E-book making method: make your income active



In the last article, time explained the active income and passive income, the poor thinking and the rich thinking. It also mentioned a way to make money by writing an e-book and selling it to make money. It was not finished because of the problem of space.

So, today, this article, time, will fill this up for you.

The domestic paid e-book is still in its infancy. There are more e-book sales supported by official platforms, such as reading watercress.

For instance。

At that time, the author, Ding Xiaoyun, published two e-books in the reading of the watercress. They were “how the young women of literature and art cultivate the Queen’s air field” and “7 days to cure procrastination”. From January 1st to January 31st, a total of 8272 copies of the work were sold, with a total sales revenue of 29118.33 yuan, and by the end of February, the total sales volume was 54970.48 yuan.

The income share ratio is the author 70%, platform 30%.

Similar to the reading of the bean paste, there is also the payment function of the simplified book mentioned by time a few days ago.

There are two ways to pay for articles in the book: single and serial.

Among them, the paid price of a single article is generally 2-10 yuan. Of course, the author can also apply for serialization. After the opening of the serial function, the payment price is generally more than 10 yuan.

A paid article written before time was written in April 29th and published at noon on April 30th. Up to 12 noon in May 10th, more than 400 copies were sold in 11 days. The article helped me earn almost more than 1000 yuan by dividing it into 11 days.

E-book making method: make your income active

Open the book app and choose serial payment serial. You can see all the paid serial works. For example, this article explaining the frame thinking is priced at 29 yuan.

E-book making method: make your income active

The above is about the paid e-book market with platform support.

Time is still recommended that you take this route, platform support and promotion, if you learn to promote yourself again, you can earn more. In addition, the advantage of relying on the platform is also to build trust quickly on the platform, easier to convert, to publish books, to gain personal identity, and to be more conducive to the construction of future profit lines.

Of course, some small partners will feel that selling e-books on the platform is too low. It’s basically a few dollars.

Remember: to do content to start a business, the source of income is diversified, the same knowledge can bring you a lot of content, no need to count the low price of the platform, because it is only one of your sources of income.

In addition to domestic platforms, there are also foreign countries. For example, Amason.

Some people would say that publishing e-books on a foreign platform is very profitable, and that’s true. I think you can calm down, calm down, and wash it for a while, because you are dreaming in the daytime.

The only advantage of foreign countries is that the concept of paying for the masses is stronger.

Because selling e-books is inevitable. You can’t promote it, but you can’t make a lot of money on the platform, but in a large platform abroad, there is no opportunity to promote it.

There are many restrictions such as language, cash flow, Internet environment and so on.

Of course, if you have advantages in language and Internet environment, you can do it. If not, it is best to make a domestic platform.


In addition to taking the platform line, you can also be a self-employed person, making your own e-book and selling it yourself.

The advantage is that the degree of freedom of pricing is relatively high.

But this line tests personal promotion ability. In fact, writing original content and making e-books is not difficult at all. Because no accumulation of a certain amount of precision fans, resulting in products, but no one is interested, can not sell embarrassing situation.

E-book making method: make your income active

In the production of e-books, we should consider these problems. On the one hand, it is beneficial to production content, and on the other hand, it is the basis for promotion.

Take time in the last article.

In the first place, novice can make some ebook strategies for “literacy”, such as sorting out the mobile phone APP that can make money, and then write, use, promote, bring up and other steps to write clearly, and the final format is best in the PDF version.

E-book making method: make your income active

When you are making it, you can set up your rights with your needs so that people can’t change the way you contact. Even if someone resell you, your contact is also in the e-book, which can also bring you a precise fan.

After writing the content, we finally make a poster of an e-book for yourself, and choose the style of the book, or the other styles of the disc, according to the needs of your own. It’s easy to generate it with software.

Time did a simple demonstration, understood the spirit, and took the rest of the picture software plus some promotional words, and the poster was completed.

E-book making method: make your income active

The e-book has been completed, the poster has been completed, and the rest is promoted.

For this, you can read time’s article to understand:

College students sell this month to over 10000, if you want to make money, the premise is that you will be content marketing!

After learning to popularize powder absorption, you can open the profitable gate. After the correct extension of the content layout, the accumulation of time effect naturally comes, every day there will be accurate fans plus you, always have customers to buy. Because the content of your layout is included by search engines, these contents will always be there, so long as someone searches for keywords, your content will be displayed.

You just need to hold your cell phone in your hand and communicate with QQ or WeChat.

This is also a passive income “money making machine” built through knowledge payment.


Sai Johnson, a British writer, said, “the person who will spend money and make money is the happiest person because he enjoys two kinds of happiness”.

You know, the way we make money is definitely not just your current job, but there are many ways.

We can really open up our minds and make more new attempts. New trials can only make new progress.

Of course, when you go on the path of starting a business, you are bound to meet a variety of people who have a variety of reasons for not looking at you. They will meet those people who ask you directly to ask you “what to charge for, Lao Tzu see you write, your family’s glory.”

When you meet these, the method of learning time is directly ignored, because “the wine is less than a thousand cups and a half sentence is not speculate,” we only deal with people with the same ideals.

E-book making method: make your income active

There is no conflict between content creation and making money. It is not shameful to be a money maker.

If you are a continuous output creator, but now you still don’t make money, then you have to think about it, and there must be a problem in your operation that needs to be corrected.

Ignore those who carry out moral kidnapping under all kinds of flags, lay down their eggs and let others talk.

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