Why did you learn Jiang Xiaobai’s copybook but failed to achieve Jiang Xiaobai’s success?


Note: a product or brand fire, when you go to imitate the logic behind it and the hidden image of the ring, but most people only see its appearance, that is why many merchants learned Jiang Xiaobai’s copywriting, but not Jiang Xiaobai’s success.

Why did you learn Jiang Xiaobai's copybook but failed to achieve Jiang Xiaobai's success?

When a product or brand is on fire, I see that people always want to take the shortcut — direct imitation.

  • When he saw Jiang Xiaobai’s fire, he also wrote a copy of his bottle.
  • See Durex micro-blog copywriting fire, but also on their own official micro-blog daily send their hearts to copywriting;
  • After seeing the XX brand, it invited the stars to speak for themselves and then invited the popular stars to publicize their brands.

The result is:

  • You copy all the bottles of Jiang Xiaobai’s copycat, but still less than Jiang Xiao Bai.
  • Every day you send your mind to copywriting on micro-blog, and still no Durex attracts people.
  • You have paid a lot of money to invite a very popular star, but still can’t bring much sales.

One, why is this?

If you look at it, you will find this phenomenon is not an example, and there will always be such a situation on the market, which is one of the reasons why I want to write this article.

Here I quote two words from Xiao Ma song to explain this phenomenon: representation and concealment.

  • Representation is the success factor that everyone can see or think.
  • Hidden phenomena are successful factors that people do not know or are ignored.

Because many successful products are like icebergs. You only see the side that comes out of the water, and you think it’s all about its success. And I didn’t see the vast majority of the water.

Why did you learn Jiang Xiaobai's copybook but failed to achieve Jiang Xiaobai's success?

The appearance of Jiang Xiaobai’s success is the bottle’s copywriter, but the concealed image behind it is not considered. Such as: Jiang Xiaobai products covered the national line shopping malls and restaurants, channel capabilities and unique product positioning behind and other factors.

Therefore, even if it is also a white wine product, it will not be successful to imitate the practice of Jiang Xiao Bai’s copy.

Why did you learn Jiang Xiaobai's copybook but failed to achieve Jiang Xiaobai's success?

In addition, the Durex copywriting can cause attention, not only the writing of the copywriting, but also the brand awareness, product strategy and other marketing means in the condom category, and the copywriting is only the success of Durex and the assistant section.

As people in the same position say the same to the company, someone will be respected and some people are disdain – because speaking is just a sign, and there are some hidden factors behind your behavior, character, value contribution, and so on.

So blindly following the breeze and imitating the surface can not make your product get the same effect.

Similarly, products that are easily imitated by people are hard to obtain lasting competitiveness, and naturally easy to be homogenized by other products.

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