What is marketing?


Note: find out who is our enemy, who is our user, and who we are. This is the first problem of marketing.

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What is marketing?

As one of the advertisers, one of the most dislikes I like is that advertising is part of marketing, a subset of marketing, and a promotion of Promotion in marketing 4P.

Advertising and marketing naturally coincide, but the two are actually totally different ways of thinking.

Advertising is the point of view of communication from the angle of the user. Marketing is the point of view of management from the point of view of the enterprise.

Philip Kotler was asked by marketing master: which word can define marketing accurately?

The master’s answer is:

Demand Management  demand management

Identify the unmet user needs and estimate the size of the demand so as to identify the subgroup and target market and enter it.

Next is the 4P tactical combination, what kind of product (product) is produced, what kind of price (price) is set, appropriate channels (place), and promotion (promotion).

This is marketing.

Marketing is to help enterprises manage the market and user needs, and determine who is the target consumer for the enterprise. What kind of needs do they have to meet?

But demand management is before sales. First, understand the market and demand, then reproduce and re sell.

But after the sale, marketing has to go on.

This is because:

  • First, the user’s opinion, evaluation and word of mouth are very important, which will affect the purchase decision of other potential users, so it is necessary to manage the mind of the users, that is, Usermind Management, the mental management of the user. Mental management includes user cognition management and user experience management.
  • Second, the enterprise does not deal with the one hammer, the purchase of the customer is very important to the enterprise, the existing customer is the very important asset of the enterprise, so it is necessary to maintain the market, maintain the relationship with the existing customers, keep the customer loyalty, that is, Customer Relationship Management – CRM customer relationship management.

So, we get a formula:

Marketing = demand management + user mental management + customer relationship management

The three management corresponds to pre-sale, sale and after sale.

Brand asset management is an important part of mental management, that is, the visibility, cognition, reputation and association of product (brand) in the mind of users.

What is marketing?

But the biggest trouble with marketing is that it is not a sweet two person world.

I sell you, I love you.

I understand your thoughts and satisfy your needs. You give me my wallet, and the two sides maintain a long-term and stable relationship.

No, marketing is a triangular relationship.

In addition to enterprises and their target consumers, there are competitors.

Enterprise a can meet the needs of users, enterprise B can also satisfy.

For enterprises, we have to face a question: where is my competitive advantage compared to my competitors?

For consumers, they have to face a choice: what is the difference between enterprise a and business B? Which one should I choose?

Competition is the first thing we must face when all creatures come to earth, including us.

Whether we can create competitive advantage is the first prerequisite for survival.

Otherwise, it will be ruthlessly eliminated by nature. All the species we can see today are due to their competitive edge at a certain level.

For example, we humans are less powerful than orangutans than the tiger leopards, so we have evolved huge brain volumes.

Every day, when the sun rises, the animals on the African steppe begin to run for a day. If a lion runs the slowest antelope, it will starve to death. If antelope does not run the fastest lion, it will be eaten.

What is marketing?

In other words –

Every day, when the supermarket door opens, the brands on the shelves start running all day. If Coca-Cola is not more classic and authentic than Pepsi, it will be eliminated by Pepsi. If Pepsi Cola is no longer younger than it tastes, it will be eaten up with good taste.

Survival competition is everywhere.

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