Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?


Author: Xia Zhi Nan

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Today, Tencent reported its first quarter earnings, with a total revenue of 73 billion 528 million yuan, an increase of 48% over the same period, and a net profit of 23 billion 290 million yuan.

In the business review and Prospect of this financial report, some of them belong to the “digital content” section, and the attentive attention of the Tencent to the small video sharing application micro vision.

We launched small video sharing applications to meet user demand for fragmentation time entertainment. Micro vision provides the user with rich and high-quality content, including the content produced by professional users from the industry, and our own positive digital content library, including music, games, sports and variety shows. Micro content can also be distributed through QQ viewing and mobile phone QQ browsers and other vertical streams of information flow.

With the rapid development of short video content, Tencent, which handles massive social traffic, is paying more and more attention to the development of short video platforms.

Not only the platform, but even the entrepreneurs who are deeply ploughing the industry, we often neglect the social traffic that really sweeps through.

For example, a short video topic about two weeks ago, if you haven’t participated in it or even heard it, it can only prove that you are not young enough. Or more straightforward: you may have to reflect on whether you are really old.

This whirlwind of the flow is the challenge of “I am a youth”.

In May 1st, people’s digital and people’s network official Bo issued an invitation to the social media in May 1st, calling for the Tencent to look at the challenge of the gesture dance of “I am a young man”.

In the times of social short video, such as shakes, quick hands, and micro – vision, for young people, there are no strangers to a wide variety of gesture and dance shows facing the lens.

This time, it is not a uniform gesture dance, behind which there are systematic preparation and operation traces, which is the result of multi party collaboration.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

500 million play in a few days

Positive energy content can also be “exploded”

“I am a young man who should be strong in himself and be strong in forging ahead.” from the above background, we can see that this activity is led by the party media and new media.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

There are several characteristics of the new media explosion content, such as like to rub the hot spots, such as the spread of a circle of views and emotions, and an important feature is the aid of the festival, just like the 54 Youth Festival, is a good opportunity to spread.

This time party media combined the young people’s favorite micro vision platform, select the classic red song “we walk on the road”, hand in hand with “Lehua seven sons” Zhu Zhengting, Fan Cheng Cheng, Huang Minghao, Bi Wenjun, Ding Zeren, Huang Xinchun, Li Quanzhe, with cool dynamic picture, attract the young people to contend for “learning dance”. Since then, Qi Wei, Zhang Jie, Victoria Song, Di Ali Gerba, Yang Zi, Huang Jingyu, “Kun Yin four” and other new generation of young idols have participated in the media, and set off a “positive energy” upsurge in social platforms such as micro-blog and micro vision.

On the same day, on the same day, on the same day, on the same day, on the same day, the movement reached the peak of the flow under the assistance of each platform. The amount of “gesture dance” was more than 500 million, and the micro-blog “I was a young man” was reading nearly 100 million. At present, the video playing of Kun Yin’s four children is over 100 million, and the single video playing volume of Muzi ocean has exceeded 300 million.

The data is astonishing, which shows that this “learning dance” campaign driven by idol stars is very popular among young people. Fans of various idols are also promoting call for their love beans.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

Moreover, with “I am youth” as the theme, a series of activities are also frequent. For example, on May 4th, on the same day in many people’s circle of friends, H5 “54, what is your most like a literary youth?”, as long as you upload a picture of your own, H5 can automatically match the most like your literary giant in the Republic of China.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

This case of brush screen balances the degree of education and interest very well, presenting the historical deeds and famous quotes of literary and artistic celebrities in an interesting way.

In the entertainment supremacy of social media, how to make a burst of positive energy content? Last year, the people’s daily client made a successful exploration, the content of the energy combined with social communication, the most powerful attraction of the year – “look! This is my military photo” H5.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

Within two days, the number of visits was broken 200 million times, and the circle of friends and the major social media did not mention it.

The data of the event are also exciting. For example, with the theme of “I am a young man, I will be a pillar of anger”, and invite 6 young idols made by Wang Yuan, Wu Yifan, Guan Xiaotong, Shen Yue, Cai Xukun and Muzi to make an interview video. By the end of May 6th, the total of the people’s network micro-blog 6 video viewing was 18 million 500 thousand, the amount of transmission was 3 million 800 thousand, the people’s daily. The video of 24 hours is about 7000000.

According to the official data, the micro-blog topic was only online for a day, and the volume of reading was nearly 50 million. By the end of May 6th, the volume of reading had exceeded 190 million and the amount of discussion was 6 million 760 thousand.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

Social short video platform for party media

Good content and flow of sorrow

If you say, last year’s H5 record of clicking on the Guinness record shows that party media can play the new media, and with its own advantages, the social media can be spread to the extreme in the balance of education and interest.

The success of this year’s “I youth” series shows that party media pay more and more attention to short video content, and follow and lead the new form of social media.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

According to the public data, in the last two years, the scale of Internet video users in China has continued to grow, which has reached 579 million by the end of 2017, of which, short video independent App users have exceeded 410 million. With the continuous rapid growth of users, social short video has become a real industry outlet, attracting the active layout of many Internet giants.

However, because of the strong social short video platform entertainment property is relatively strong, with the increasing influence of the App influence, such as shaking sound, fast hand and so on, also triggered a series of problems and disputes, because of the content of the content of UGC, a lot of content break through the bottom line, the competent department has issued a series of regulations to standardize short video content.

With the tightening of regulatory policies and the acceleration of technological iteration, how can social short videos grow healthier and healthier? This has become a common problem in the industry.

The faster the platform develops, the more scarce the original quality content will be. It is loved by young people and embodies the positive content of the new era. It is also a common lack of short video platforms.

This micro vision and the authoritative media co sponsored the “I am youth” gesture dance, which filled the vacancy perfectly. The people’s number, the people’s network and the Zhongqing youth online and the people’s video show a beautiful positive energy marketing campaign in the short video field by showing the stars guiding the trend, the topic interaction and the publicity of all the resources.

In fact, as early as April this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League also successfully held a short video collection of “Chinese clothes day” with the help of the Tencent Microvision, actively exploring more things in the new media, and successfully stimulating the enthusiasm and thinking of Chinese traditional culture.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

Under the impetus of this “I am youth” campaign, more government agencies, new media or new government media have also joined in the micro vision.

For example, in the micro view of “I am the youth” challenge gesture dance, not only the idol star, the new list of the list of the list of the top of the “Suzhou police micro police”, the image of “Suzhou small police” on behalf of the Suzhou police to participate in the challenge of gesture dance, and to get the people’s network forwarding.

Party media in the micro vision, what is the good content of the flow?

In the future, how do we interact with young people in short videos?

We often say that good content comes with traffic, and even more positive energy content. The official media, such as the people’s number, people’s network, China Youth Daily and Zhongqing online, have not only brought positive energy values for young people, but also set up correct guidance for the development of short video industry with the help of the interactive communication form of short video.

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