How to write a cognitive contrast copy to stimulate customers’ desire to buy?


Note: what kind of copy does the product want to stimulate users’ desire to buy? Then highlight your product better than other products, write a cognitive contrast copy.

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How to write a cognitive contrast copy to stimulate customers' desire to buy?

Many times, our products can not completely subvert the traditional products on the market, but the selling point is: better in some aspects.

For example, juice is “more nutritious”, mosquito killing lamp is “more quiet”, towel is more “water absorption better” and so on.

Now that you have such advantages, express it directly.

But the direct expression is too dull, for example, the following copy:

Our mosquito killing lamp uses a bearing fan, even more quiet. The measurement is only 40 decibels. Don’t worry that it will disturb your sleep.

It feels too flat to write like this. The strong functions of the company’s hard work seem to have little attraction in reading.

Then, how can we express the characteristics of the product well?

For instance:

We introduced the HPP ultra high pressure sterilization technology to perfect fruit juice and vegetable nutrition. There is no need to envy foreign brands of fruit and vegetable juice on the hands of Hollywood stars. Each bottle of our fruit juice is made from the same advanced technology. Traditional high temperature sterilization technology: using the characteristics of pathogen’s heat resistance, heating fruit and vegetable juice at high temperature, killing bacteria. However, there are a lot of valuable vitamins in the end of the bacteria. The results showed that vitamin B1, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and folic acid content decreased significantly after high temperature heating. The taste of fruit and vegetable juice also changed. It appeared dull and dull. Fresh juice was in, and ripe fruit soup came out. HPP ultra high pressure sterilization technology: HeyJuice introduced the HPP (High Pressure Processing) ultra high pressure sterilization technology, put the packaged juice in a sealed, full water container pressure, so that the fruit juice under ultra high pressure, one lift to eliminate bacteria, yeast, microorganism, and the juice nutrition is a few undamaged, fresh taste, fresh and fresh, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste, fresh taste In addition to nutrition. Tips: HPP ultra high pressure sterilization without mercy, but especially good for nutritional elements, the antioxidant effect of polyphenols can stay close to 100%, vitamin C remaining 85%; high temperature sterilization only 40%. Perhaps there is no need to understand so many theories, drink a cold squeeze of fruit and vegetable juice, the tongue immediately tastes the freshness of the orange, the sweet and sour of the tomato, and even the celery is so sweet. It is the wild flavor of nature’s soil, which is unreserved, unadornment, and incisive.

After issuing the brand public number, the copy received many customers’ message: “no wonder supermarket juice is so hard to drink” and “never buy fruit soup later.” There are also many people to encourage: “keep good quality! “Three days to drink and feel refreshing!”

At the same time, the sales volume of the backstage products is increasing rapidly. This copy has made a good response.

This is the “cognitive contrast”, which makes the writing more vivid.

How to write a cognitive contrast copy to stimulate customers' desire to buy?

There is a contrastive principle in human cognition far away from the principle of human cognition. If two things are different, we tend to think that the difference between them is greater than that of the actual ones. Writing a “cognitive contrast” copy can stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

Description of competitive products

First describe the difference (design, function, quality, etc.) of competing products, and then describe less benefits (less benefits to consumers). For example, the copywriter of a juice machine is so direct that the detachable knife head is easy to remove and wash easily. Gently with a mixing knife head, just one shot, you can wash away the juice residue.

Many readers say that they do not understand and have no desire to buy.

The revised copy is like this: Juicer copy most people buy juicer is a convenient and convenient way to drink, it is easy to squeeze and clean. But the principle of the juicer is the separation of fruit juice and pomace. This step requires a screen. Cleaning the filter is a nightmare.

PS: not afraid to tell you, I used a few times before the juicer is used, because it is too annoying to clean, the press must be brushed immediately after the brush, the brush has to be assembled…

And this machine, the container itself is the cup, so, when cleaning, just use water to rinse the cup and stir the knife head, it’s not too convenient! Real good things, easy to use, or next time to use, is not it?

The reader can understand it and feel it saves a lot of work for himself. It’s really convenient.

How to write a cognitive contrast copy to stimulate customers' desire to buy?

The reader must choose the latter, of course. The writer also points out that the traditional juice machine filters out the fruit residue and “wastes the rich fruit fiber”, and the fruit juice is mixed with its own product, the feeling of full belly is stronger, the nutrition is good, and the advantage of the product is molded by the cognitive contrast again.

Description of our products plus benefits, and exaggerate must also be justified.

For example: there is a case written in an oven.

Heating and heating, 3L gold space is more efficient; upper and lower double layer heat pipe, 360 degrees heating; thickened steel glass oven door, omni-directional heat dissipation system.

For example: a case of an oven.

  • Ordinary oven: equipped with ordinary liner, heat can not reach every corner of the furnace chamber, roasting large meat easily cooked outside. Unable to implant the roast fork, less functional, not practical. Ordinary toughened glass has a risk of crushing when baking at high temperature for a long time.
  • Our oven: equipped with diamond reflector plate, 3D circulation temperature field, evenly baked food without dead ends! The special 360 degree rotary roasting fork can roast whole chicken and leg of lamb, tender in outer char. After tens of thousands of explosion-proof experiments, four layers of energy panels were developed to withstand thousands of hammers.

How to write a cognitive contrast copy to stimulate customers' desire to buy?

Such a “cognitive contrast” copy not only highlights the advantages of the product, but also enables the reader to understand it at the first reading and finally make the order.


Cognitive contrast: mature products, in some ways, “better”.

Cognitive contrast writing method: we first point out the difference between competing products, and then show that our products are good, our products will be extraordinarily good.

“Cognitive contrast” two steps:

  • Description of competitive products: poor products – less benefits.
  • Describe us: good product – great interest.

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