Why do we continue to advertise for the well-known brand products?


Note: if you do not advertise, others will do it, and the size of others will crush you; unless you change your pattern and make sure that you can make a profit in a small scale, it is an inevitable choice to maintain the scale by advertising.

Why do we continue to advertise for the well-known brand products?

Why do many household brands continue to advertise? In many people’s eyes, can a brand known to everyone like Coca-Cola be able to avoid advertising?

Do people really stop buying Coca-Cola when it’s difficult to stop advertising? Why does it still spend so much money on advertising? I’m going to talk about it today.

One, Jianlibao’s story: “household name” has never been reliable.

We say that Coca-Cola’s household name is a result of its continuous advertising, but the “household name” is always unreliable – we look at a typical example of a once “household name” – Jianlibao, a miracle of the soft drink market in this picture, which was called the “Oriental magic water”.

Why do we continue to advertise for the well-known brand products?

Its excellent advertising made it the first place in the domestic beverage market. 1997 sales reached an astonishing 5 billion 500 million. It was the sum of Pepsi and Coca-Cola in China. Today, after 95 and 00, many people do not know what Jianlibao is.

The cause of the sinking of Jianlibao is complex, of course not due to no more advertising, but it provides an excellent case for us to answer the question – the result of a household name that has not been advertised for many years is that the consumer will forget it.

As a matter of fact, it has not gone bankrupt and is still selling. Now Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and Jianlibao are three kinds of drinks on the shelf. How many consumers will choose to make it? For many young consumers, Jianlibao three words can not let them have any association.

Jianlibao is a typical phenomenon in our interpretation of brand advertising. So what is the essence of this phenomenon? We went on to look down.

Two, the forgetting curve: people are always very forgetful

The forgetting curve of German psychologist Ebbinghaus tells people that the speed of people to forget a thing is not linear, but begins to forget fast, and the speed of subsequent forgetting will slow. The theoretical guiding significance of this discovery is that any memory must be repeated and repeated before it is forgotten and repeated again. Again, advertisers have a deep understanding of this – it’s easy to impress before people are forgotten, so that it’s easy to build a solid image, otherwise people will forget you.

Whether it is the age of TV advertising or the age of Internet advertising, one of the indicators that a brand is very concerned about in advertising is the frequency of coverage – usually an ad Campaign will play four weeks on TV and stop for two weeks, and it will cover at least 3 times to the same group when the Internet is put on the Internet. Use memory curve to make your impression stronger before you forget.

According to Nelson’s data, an average American brand has more than 120 advertising brands, and how to stand out in many information is a direct and effective means.

Even if the impression has been strengthened repeatedly, if it has not been strengthened for a period of time, it will gradually disappear in the hearts of consumers, and we should take one of the other cases: Lining, a former gymnast prince, was an idolatry of all Chinese in 80s.

Why do we continue to advertise for the well-known brand products?

But over the past 20 years, how many people still remember Lining’s real gold medalist? You ask the younger generation, they even know that many people only know that Lining is a sports brand without knowing the national idol and the world champion. If Lining is willing, how many sports brands are willing to speak with Lining now? So Lining has long recognized the forgetting curve of people and made his name a sports brand early.

The same reason, without the NBA exposure of Yao Ming, the two years of heat have been inevitably slippery, more than 60% of the NBA stars in 5 years after retirement are related to their way of life and financial thinking, but on one side it shows how much the decline of the business value of the exposure descent is. It’s huge.

Three. The mechanism of advertisement: telling, persuading, reminding and intensifying.

For any product, its advertising audience can be divided into high frequency consumers, low frequency consumption, non consumers, advertising on these three types of human action mechanism is different. According to the classical advertising theory, the logic of advertising originates from four aspects – informing, persuading, reminding and strengthening.

1. for non consumers, the role of advertising is to cultivate awareness, that is, “telling and reminding” in advertising.

  • “We have a new taste!”
  • “We have a new spokesperson again.”
  • “We have a new package.”
  • “We have a new marketing theme again

These all need to be told to the consumer by advertising.

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