Is it the same thing to have a lot of bargaining?


Note: black production can not be prohibited, and as long as the “cut price” persists, then the potential will continue to encourage the development of black production, and the adverse effects on society will continue to expand.

Is it the same thing to have a lot of bargaining?

In May 7th, more than a number of announcements, the recent network intensive outbreak of “women cheated 500 thousand hanging”, “husband and wife to be buckled 600 thousand jump”, “price theft bank account” and so on related to its “cut down” mode of negative news, and said that the police have contacted the report.

But here, I have some curiosity, the same as the e-commerce platform, why never appeared “women Taobao cheated 500 thousand hanging”, “husband and wife Jingdong cut down 600 thousand jump” and so on.

Is it the same thing to have a lot of bargaining?

In the final analysis, flies do not bite the seamless eggs, all of which are caused by a lot of “bargain” mode, so what exactly is the bargain? Why does “bargain” sound like the same as group buying? Is there any rumor that makes people lose their fortune?

I think it’s all worth studying.

One, what is the pattern of a lot of cutting down?

First of all, let’s explain the most expensive bargaining mode. Let’s look at the official rules.

Is it the same thing to have a lot of bargaining?

I explain the simple point, that is to say that the official will send out a variety of socks, pants, clothes, hot water kettle and so on all kinds of goods, users can get free by pulling the head.

But many officials do not give a specific number. How many heads can get the product, so users have to keep pulling their heads to get the goods free of charge.

On the surface, the pattern is very simple, but behind it is very complex, involving various aspects of the problem.

Two, the price cutting mode allows more spells to become the “journey” of the electricity supplier.

First of all, we must admit that the price cutting mode has made many rapid growth and surpassed other similar products, which has eaten WeChat’s social dividend most quickly.

The collage mode and the price cut mode, although the use of social relations to drive the user, but the collage mode still requires the user to pay the cost of money to get the goods, but the price mode, there is no cost of 1 cents for the user to pay, and these price sensitive users do not care about the time cost, and are willing to spell out. A lot of free publicity can be regarded as a typical “hacker growth”.

Just as Shi Yuzhu’s entry into the net, some users are willing to use money to exchange grades and equipment in the game, but some of the same users are reluctant to consume, but they are willing to spend a lot of time in the game, and the introduction of “journey” caters to the needs of the latter to a large extent. So it’s a great success.

A lot of competition has also replayed the victory of “journey”.

Moreover, more importantly, there is no risk in the price cutting mode for the platform. First of all, cost risk does not exist. It can control costs at the very beginning.

The second is that there is no legal risk, because there is no user to produce actual consumption behavior, and it does not tell the user how many people to get enough to get the goods, so there is no legal fraud.

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