From the Iqiyi fans carnival, how do you do 45 million of the bubble community day activities?


A few days ago, Iqiyi issued the first share of the earnings after the first quarter of 2018, the first quarter of 2018, Iqiyi total revenue of 4 billion 900 million yuan (about 777 million 600 thousand US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 57%, of which the membership service income of 2 billion 100 million yuan (333 million US dollars), an increase of 67%, members’ income is very close to advertising revenue, so it can be seen members Business has become a “surprise soldier” of Iqiyi, and has gradually become one of Iqiyi’s core competitiveness.

Before the market, the outside world for Iqiyi, Tencent video, Youku who is online video website NO.1, still dissatisfied, but after the listing, Iqiyi’s various performance, has shown that Iqiyi’s leading position. In particular, Iqiyi has gradually separated itself from the category of online video based on its own hatching ability, and began to embark on Iqiyi’s entertainment ecology.

In addition to Iqiyi, Iqiyi’s product matrix includes short video App Iqiyi AMA, App Iqiyi animation for two yuan culture, App Iqiyi animation house for children’s special animation, App Iqiyi reading for Internet novel reading, VR platform of VR, and live broadcast of live platform.

The most notable feature is Iqiyi’s entertainment community platform, Iqiyi bubble community. In April 29th, Iqiyi also held a fan carnival for fans in the bubble community in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, which invited many stars, such as Cheng Xiao, Zhou Jieqiong, Qian Zhenghao, Li Xikan, Zhu Xingjie, Dong Youlin, and more than ten thousand fans from all over the country.

As of December 31, 2017, the Iqiyi bubble community had an average access to 45 million 800 thousand people in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter. It took only two more than two years to reach 45 million in the bubble community, and today’s community type product collectives such as Tianya community, Hutong Hutong, and Baidu’s bar. At the end of the fall, Iqiyi, as an online video platform, can make 45 million of the daily users of a community forum unimaginable.

But from Iqiyi’s “2018 Iqiyi fans Carnival -PAO PAO FANS bubble mainland”, it is enough to see that 45 million of the daily active users of the bubble community have taken a lot of effort. How do you do it?

From the Iqiyi fans carnival, how do you do 45 million of the bubble community day activities?

1. celebrity effects + UGC

The role of celebrity effect is very obvious in Internet applications, and its huge siphon effect will focus the flow of the middle and tail on the head, so the attention economy is immeasurable, which is why the big head traffic is the place of war for all the products with social and community attributes.

For entertainment stars, it is not realistic to build a connection between fans and stars if it is just money to smash. On the one hand, the money of the platform is very limited. On the other hand, the star’s passive production is also a little “drink water according to the bull’s head”. The best formula is that the platform can provide the stars. Interesting things, such as influence, vermicelli.

Bubble community is not an independent entertainment community product, its core is Iqiyi, bubble circles, bubble topics produced by Iqiyi, films, TV dramas, variety shows, animation and other film and television content, which will produce the corresponding circles and topics, among which the star’s own circle and topic are all available. In the bubble community, that is to say, the influence of stars, fans, etc. can be obtained in the bubble community, and stars are easily attracted by the bubble community.

Before Iqiyi fans Carnival -PAO PAOFANS bubble continent, Iqiyi was recruited on the bubble community and on its official micro-blog, which attracted fans to actively participate. After that, Iqiyi has also published more than 826 million people, 25 million 250 thousand times and 496 thousand discussions. In April 20th, Qin Zimo, Zhou Yanchen, Zhou Rui, Lu Dinghao, Jiang Jingzuo and other stars were all over 1000% of the fans, and Cai Xukun’s support rate was even more than 10000%.

One of the other highlights of the bubble community is UGC (user contribution), and the PGC (professional contribution) is of course important, but it is also difficult to generate community content without the UGC content.

Through “Iqiyi fans Carnival -PAO PAOFANS bubble continent”, 7 related activities were produced in the bubble community. “Carnival bubble bubble”, “the awakening girl started boarding”, “the countdown to the carnival robbing ticket”, “confession to the love bean” and so on. There were 88 thousand people to participate in the discussion and the comprehensive reading amount. Over 1 million.

