These years, a bright creative advertisement


Note: for many operators, it is the most important task to make good advertising and copywriting and get enough clicks and forwarding. So how to make excellent advertising and copywriting? Today, the author collate some classic advertisements and copywriters, and briefly analyze their excellence.

Wen / Ma Lu

These years, a bright creative advertisement

Environmental protection public service advertisement, mother, I have long teeth.

These years, a bright creative advertisement

1. picture description

This is a public service advertisement aimed at appealing to people to protect elephants. Advertising was generated in the ivory trade and threatened by the survival of elephant populations. In the picture, the female elephant and the little elephant go together. In the prairie, the audience is moving slowly towards the sun. It is worth noting that only two elephants are found in the picture.

The descriptive text is:

Little elephant: “Mom, I have long teeth,” the mother elephant: “…” Little elephant: “Mom, I have a tooth!” The mother elephant: “…” Little elephant: “Mom, I have a tooth!” The mother elephant: “…” Little elephant: “Mom…?” “Mom, aren’t you happy for me?”

2. advertisement interpretation

This advertisement is a very classic advertisement, which has been widely spread because of its excellent content and profound meaning, and even a number of students’ reading title. Each element in the picture reflects the theme of advertising, that is, the hard survival of the group of elephants.

The outstanding features of the advertisement are as follows:

  • Two lonely elephants: elephants are more like social animals, so they often appear in groups like elephants. But the image in the advertisement is only two. In addition, they are facing the audience and facing the sunset. Such a pair of elephants gives people a desolate feeling. If you pay attention to it, you will find that the composition of the advertisement is very similar to the poster of many zombies. They all give people a feeling that there is no other kind of feeling in the world.
  • Lonely grassland and sunset: in addition to the protagonist, the entire advertising background is also very sad, a blank grassland and falling sunset, give a feeling of hope. Just like the end of a dynasty, everything is about to end, symbolizing the extinction of the elephant population.
  • The elephant’s back is going forward to the audience: This is the magic pen of the entire copywriting. The audience can’t see the front of the elephant group, and they don’t know their situation. And when they go forward, they are asking the audience where the future of the elephant population will go.
  • The finishing touch of the copywriting: with a small detail of the long teeth as the only copywriting of the advertisement, children will grow up happy to tell their family that their teeth are long teeth, this is a very warm detail in life. But in this advertising copy, it gives people a strong sense of contrast. It is easy to guide people’s thoughts to ivory, and then suddenly understand and deepen their impression.

3. advisable points

(1) the rendering of advertising atmosphere

The atmosphere can change the user experience to a great extent. For example, if you take a cell phone to see a horror movie in downtown, it is very hard to feel terror.

Therefore, when designing advertising pictures, it is very important to use reasonable color matching to render atmosphere. For example, this picture: a whole picture reveals the feeling of desolation and desolation, which is very close to the difficult situation that elephants are being killed willfully.

(2) the copywriting is left to the audience

One of the unique points of the advertisement is that it does not directly say “protect the elephant, people are responsible” and other slogans, but use the dialogue between the elephant and the mother to let the audience think. And the copywriting is a sweet tooth in the growth of children, and the difficult situation of the elephant has formed a strong contrast. This strong contrast can bring great impact and impressive.

Two. A sudden rise in Jiang Xiaobai

These years, a bright creative advertisement

1. picture description

The picture is a product of Jiang Xiaobai and a few words, and the background is the plant of virtual treatment. The ad itself may not be much, but if it knows its advertising product is white wine, it will give people an odd feeling. Because in the hearts of ordinary people, the high-end advertising products such as wine should be:

You can hear the history of 136 years, you can see the history of 174 years, you can taste the history of 440 years, the national cellar 1573.

Yes, the one above looks right, but Jiang Xiaobai’s actual performance is excellent. Next, let the author and you know the unique features of a Jiang white advertisement and a copywriting.

2. advertisement interpretation

These years, a bright creative advertisement

There are different words on each bottle. In fact, a lot of products have been used, such as Coca-Cola, but the use of wine products is the first time. Jiang Xiaobai was able to combine the heavy and heavy products of liquor with the tide flu of young people, but the effect was surprisingly good.

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