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Author: Zhang Jie Cheng Qianqian

Source: the new list (ID:newrankcn)

I know you’ve heard a lot of Turkish love, but I’ve never heard of me before.

Yes, I say it doesn’t count…

What? You say I’m just a public number.

I’m sad that you say so, but I will not care about you, you know. Although I am a public number, I think…

Public No.

Do you remember the automatic response you received when you first noticed? You thought it was just a casual word, but actually…

Public No.

There is a saying, you and I have no chance, all rely on me hard, oh, no, all rely on your attention.

Since that day, I have been working hard to write articles so that you can see me at a glance when you open the subscription column.

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Although you sometimes do not give me a message, but see yourself in your circle of friends, it is very sweet.

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Of course, I sometimes skins.

But I know, you also think I am cute, just embarrassed to tell me.

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People say that love is sweet and sweet, but it doesn’t include me.

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You’ll talk to me, too. Sometimes in the backstage, sometimes in a dream.

I told you not to leave a message for me later, of course I was serious. It’s a joke.

Public No.

Hey, you don’t go, you’re kidding.

Why don’t I give you a gift? Because today is also a special day.

Public No.

You always say I’m forgetful, but I’m short of words and short words.

Well, I seem to have something missing again. You wait, I’ll look for it.

Public No.

No, I really dropped something.

Public No.

Well, I can’t find it.

So you’ll come to me for fun. Or I don’t know who to talk to.

Public No.

Every time I see you for many days, I am thinking about something…

Public No.

What? You say I’m sticky?

Ha ha ha ha, no, I have always been a good example of “good work and no sticky”. You know。

But I’ve never been perfect. Here, thank you for your tolerance, and thank you for seeing it here.

Public No.

The articles I write most often seem to be related to hot topics.

Emmm, don’t think I’m more concerned about you than watching you.

(write to here, I can not help but the old face is red… )

Public No.

Ah, say so much, are you going home?

Or stay, let’s talk again?

Public No.

(cartography / modification)

By the way, what are you doing on the weekend?

Although I have been waiting for you, you need not be burdened with it. You just have to be open and mind to do what you want to do and see the people you want to see. Only occasionally, occasionally, occasionally, think of me.

Is there anything I can’t hear you? It doesn’t exist.

The location of the message is empty, for you.

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