Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools


The wireframe tool can make the designer’s inspiration fast, and at the beginning of any project, it is the best choice to choose a handy wireframe tool. Now, the appearance of a wireframe tool will not be exaggerated in the spring of the rain. How to choose the most troublesome problem, if you are worried about this problem, may as well take a look at these 10 of the 2018 annual wireframe tools, may be enlightening to you.

Shopping is all about cost performance. The same is true for choosing tools. The price is substantial, and the best function is the first choice. Therefore, this article mainly analyzes from three aspects: price, advantage and deficiency. I hope to be of help to you.


Lucidchart’s wireframe tool is an excellent tool for easy design, sharing and quick presentation of design inspiration and ideas. It is an excellent tool for creating interactive wireframe and prototype drawings.


5 price models: free version, basic version $4.95 / month

8.95 dollars / month for the Professional Edition

The team version starts at $20 / month

Companies need to contact official Quotes

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools



Online tools, without downloading or updating, support the whole platform to view the wireframe and prototype map, and can also be compatible with other services, such as G Suite and Slack.

Drag and drop operations, combined with various setup options, can easily create a wireframe.

Support team work. Team members can make comments, video chat or internal chatting, and communicate in many ways.

It can be used as a prototype tool to support the transformation of the wireframe into a prototype and increase the details.

Provide various shapes and templates, such as UI containers, menus, widgets, etc., or import elements directly.

Custom components, you can customize tools and shapes according to your own preferences. It contains shapes, templates, lines, images, and so on.

Simple and easy to use. Lucidchart’s free wired tool is very intuitive, and it can be easily produced for the first time.

Compatibility is the only Web application that fully supports Microsoft Visio documents.


There is no desktop application and can not work offline.

Templates are not as diverse as other tools. For example, the lack of a list of shapes.

Free account functions are very limited, such as storage constraints, cannot access the layer, can not backup, no recovery function, only support 5 documents, each document only 60 objects.

The price is slightly higher.

Telephone customer service support is only included in the enterprise version.

Load file time.


Mockplus is a faster and simpler prototyping tool, allowing product designers to create interactive prototypes in 5 minutes. Rapid prototyping, fine team management, efficient collaborative design, and easy multi terminal presentation are all for service design only. “Fast” and “simple” are the core values of Mockplus.

Price: Personal Edition – 199 yuan package year; 699 yuan for life

Team Edition – 999 yuan package year; 3999 yuan lifetime (5 users)

Enterprise Edition – 5999 pack year; 19999 yuan lifetime (30 users)

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=UQV1IfOCZ1I


Fast interface design. More than 300 highly encapsulated components, more than 2000 vector icons, no need to draw, drag and drop to render the interface design. A key to import project pages and templates, quickly build the basic interface, you can also get the source of inspiration.

Self defining component library, data filling, SKETCH import, lattice and other special functions to realize fast design reuse and farewell to repeat operation.

Quick interaction setup, setting up interaction, dragging and dragging mouse only, dynamic prototype design all visualized. Support page interaction, component interaction, interaction state and interaction auto restore.

Rapid team cooperation, support team member role management, group management, global control, high efficiency and safety. When the project is collaborating, the members can be added easily, the division of editors will not conflict, and the collaborative design is orderly. Any design details can be directly annotated and commented, expressing suggestions and collecting feedback synchronously.

Rapid demonstration, 8 demonstration methods, the most competitive products in the same way, covering a variety of equipment demonstration. A key to generate project preview, product demand instant visualization. Easy sweep, mobile app real-time view. Sharing links online review, but also efficient access to customer feedback, rapid completion of product iteration.

Rapid service, “three minutes answer” service is an important feature of Mockplus brand. It is unique among Chinese software companies. Software as a service, good experience not only lies in the software itself. Mockplus customer support and after-sales service team have long maintained the “three minutes” principle, in the current more than 20 official groups of the QQ, the first time for users to solve difficulties.


HTML demonstrates the existence of instability.

Do not support the color setting of a single text.


Gliffy is a wireframe tool for creating a framework for web sites, home pages, or applications. It provides a basic but functional wireframe design solution that can also meet the needs of a variety of business flow charts.


