Can WeChat beat the headlines today? “Look at it.” try it.


Although the Internet’s new and old replacement is fast, it still does not seem to be able to escape the shadow of BAT.

The product is powerful like today’s headline, and it took Zhang Yiming 6 years to succeed in attracting Ma Huateng’s attention, and then the two sides scolded a battle with shame.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

But, compared to Ma Huateng and Zhang Yiming, it might be more interesting if we can come to Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Yiming, and the contest between human genius and artificial intelligence is the subject under the eye of the eye. In addition to the PK of micro – vision and trembling sound, from the product level, the head of the day, and finally the opportunity to attract the attention of Zhang Xiaolong, the God of the product. Prior to the outflow of WeChat’s internal video, Zhang Xiaolong said:

Today’s headline is a strong opponent, but it looks different.

Indeed, today’s headlines have grown into a pressure like existence, which is so strong that Tencent almost encountered a dream crisis. And WeChat’s “look at it” is also an extremely Buddhist product. For a long time, it is quiet in the corner because of its deep entrance and long iteration without the function of the product.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

However, if we take a look at the previous silence as merely an entrance, it may be biased. After all, in WeChat’s “discovery” column, the “friend circle” is still the same level, though there are differences. More true, it is possible to demonstrate and repeat the information flow patterns within WeChat, especially how to make its own characteristics, rather than becoming another headline. As Zhang Xiaolong said,

It’s hard for you to see a homogenous product to catch up with your opponent.

If you want to catch up with or surpass today’s headlines, you need to see your own characteristics. Whether using WeChat’s characteristic chain or other characteristics, it is decided that it is not an information flow product of the existing mode.

So, what would it be?

Public number and look at each other, mutual rescue and salvation

What is the connection between the two years of the declining public number and the consistently low-key look?

The answer, they all do the content.

As a matter of fact, after revision, it has been completely “public number”. Take a look at the content, in addition to video from Tencent video, all text from the public number. That is to say, in the same content, there are two modes of expression in WeChat: column system and information flow system.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

The public number is a column system, which is a continuous concern for the reader’s capacity for the same media producers with the same tonal content.

Moreover, by looking at it, you can jump to the public address. The public number provides content for a look; it reactivates the public address and provides two traffic. As a result, the composition of public accounts is composed of two parts.

Besides, in addition to looking at the flow of information, the public number itself is also streaming information. For example, a new feature of the public is quietly online. When users look up historical messages, they can be divided into two ways: “all” and “video”. But the information flow is not the focus, and WeChat is unlikely to have too much action on the information stream of the public.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

The opportunity for information flow is a look. In terms of information volume, more than 20 million public figures in WeChat are still far larger than today’s headlines. According to the headline data, the number of accounts of the headlines in 2017 is 1 million 200 thousand, with an average of 50 items per day, and the distance from the public is still in the order of magnitude. Therefore, when we look at the full support of the public number, the richness and integrity of information are higher than today’s headlines.

Under such circumstances, the only important problem may be to see only the source of traffic. After all, the current relationship, more is to see the public number of the diversion, how to open the public number jump to see the flow entrance is the key, to know, look at the flow is more scarce. As a result of seeing the difference between the public and the public, in fact, we can also draw some lessons from the headlines, such as the double title, the same article, and the title of the public number and the look of the title.

However, although it is inevitable for product development, WeChat will not even think of a good way to realize the interoperability between the public number and the look at it.

Why is the subscription number App?

What is the difference between the bottom and the bottom?

From the perspective of audience, the core of information is probably intelligent recommendation. Today headlines can always provide readers with favorite content. But for the media, this is not the way to think.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

In the institutional media and the media, the core issue is “slow”. What is slow? This “slow” is not a slow sense of media people’s perception of news hot spots, but the form of a public number that greatly limits the ability and speed of content release. The publishing ability is limited by the number and number of public numbers that can be released and the contents of public numbers. The speed of publication is due to the sense of ritual of public articles.

This is a very interesting phenomenon. Compared with traditional media, the public number represents a faster way of information dissemination, so it is the image of content changer and “new media”. But compared to micro-blog, as well as the “micro headlines” of the headlines today, the micro-blog features of the headlines are becoming more and more obvious, which makes the WeChat public number a form of information lag.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

Most public numbers are issued once a day, 8 restrictions, each word less than 300 words can not be declared original, the content of the form is only graphic, and so on, these conditions are to the public to wear the upper layer shackles.

The way to relax the public numbers is precisely in this direction. For example, the “video message”, “audio message”, “picture message”, “sharing” and so on, which are open by the WeChat public, make the content more diverse and the editing and publishing of the content is more simple.

In editing tools, the newly launched “subscriber assistant” app has completely changed the way public articles can only be edited at the PC side, although the existing app is difficult to use heinous, but its simplicity seems to indicate that WeChat’s carelessness is actually a simplification of this editing tool, all from the media. Do not need to edit the article how exquisite, whether it is a media organization to grab a hot spot, or personal records to publish some inspirational ideas, can be written and made up, at any time release.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

Because of the blow up of WeChat public, it is conceivable that the app of independent content editor will be launched online. And the meaning behind the struggle is not the simple follow up logic, but the full mobile Internet of the content process, who can make the content easier and faster, who represents the direction of the “new media”.

Advertising should be a look, not a circle of friends.

Look at it and public numbers are showing more and more consistent direction of change.

In particular, the use of WeChat’s social relationship: the new version of the public has added the function of the “friend message” to the top; look at the articles with a high number of friends to read, add the label “friends are watching”; when WeChat searches for the article, it will also show how many friends share information.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

But these mild use of social relations really create a new form of content, but only the embellishment of content. In fact, the effect of stimulating reading will not be too great.

What is a really good guide? For example, you can see a good friend’s message and have not been selected by a content writer; for example, it can show which friends have seen an article and so on, but these are related to the information security of WeChat users, so there is no way to dig deeper, and the use of the relationship information is done now. It seems to be at the end of the world.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

Therefore, based on the premise that WeChat is an acquaintance environment, the guidance of social relations will eventually take the public number content to its square, that is, the circle of friends. And the content of the circle of friends should be more to show the social relationship, the public’s article shows the friends to share information, and so on, more should happen in the circle of friends, not look at it.

Although it can have similar functions, it is not the point. Look at a public square, different from the acquaintance square, and its focus is still focused on the content of the public, such as “hot topic” functions, such as a stronger title setting.

Can WeChat beat the headlines today?

And when it and the circle of friends suddenly formed two kinds of ecological, look at the fact that in fact, it should also take up the WeChat advertising, the previous circle of friends into the information stream advertising, and also become a core export of the small program.

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