The best advertising is how to put in to improve the conversion rate.


The best advertising is how to put in to improve the conversion rate.

The purpose of advertising is either brand or transformation, brand pays attention to exposure and dissemination, and pays attention to accuracy and quantity. Different purposes mean different forms of advertising, and different stages of enterprises focus on different purposes.

When enterprises are in the initial stage and development stage, transformation is most important, and when the development reaches maturity, the brand should be strengthened. Transformation brings stable cash flow to live through today; brand brings conversion rate and high premium, and surviving tomorrow.

When the purpose is brand or activity, it needs a large amount of exposure, if it can bring a great deal of communication and the best effect, such as CPT and CPM, common open screen, bananer, hard and wide.

When the purpose is to transform, you need to take into account the ROI, such as CPC, oCPC or CPA forms, which often have SEM or information flow advertising.

The purpose of advertising is clearly defined, and the next step is to make clear the advertising budget and estimate the cost. With the example of conversion, the cost of single user can be estimated, and the budget is calculated, whether it is using the method of data backstepping, the reference peer method, the comparison method of the same year, or the ROI method.

A good advertisement should be in the right time, at the right place (scene), in the right form to push to the right person. Especially in the era of mobile Internet, under the premise of traffic fragmentation, the attention of users is only a few seconds.

Advertising needs to be put in a clear medium. Different media represent the needs of users in different scenarios. We choose to buy advertising directly to buy media location flow and indirectly to buy the media.

So it is very important to define the user scenarios and user groups of the media. For example, video advertising is usually the user’s leisure time, especially in the late peak period. In order to meet the needs of entertainment and time, we try to try leisure, entertainment, games, high frequency e-commerce or brand advertising.

Another example is a friend circle advertisement, which meets the users’ high frequency social needs. The scene is sticky. Because of social interaction, clicking, interaction and forwarding are strong.

Before choosing media, you must know something about your users, describe your users’ crowd portrait, and then have some understanding of the media.

Good advertising = right time + right place (scene) + right form + right person.

A medium, for example, today’s hot information flow advertising form. Whether it is worthwhile to launch, we must first examine the APP user, have enough users to get enough traffic, and then see if you have a large number of users.

So we need to know the user population portrait of APP, including age, sex, geography, education, marriage and consumption. The same is information flow, Sohu media and unfamiliar street are different.

In addition, the APP’s user length and user activity, time length and activity mean the size of the advertising, and the WeChat circle AD and the WiFi information stream ads are also different.

We also have to consider the data dimension of the APP, the information flow is said to be accurate, the precise delivery of the premise is that the platform has a large number of users, a large number of multi-dimensional data, and the algorithm capabilities of the platform.

Compare the friend circle ad with the headline advertisement, and do not say the two big platform’s own algorithm ability, and do not say how much the user’s own quantity. From the data dimension, the friend circle is left one chip, the headline advertisement mostly relies on reading to accumulate the user data, but the friend circle advertisement has the data, the expense data, the reading number. According to social data, account data and so on, data dimension is more than headlines. The more dimensions of the data, the more precise the orientation is.

To find the right person to use the appropriate form to promote, in micro-blog information flow and information flow in the form of advertising should be in line with the scene, micro-blog appears fun fun, more use of Internet language, knowing that you can choose to know.

In fact, when it comes to the end, advertising is all about spending money on users, but these costs are spent on the media. Traffic = New + fission, advertising has been in the new stage, and the effect is getting worse and worse, so how to obtain users with low cost is the main purpose of various enterprises.

We just want to get users, why do we want to give money to the media, because the media is carrying their own traffic, but different media conversion rates are different, before we believe in the authority media, as long as the CCTV advertising, the central flow of its own brand endorsement conversion rate, we now begin to believe the power of the media. What is the promotion of the media? It is the so-called net red, big V, opinion leaders, so the media advertising is often higher than the conversion rate of the center media, this is a trend.

Another trend is that the fission flow just said, since the new cost is getting higher and higher, the flow bonus is not in, the conversion rate is falling, and what is the way to tap the traffic bonus and improve the conversion rate, in fact, social traffic, fission flow, people believe their own circle of friends, small circles of their own Shao.

This is the rise of the cause of the rise, at first not advertising, not to promote, relying on the WeChat end of the social collages of fission flow into a big tree today, dug Ali and Jingdong did not think of the 345 line users.

Instead of advertising costs to the media, it is better to directly bring new users to users, pull people and be dragged back, and the conversion rate between friends is still high. This may be the trend that all advertisers and corporate leaders should take into account, but we do not know that the present takeout, taxi and shopping APP are basically self – propagating. Such a way is to use advertising to accumulate seed users, and do well in the nodes where fission propagation is shared.

Author: Zeng Yang

Source: laziness Yang Yang talk marketing

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