More than 80% digital advertising programming, 2018 mobile advertising or marketing preferred

In recent years, the advertising industry is facing tremendous changes. With the development of mobile advertising industry, programmed advertising is becoming the first choice for advertisers. According to eMarketer’s recent survey of procedural advertising, the scale of programmed advertising in 2018 will exceed 46 billion dollars, an increase of nearly 10 billion dollars over last year. This means that in 2018, 82.5% of American digital display advertising will be traded in a procedural way. The reason why More than 80% digital advertising programming, 2018 mobile advertising or marketing preferred mobile advertising is favored by advertisers is that compared with traditional advertisements, procedural advertising has its unique advantages. First, in the process of delivery, programmed advertising has abundant data to support. Through the analysis of these data, we can analyze which types of people are potential target audience, and focus on the more needs of the high quality audience in the advertising. By doing so, we can not only accurately target the target group, but also effectively increase the conversion rate and save a lot of cost. Secondly, through automated and intelligent algorithms, procedural advertising can greatly improve the efficiency of advertising transactions. At the same time, through the full use of long tail flow and differential pricing, it can effectively expand the scale of advertising transactions and allow long tail flow to play the role of self. In addition, from the test effect, the program advertising has a visual, quantifiable data index, each display, each click, each registration, can provide a detailed to the number of statistics. The monitoring and measurability of programmed advertising can make the advertisers and optimizes intuitively understand the environment and process of the mobile advertising, thus facilitating the advertiser to adjust the marketing strategy in real time and maximizing the ROI. The excellent effect of More than 80% digital advertising programming, 2018 mobile advertising or marketing preferred procedural advertising makes many advertisers now start to rely on programming as the main way of combining advertising activities with the first, second party, or third party data analysis. And five or six years ago, many mobile advertising companies have focused on the development of programmed shopping. For example, the famous mobile advertising platform technology, as early as in 2013, began to deep ploughing in the program purchase business, and widely distributed in the overseas market to strengthen its large data base, and constantly develop intelligent algorithms to develop the advertising business by using artificial intelligence. As a result, these advertising companies have accumulated rich experience and mature technology in the process of business, and have earned a good reputation. At present, procedural advertising has surpassed the traditional form of manual purchase and has become the primary choice of advertisers. With the development of AI and block chain, programmed advertising will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years and become the main growth point of the mobile marketing industry.

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