Personal: $7.99 / month

Team: $4.99 / month

Enterprise: Contact official to obtain quotations

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=hb9oiI1W51Q


Provide basic shape and graphics, mind map, SWOT analysis and Wien diagram to create organizational chart and other business diagrams.

Gliffy Diagram’s wireframe shape and template can easily create professional wireframe.

By drag and drop to complete the interface design, you can add the rectangle, button and line in the tool shape library to any location of the page, and add text to quickly map.

Many people collaborate and share and collaborate with anyone at any place. Files provide protection and tracking change paths.

Support import and edit wireframe to facilitate the use of existing resources.

The most advanced Chinese products and designers

Support various file types, GON, VDX (pay only account), Gliffy and Gxml files.


Unable to customize colors, you cannot choose the color of a graph, nor set the color of inserted or arrowhead.

The icons are not rich enough.

Collaborative design can not be real-time, only one person can edit documents at a time.

There is no function of using password to protect charts. There is no team member management mechanism.

When typing text, shape components will not be automatically resized.

Do not support exporting to PDF or HMTL, sharing operation is not very convenient.


Moqups is a simplified Web application that creates lines, prototypes, graphs, and collaborations. It is a smart, simple and fast multi-function online design platform.


Individual – $13 a month

Team – $19 a month

Enterprise – contact official quotation

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=p38jXuc98qg


Drag and drop elements can quickly and easily select components from the small part library and the smart shape library, and quickly build the wireframe.

Provide template suites, which can be selected in a series of integrated template Suites for mobile applications and web design, and are designed quickly, including iOS, Android, and Bootstrap.

Built in more than 1000 popular icon elements. It contains Font Awesome, Material Design and Hawcons, and can also update icons.

Support direct import and export of images from desktop or application, and quickly convert them into interactive prototypes.

Rich font and style options, with integrated Google fonts to choose from.

Support team work. Team members can communicate and collaborate without obstacles.


There is no offline version, and no off-line operation is not held.

There is no custom option for the import of the icon library.

The demo version of the file can not be exported.

5.Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is a Flash based fast wireframe tool developed by software engineers. Balsamiq Mockups has won many designers’ favor since it was published. It is a good tool for designing fast wireframe.

Price: free trial – 30 days

Professional Edition – $89

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools



Balsamiq has elements that can be dragged and dragged directly, including buttons and lists. It is worth mentioning that these elements are hand drawn styles. The designer can also prepare the necessary widgets in advance in the editor.

Balsamiq official website also provides many templates, including desktop App, mobile terminal App and website templates. It can be clicked and downloaded, and it is fast and convenient to use.

Balsamiq’s unique handwriting design is very unique in today’s mechanized design, allowing designers to experience a unique experience in hand drawn design in a blank screen. With its variety and unique style, the UI library can provide designers with the most convenient service.

It is suitable for generating wired diagrams for web designers, developers and customers to discuss and express opinions, rather than focusing on beautiful designs.

Support PDF export.


Can only do low security true line frame. There is no animation and interaction.

The adjustment of image size is more troublesome. Only scaling can not be used.

Compared with Mockplus, Sketch, Invision, Adobe XD, etc., there are not many export options. It is impossible to transfer the lowest guaranteed line from Balsamiq to the next stage of the workflow.

It is not a tool suitable for super large projects.


Mockflow is a desktop end line block diagram tool based on Adobe Flash Platform. Clean, simple interface, with rich editing function, can finish the design of wire frame faster.


Basics – free of charge

Major – $14 a month

Team – $29 a month

Business – $160 a month

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=vBiXKQKjQr4


Rich template and element resources, buttons, configuration files, tabs, images, graphics and so on, to provide direct drag and drop usage.

Support various export options, images, MS Word, Adobe PDF and MS PowerPoint.

There are built-in stores that can get other UI elements and templates. These elements and templates can effectively speed up the design process of the wireframe.

In team work, you can assign projects to different folders and subpages. You can manage them in an orderly way. You can put the entire project in another area for approval. You can share the project with your colleagues and be suitable for a number of individuals.