2. combined line on line, agglomerate fan power

Simple online activities, the cohesion of its fans is limited, and to really make the strength of the fans to the extreme, it is inevitable that the combination of line and line will not be true, so that the strength of the fans can be really condensed. For the fans, it is not enough to watch the online light. Only the online close contact will strengthen the sense of worship. As a platform, it is necessary for the stars and fans to think about the fans’ economy and improve the activity and stickiness of the users.

Before Iqiyi fans carnival, Iqiyi has held several fans meeting events. By the time of the TV series, “best US”, starring Liu Haoran, Tan Songyun, Dong Qing and Wang Yuexin, the bubble community has held a major meeting in Colleges and universities, with the participation of 1500 fans, and the effect is The “best US” circle has added more than 170 users.

During the preheating of carnival, Iqiyi opened a PAO PAO FANS flash shop with the Chinese coffee chain brand Mai long coffee. In April 14th, Iqiyi organized a response to the “rice ring culture” in the coffee shop. In April 15th, the bubble community also invited Han Yongjie to start close contact with fans at the bubble theme store.

A total of two parts of the field and field are set up in the carnival. The field is composed of three interactive areas. The fans can complete the game and accumulate the stamp in the three regions of the three regions. The outfield has set up a total of 11 areas covering the middle and lower reaches of the IP industry chain such as film, television, live, game, animation, VR and so on. Fans can also learn more about Iqiyi in addition to their participation in the game.

3. focus entertainment, focus on entertainment

Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu has repeatedly mentioned, “Iqiyi is a great entertainment company driven by technology innovation,” the bubble community also carried out “entertainment” genes, circles, topics and the main column of the bubble community “star come”, “bubble exclusive interview”, “bubble monthly”, “online support”, “bubble”. The UP list “,” and so on, is also focused on entertainment.

Iqiyi fans carnival is also an entertainment activity in essence, such as Cheng Xiao, Zhou Jieqiong, Qian Zhenghao, Li Xikan, Zhu Xingjie, Dong Youlin and other stars, as well as the fans participating in the activities are the core of entertainment, the main highlight of the activity “star interest competition” is the same as entertainment.

Geng Danhao, senior vice president of Iqiyi, said in the event that the Iqiyi bubble community independent APP will be launched in May. From the point of view, it is very suitable for the bubble community to launch an independent App at this time.

1) the bubble community has enough users and content to accumulate. Iqiyi itself has hundreds of millions of subscribers, subscribers and subscribers pay 61 million 300 thousand, and the average number of users visiting the mobile community is 45 million 800 thousand. The number and content of the circle will increase with the increase of movies, TV shows, variety shows, anime and other movie and TV content as well as the number of entertainers. Independent, the bubble community still has a huge user base, no need to start from scratch.

2) on the product, the bubble community already has the prototype of independent App. The bubble community is located in the lower right corner of the Iqiyi App, but the whole home page is very like an independent App. The lower left corner is a point, a circle, a publication, a discovery, a message, and the upper right corner is the relevant information of the user. After independence, the product does not disobey, and the user will not have a sense of disagreement with it. In addition, after the bubble community launched the independent App, the product also has more evolutionary possibilities, such as the user level, the virtual currency, the more interesting and professional entertainment content, and so on, only after independence, the bubble imagination will be displayed.

3) the comprehensive ecological ability of Iqiyi. For example, the film and television content on the Iqiyi platform, Iqiyi animation, Iqiyi literature, and so on, can be combined with the bubble community, especially the Iqiyi VIP business, with the bubble community will have a very big imagination. In general, the age of the bubble community is on the low side, most of which are after 90 and 00. The significant feature of this group is that they are willing to spend money, and they also have a certain consumption ability and dislike the poor user experience. These features are uncommon with the portrait of Iqiyi VIP users. So, if you run the bubble community, it will have a great help for the Iqiyi VIP business, and the increase of Iqiyi’s paid members will, in turn, encourage them to stay longer on Iqiyi, which includes the bubble community.

Iqiyi fans carnival is only the tip of the iceberg in the bubble community. After 90s and 00 girls, they can’t stand the temptation to interact closely with Zhang Jie, Yang Fei, Wen Junhui, Xu Minghao, and Shaw. It is not surprising that there are 45 million of the stars and miss sisters in the bubble community.

After advertising, members, bubble community will become the next Iqiyi “wonder”? I think the possibility is very big, 7 million of the female community App is valued at 1 billion, bubble community daily 45 million, obviously, can also be worth a lot of money.

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