These years, a bright red copy of the net


Note: for many operators and promotions, making good promotion copywriters and getting enough clicks and forwarding is the top priority of the work. So how do you make an excellent extension? Today, the author collate some classic promotional copywriters and analyze how to write excellent self propagation copywriters.

Wen / Ma Lu

These years, a bright red copy of the net

First, the Internet field

1.36 krypton

These years, a bright red copy of the net

Website description: 36 krypton aims to provide the best service for entrepreneurs. There are several modules in the front page, including newsletter, entrepreneur service and investor service. The atmosphere of the whole website is to face the future and grasp the future. There are cutting-edge technologies and latest information.

Let some people see the future.

Copy analysis: this copy can be regarded as excellent. Just ten words can explain that the main purpose of the website is to “see the future”, and “some people” have full seduction, who want to be the “part”.

2. today’s headlines

These years, a bright red copy of the net

Website description: today’s headline is a recommendation engine product based on data mining, which recommends information for users and provides products that connect people and information services. There are many modules on the front page, which are able to recommend personalized information to users, and it is a successful attempt to make data more humanized by data.

What you care about is the headline.

Copy analysis: it’s still a short style. A word not only shows what kind of Web site (news headlines), but also points out the biggest difference between yourself and the ordinary news and information web site (you care), reflecting the advantages of your data recommendation.


These years, a bright red copy of the net

Application Description: dedicated to providing one-stop sports solutions such as fitness teaching, running, riding, making friends, fitness diet guidance, equipment purchase and so on. The application of fitness is very influential in the field.

Self-discipline gives me freedom.

Analysis of copywriting: a very classic case, a lot of people who do not know the company also regard the copywriting as their motto. A copywriting can be quite successful in this degree. Copybook and application name match well, keep is self-discipline and persistence, and a healthy body can lead a free life.

4. knows

These years, a bright red copy of the net

Website description: know is a large Q & a community, the main content is as shown above, that is to share your knowledge, experience and insights with the world. Since the first known user access threshold is relatively high, the knowledge of the question and answer level is really good, to a great extent the window to know the world.

Share your knowledge, experience and opinion with the world. Find a bigger world.

Copywriter analysis: two copywriters are from the angle of the respondent and the viewer respectively: the former is the sharing, and the latter is the discovery. Copywriting is also very short, but it can also summarize the main function of discovery is to find and share. In addition, two words have the word “world”, which is full of style and conforms to the impression of knowing.

5. Baidu Post Bar

These years, a bright red copy of the net

Website description: Baidu post bar is an interactive platform based on interest. Like-minded people here can gather together to discuss the issues they care about, whether it is a movie or a novel, a shopping or a fitness, and there is a corresponding need to meet the needs of the user.

Go to the bar and find the organization.

Copywriting analysis: excellent essay case, directly includes the name of its website, also shows the role of post bar, the overall copy has been streamlined to the extreme. The organization of the post bar is very powerful. Basically, all the topics can be found in a great deal.

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