Those who fail products may be the five deadly reasons.


Note: the sales of the products are not good, who is it? The market is too small, no products, marketing or suck? Perhaps all aspects of the difficulties, all need to improve, but the direction has been adjusted round after round, leek cut a single crop, if there is no problem to find the biggest problem, the end is doomed or failed.

Those who fail products may be the five deadly reasons.

The process of product is generally described as three steps: making, selling, and user realisation. A product, especially a hardware product, can talk about success only if it is sold to make money, especially for an entrepreneurial team, which is more important than anything.

But the product sales, often not the product technology is much advanced, how cool the function, the appearance of many novelty, but whether the product can meet the real needs of the user, the price of the product can meet the requirements of the downstream channels and retailers.

1. closed doors, ignoring user needs

In general, there are two ways to make a product.

(1) existing resources or mastering a technology, and then think that there is a rigid demand here. As a product of such a product, there will be a market, so hurry to do this product and sell it, it is expected that the product’s gross profit is around 40%, less than 30% Maori products do not do;

“Holding a hammer to find nails” emphasizes the resources of oneself, thinking about how to use resources to make products, and then find sales to promote sales. This kind of thinking goes on is to do a lot of products, a lot of people J to build channels, run the market, if there is a problem, that must be the management of that link or those people have a problem.

(2) the user has this problem, the survey data show that the user has no good solution in this respect, we can ensure that the retailer has 40% profit space, and there is no similar product on the market. We have to do it as soon as possible, and the profit is low.

It emphasizes what products are better able to solve user problems and have more market. This is a kind of user oriented thinking, which asks what way, technology, product form and channel to meet the needs of users. When there is a problem, first consider whether the product user has the reason to buy, can the value of the product support the price? And the product is not a lack of competitive advantage.

When we discuss the needs, there is a common phenomenon that equates the pain point of the market with the general demand of the market, and equates the problem of the user surface to the core value of the product. Because of what I do, so we do this product. Because I do this, so we sell products like this to sell customers to help them solve their problems. There must be a market.

Many of the reasons why demand is falsehood is that they always have their own problems and see that every place has their own problems. However, many times, it is not “product” that is not good, but useless, and can not be used.

At any time, the most important thing is to let users see your product, and you will be able to tell the reasons why you are willing to pay for it.

2. indistinct costs, a muddled account

There are three factors affecting the pricing of products:

  1. The profit space pursued by the merchant;
  2. The user can accept the price;
  3. Product R & D marketing cost.

For hardware products, in addition to its BOM cost, it will also bring costs such as transportation, warehousing, yield and other factors.

When your product needs to be distributed through the channel, the price is bound to be added. As a manufacturer, a “enough profit space” must be reserved for the channel merchants. Then you often see a weird phenomenon, the same product, the Internet Co can price 99 yuan, and you can not play 299, 399 can not play.

For entrepreneurial teams, if they are new products, they must find a user acceptable price range.

  • Internally, we must knock the cost of every penny and strive to reduce costs substantially through innovations in various design, technology and management levels.
  • External, you need to have a “let the channel business to make more money” of the heart, rather than to envy the channel business profit margins more than you.

Compared with the sales figures for a time, more attention should be paid to product shipments and market share, especially entrepreneurial teams and innovative products.

In addition to the product’s own R & D, the promotion cost, and the operation cost of the enterprise, the cost is also included in the cost of the exchange.

3. inability to focus, the product line continues to widen

In reality, different users have different needs, and different customers will make different demands. Based on this, splitting different product lines to deal with different scenarios and deliver different products to different customers, logic is no problem.

But all of this is conditional and precondition.

For the entrepreneurial team, the resources must be limited, energy is limited, a product did not do well, did not start the amount of time, and do other products, can only be trapped in a fire, the east wall, the situation, the time cost is lost again can not buy back. It is easy to appear on their own stage, and the situation of others singing opera is earlier than anyone else, but it is not competitive at all.

Early in the morning, to catch a late set.

What customers want to take, what needs to be taken into account, what custom is dare to receive, the domestic has not yet understood that the tentacles have been extended overseas. A small team starts multiple product lines at the same time. The most exaggerated situation is that the number of products exceeds the number of teams. Everyone worked overtime and was half dead. Research and development took several years, and finally no product was successful.

“If some companies try to make their product line wide, they’re not competing with their peers, but fighting with positioning theory, and fighting with people’s IQ,” Zhou Hongyi said.

In the inside, when the product line is “rich”, all the coordination and management will be meaningful, in essence, it is just a combination of various resources, and then each of the lives. External, low, medium and high product lines compete with each other, and end users and channels are easily confused.

A product can not satisfy all the needs of people, even if the product is not good enough to do this. Products that do not satisfy everyone’s needs are good products.

Only focus can achieve breakthroughs, make a burst of money, so as to start the brand, and build a good channel. After having these brands and channels, it is not too late to expand the product line.

4. quality is not the same, regardless of the facts, forcibly stacking function.

“I don’t like this”, so we want to change the edition; “long time no new version”, so it is to be reversion; “other people’s products every Monday iteration”, so every Friday to go online; “this is a new direction”, so to do a DEMO.

This is not the rumor of the river, but the true story.

For iteration, and weekly iteration, for DEMO, and constantly DEMO.

Finally, a pile of editions, a pile of DEMO, can not count, and everyone’s workload index is very good, and the product can not sell well.

Why is it sad?

The test data of the product is a red light, not thinking about the problem of timely braking, but the name of the name is to grab a big order, quickly seize the opportunity to occupy the market, still put resources into the new function of the development and design, even the problem of long time extrusion continues to look away.

Even the most basic functions, the core components are not stable, and then attack the next mountain top.

Start the horsepower bombardment, and the wheel is on the air.

Rush to battle, must die without doubt.

What is the quality?

Quality is not measured by the repeated operation of the engineer, but not by continuous overtime, but it is designed. It is the underlying logic of the product. It is the basic rule of strict products. It is the basic product of awe and restraint.

What is fast, on the right track is fast.

Shi Yuzhu said, “the giant building has grown from the 38 floor to the 78 floor. Great joy, I am really fainted! “

5. for immediate results, no long-term plan

For the product, selling to have a user is a king, especially for the entrepreneurial team, the first to have a clear direction, and then forward in this direction, “the product must go ahead”, survival is the first priority.

However, in the case of frequent category products changing and competition unprecedented, if the brand features and brand advantages are not fast and fast in the early stage, it is easy to be preempted by competitors and lose the predominance, and the cost of the later brand will be greatly increased.

In particular, for hardware products, if there is no awareness and plan to build the brand early, the influence in the whole market will continue to weaken, even directly to the market position, the user only knows your opponent, and forgotten as the forerunner of you.

Many years of hard work, only for others to do the clothes.

Brand is equivalent to the image set up, everyone needs a good image to communicate with others, and products also need a good image to move towards the user.

Giving up building your own brand is a very dangerous thing.

Brand building is not just advertising, but a belief, from the moment the product concept should begin to have faith, no matter how much uncertainty, it should be the strength of a group of people. Only in this way can the channel merchants have a sense of brand security before they are willing to play together.

Every day, just looking at the front, just want to sell goods, slowly, forget the brand this thing, the result is slowly lost the heart, only in the eyes of sales and sales of the moment.

In order to catch up with the performance, it will go to the beginning of the article, to the cycle here, until it fails.

Brand is its own. Brand building is a long-term process. It also needs a long-term plan. Without brand, there is no future.

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