Unable to change the color of a word in the text box.

The exported files sometimes contain blank, resulting in failure of file export. If the file is compressed, this happens.

Lack of shortcut keys and time consuming.

Customer support is relatively lacking, mainly providing self-help options, only tutorials and FAQ.

7.Wireframe CC

Wireframe CC is an online wireframe drawing tool that uses minimalist style, extremely concise interface, and even no toolbars and icons for typical drawing applications.

Price: Basic Edition – free

-$99/ month of Professional Edition

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=3dXsRNS-spc


You just need to move the mouse on the canvas to build the shape you want, just like taking a pen and painting, not only the established components, but also play the freedom of space.

Its main feature is to concentrate on the most basic operations, so it is very simple and easy to use.

Currently, there are three modes to support web page, mobile phone horizontal screen and mobile phone vertical screen.

Send URL links to share quickly, or export PDF.

Free use, no registration, no credit card details.


I can only do low cost real wireframe, unable to add rich UI elements.

No interaction or animation is provided, and no interactive wireframe and prototype can be generated.

Customer support is lacking, no tutorial videos, real-time chat, phone calls, forums or even frequently asked questions are not included.


Justinmind is a UX tool for Web and mobile application prototypes and high fidelity website wireframe. It can be used as a low cost real wireframe and a high fidelity prototype.

Price: individual and team – $19 per user per month

Enterprise – $39 per user per month

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools



From the wireframe to the full-featured user interface prototyping map, you can achieve rich mobile applications, websites, Web products and enterprise software prototypes. You can also directly convert simple wireframe to interactive prototypes that are suitable for iOS and Android.

A rich collection of UI toolkits for direct use.

In real device sharing and testing, mobile apps can simulate reality in any iPhone, iPad, Android device, bringing better experience.

Web interactive and mobile gestures, through intelligent behavior and rich interaction to enhance the experience details.


Learning cost is high, especially for beginners. It takes a lot of learning time and time consuming.

Operation is complex, and interaction settings can not drag and drop connections directly.


Pidoco is an excellent wireframe design software that allows you to quickly create clickable wireframe and interactive user experience prototype.

Price: base – $12 / month

Standard – $25 / month

Major – $55 / month

White gold – $175 / month

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=lW5t_vQJi5Y


Rich interaction, create completely interactive prototypes and wireframe to simulate the real feelings of using the application. Use click, touch, gesture, keyboard input and even location data to trigger highly interactive operations in the prototype.

Team work, sharing prototype with others, collecting commentary and editing information, finding history and tracking questions.

A perfect demonstration of real-time testing of prototypes on browsers, iOS and Android devices. Just click the button without downloading or installing any code.

Just click the button to generate the specification file and send it to the development team or customer. You can also export prototypes and wireframe to PNG, vector file or HTML format when offline.

Component reuse, creating and customizing building blocks to improve design consistency and less repetitive operation in projects.


Do not support the rotation of elements such as symbols.

Templates are limited.


WireframeSketcher is a wireframe tool that helps designers, developers, and product managers quickly create lines, models, and prototypes for desktop, Web, and mobile applications, for desktop applications in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Price: a single user: $99 / a lifetime

Multiple users: $89 per person / lifetime

Tool competition, you can not miss 2018 10 wireframe tools

Https:// V=Vs5RLPZuykE& list=PLJ26v4UPvWo5jmWh-N_rNwnSXV8AB6T4W


With abundant template resources, you can quickly create any project, website, desktop and mobile application. You can get Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone molds from Mockups Gallery.

Collaborative design, you can use version control to cooperate well with your team members, and apply to large-scale prototype project management.

Support the export of PDF, send it to customers via e-mail, or upload and share the wireframe on the server.


Do not allow free to draw components and other elements.

Interaction and animation are limited.

Only a lifetime version of the purchase strategy is available.


These are the 10 2018 wireframe tools I summed up. I also want to share with you my personal preferences and choices, though each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, but from my own experience, Mockplus is my preferred tool, fast and simple, but with good function, and counter-offer. It’s true. What is your favorite tool? Welcome to exchange and share.

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