vision has been training new people, and its functions are constantly improving, including QQ music, which is very convenient to use.”

Meng pet account Wood Dog hum pig has just signed the association, the micro vision is less than a month. Before that, the Chai dog hum pig has been settled in the quiver. In contrast to the difference between micro vision and jitter, Timmy, founder of Chai Hun pig, said that micro vision demands more stringent video and pixel margins.

Timmy said to the three voice, “the quality of the video must be fine, and the function and expression of the micro view are richer. But the contents of the jitter may be more real and more interesting.


At present, micro vision is still in the rapid accumulation of users and content of hunger and thirst. After more than one year’s development, trembling has not only completed the accumulation of users and brand awareness, but also needs to achieve success in commercialization.

According to the three tone, in addition to docking the ads and opening the electric business function, the jitter itself is becoming the hot spot of brand marketing and advertising. According to relevant media reports, the daily income of the jitter is as high as 32 million yuan, and the annual revenue may exceed 10 billion.

At the same time, it has the three parts of content production, net red hatching and business realisation, and gradually improves its own commercial closed loop. This will be more attractive to content producers and users.

In contrast, the actual role of the huge subsidy scheme of micro scale can be verified by time and explosions. In the course of our understanding, we can realize a pessimistic voice that some suppliers and people do not have real confidence in micro vision, but to a certain extent, the opportunity to look as “wool”.

The difference between shaking and micro vision is also reflected in the income system of Liaocheng Chinese media. Aside from micro subsidies, it is an important source of income for Liaocheng media to help advertisers in advertising. “There’s no way, advertisers specifically specify to advertise on vibrato,” Wang Zhihua said.

Wang Zhihua still has high expectations for the micro vision. He told the three voice that the goal of Liaocheng media this year is to provide 500 people for micro vision. “Micro vision has failed once, Tencent will let it fail again? I don’t think so. They spend so much money to smash users, even if they can not compete with the jitter, they will form some active users. I look at the micro – vision. “

South boxing entertainment partner Dai Wei believes that the current micro vision of fans and fans is not fast enough, one of the important reasons is that the micro vision has not been promoted outside. “Micro vision is still in the product grinding period and content accumulation period, shaking is also done nearly a year before it becomes explosive. We estimate that around July, micro vision will be promoted externally. “

The Tencent is a game company, and the content of the game may be more popular. The main channel of the micro visual flow is from QQ. The main audience in the game is after 95 and 00, they like it. It’s all about handsome girls, funny jokes and games.

Three and half music hopes to provide 2000 people for micro vision this year. In Zhao Kefeng’s view, compared with the jitter, the market positioning of the micro market and the orientation of the user group are still unclear. “The affirmation of micro vision requires a process of exploration, which needs to be quickly and clearly defined.”

After the end of the subsidy, will three and a half music continue to be viewed as a public association. Zhao Kefeng said that even with the strong strength of Tencent, it can not be endlessly subsidized. “Stopping subsidies is definite.” We are thinking about the way other business realms, why are we looking for short video, because there is a lot of possibility for short video in commercial advertising, content implantation and e-commerce diversion, and we will follow up on other ways to cash in.

Dai Wei said, at present, the Tencent in the short video field is still only micro – vision, in order to prevent the unscrupulous seizing of the social traffic, “Tencent can only be a micro vision into its own moat, in the next year, we need to grasp this opportunity.”

It is noteworthy that Tencent, which plays a very important role in the role of short videos, will not only look at a product. “Three voices” learned that the Tencent is still incubating other short video products, and this strategic action will provide an opportunity for institutional and content creators to ignore.

“To give money, why don’t we do it?”

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