Interpretation of two dimensional marketing: full link integrated marketing of NetEase comics


Interpretation of two dimensional marketing: full link integrated marketing of NetEase comics

If you talk about the casual food, you may come back to the mind of Kangshifu, music, Orion, Wangwang and so on, but if you talk about oatmeal breakfast, then the card is bound to be the first choice.

As the largest leisure food listed company in Japan, since its establishment, Carlo has always adhered to the brand concept of “digging the power of nature”. The products most familiar to Chinese consumers are fries three brothers and fruitful fruit cereal.

In recent years, in order to cater to gradually become the main consumer of 90%, began to increase the market movement in China. For the first time, they have chosen to work with the Chinese cartoons platform for the first time to launch their own customized products, Carle &, and the NetEase comic “to make life more flavour” of custom cereal and French fries.

As a company with a long history and leading position in the Japanese leisure food market, why will it choose the NetEase comic as the first IP authorized partner in China? I have made a review of this cooperation to try to find the logic behind the business.

The core of IP’s authorization lies in the degree of brand agreement

As one of the top three caricature platforms in China, the number of mobile end users of NetEase comics is close to 40 million, and the user group is dominated by early high school students – in other words, NetEase comics occupy considerable discourse power among young people.

Similarly, this part of young people is also the target user of card ratio. The Carle, in collaboration with the NetEase comics, is their two largest fist – fruit cereal and French fries, three brothers, almost the first choice for students’ breakfast and snacks.

Interpretation of two dimensional marketing: full link integrated marketing of NetEase comics

Fruit cereal & NetEase comic board mother “deer mother”

Interpretation of two dimensional marketing: full link integrated marketing of NetEase comics

French fries & NetEase comics exclusive hot work, the God of lies.

The theme of this brand name is “comic chips (cereal), which makes life more flavour.” this name also shows the resonance of Carle and NetEase comics at the brand level.

According to Komatsu Tachio, general manager of Calbee electric company, the brand has been paying special attention to “delicious and interesting” since its inception. For this reason, each series of products not only pursue good ingredients to make delicious food, but also have a typical cute cartoon character for every series of products.

And the NetEase manga authorized IP is their personification of the Niang of the Kanban “Niang”, and the exclusive hot work “lie God”, the two IP people are mostly relaxed and lively, the main group of young readers, from the spiritual attributes of the audience with Carle. Therefore, joint promotion is called “more taste of life” – this “more”, which refers to the gain effect on the user group after the resonance of both brands.

Platform value redevelopment, open up the new mode of full link integrated marketing.

Another revelation to the industry is that this is the first attempt by NetEase to use internal resources to create full link integrated marketing from IP authorization, to derivative design, and finally to product sales.

NetEase cartoons told the author that the May cooperation actually started at the beginning of the year. While maintaining Carle’s inherent design style, the designer of the NetEase comic has added its own elements to the package, and then to the Japanese side to form the final product.

Perhaps the common brand authorization cooperation will end here, but the unique feature of the NetEase comic is that it relies on the huge resource network of the NetEase group to further achieve the target of sales transformation.

Interpretation of two dimensional marketing: full link integrated marketing of NetEase comics

NetEase koala purchase is the first online purchase platform for this cooperative product.

Komatsu Tachio said, “this is the first time Carle brand has launched a joint IP package abroad, combined with the popular comic comics of the NetEase comic IP and the famous products of Carle, hoping that this new way of communication will be better to reach the target group and produce a new communication and communication Amway.”

For Ka Loby, this kind of touch on target groups is not just the brand level mentioned above, but a solid sales transformation. There are not many IP parties that can do this, because at least three conditions must be satisfied:

1, with a large number of high popularity anime IP image;

2, with a precise group of young users;

3, with the internal sales transformation of the huge resources.

According to the NetEase’s latest disclosure of the 2018 Q1 financial report, the NetEase Cora’s purchase from sales and users is a cross border e-commerce head platform, and a group of NetEase comics can gain innate advantages in the licensing cooperation of foreign brands.

To sum up, combined with the current situation in China, we can truly achieve the two sub platform of full link integrated marketing in China, and there are only one NetEase comic family.

Through this successful cooperation, we can also give more brand and IP party a brand new cognition – the so-called two – sub – marketing has gone from the simple image cooperation, but into the transaction link, the real realization of the product.

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