The design story of “previous youth photos” in the daily P chart


In the last unusual weekend, retro youth portray the QQ space, WeChat and other social platforms, fling the imagination of each age layer to the image of his own retro youth.

After 28 hours of activity, the number of participants is over 100 million.

This group of unique creative materials from the daily P chart APP is neither drawn from the gallery nor commissioned by the supplier, but the internal designer is fully contracted. Here, we want to talk about this group of material behind the use of ultra small cost, to achieve a super expected production of the story.

The design story of

Starting point

At the beginning of the image of youth, we asked people around us a question. What would you like to be like if you were to return to 20s?

“To be a talented woman like Lin Whei-yin, a knowledgeable trip to Europe” – “of course the number one Shanghai tycoon” – “I want to be able to wear a nice cheongsam at that time, and then make a wavy hairstyle.”

This shows us that there are more images to be created besides youth’s image. To allow more users to participate, we have identified three elements:

  • Multiple roles – allowing users to have more different personalities;
  • Men and women take all kinds of food — different from the previous female dominated themes. This time I hope that male users who are not usually P can participate in it.
  • The old and the young are salty — choosing the classic role play can not only satisfy the memories of the previous generation, but also make the young people willing to try.

Fashion modeling setting

In order to make the retro modeling more accurate, we studied a large number of 20s and 30s TV plays, and after reading many old photos, we summed up several classic styles of clothing.

  • Young female students — blue shirt + black cloth skirt + Mary Jane Shoes + braided braid, have traditional and green femininity, most characteristic of young people in the Republic of China.
  • The long shirt – the long shirt is based on the Qing Dynasty robes often worn by the literati and officials of the Ming Dynasty to follow the Qing Dynasty. Retaining the style of the pair of collar and collar is the standard of the students in the Republic of China.
  • The dress – the gold of the big family will wear a dress, a sunshade, a small satchel, and a small outcrop of lotus leaf ornament and middle skirt, and the style of the dress can be said to be a very foreign style.
  • Suits — most of them like to wear three piece suits.
  • Cheongsam, the cheongsam that was born in 20s, is also indispensable. It is known as the quintessence of Chinese culture and women’s national costume. In order to save money, the team partners also produced their own antique cheongsam under the bottom of the box.

So there are the Patriots of iron clown, the great students who are born in the sun, the new youth who pursue freedom, and the graceful and graceful Shanghai celebrities.

The design story of

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