Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products


Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products

If 2015 is the first year of mobile Internet, then 2016 can be regarded as a year of grabbing the draught. This year, there are many draught. There are such large outlets as shared bicycles, and there are many small draught outlets. There is such a draught called “mutual aid”.

In 2016, it was a great mistake to take part in such a project, from being full of pride to finally dismissing all of it.

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First, product background

1. demand background

The demand was originally from the idea of big BOSS, a background, and big BOSS registered a series of companies, one of the companies on mutual assistance, and the mutual aid and the other three companies were all working together.

Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products

(Figure 1: company structure)

Big BOSS worked in a company of 2W+ before he started a business. Because of the number of employees, often employees or family members had a serious illness, the first was the company’s assistance to employees, but it was found that this law was not a long-term plan. It’s always bad.

Big boss was responsible for this part of the company at the time, and had not been able to make it until he left the job. It was the plot, and the sentiment, and started the project when it started.

In June 2016, I joined the company as product manager, and then at a weekly meeting in July, big BOSS formally approved the project and assigned me to participate.

I didn’t have a full-time product team before. It was just a PC web page for an outsourced company that couldn’t do any business logic related operations.

2. industry background

After receiving this task, I quickly took some time to figure out the two question: what is mutual help? What is the development of the domestic industry now?

Through search, we find that “mutual aid” is actually a domestic concept, originated from abroad, and abroad is called “mutual insurance”.

Mutual insurance means that a unit or person with a homogeneous risk guarantee needs to be a member by concluding a contract and paying a premium to form a mutual assistance fund, which is responsible for the loss caused by an accident in the contract, or the year when the insured is dead, disabled, ill, or reached the contract. Insurance activities that bear the liability for payment of insurance premiums, such as age and maturity.

Mutual insurance has a history of more than 100 years in developed countries, which is also the biggest feature compared to the low cost of traditional insurance. Compared with some developed countries in foreign countries, the country with a large population, low per capita income, inadequate medical insurance coverage and expensive medical care seems to be the natural soil of this seed.

Then I searched the general situation of the domestic industry: (only found the September 2016 version of the work paper).

Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products

Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products

(Figure 2: survey of competitive products)

Through the search, we find that many domestic companies are doing this, but there is no opportunity to lead the race.

Two, team and equity background

1. Team Introduction

A total of 5 people from the top to the top of the project (based on the number of teams and resources I would prefer to call the project) from top to end, the general manager W, and the rest of the staff as follows:

Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products

(Figure 3: staffing)

The rest are shared by several companies, including front and rear developers and UI, as well as my product manager.

2. ownership structure

According to the proportion of investment, the general manager W accounted for 40% of the shares, and the big boss who put forward this idea accounted for 60% of the shares.

Three, product process

In order to clarify the product process and time node, the whole process of the product is put on the top.

Failed product case seven death penalty for tuyere products

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