Why does Luo fat refuse to advertise free of charge on the back of the lottery? On the solemn sense of advertising


Note: a formula for measuring the price of CPM: CPM= media is serious about X accuracy, X population consumption potential.

Why does Luo fat refuse to advertise free of charge on the back of the lottery? On the solemn sense of advertising

A friend once asked me very puzzled: “why do people watch TV less and less, but there are so many brands to advertise on TV?”

I asked him a question: “traditionally, we all use CPM to calculate the price of advertising. Whether the people watching TV are decreasing or increasing, CPM is right, so do you think the video site’s patch ads and the ads after the news, should CPM be the same?”

Note: CPM is the cost per one thousand people. There are many indicators of advertising delivery, such as CPC, CPA, CPS and so on. Here we only discuss CPM.

“It must be different,” he said.

What is the difference from CPM?

There are several aspects.

One factor is accuracy, and the more accurate the advertising channel is, the higher the CPM should be. For example, the “pomegranate report”, for the fashionable white collar women, is more accurate for the female brand; compared to the joke collection of public target customers, unless it is a funny TV program to invest, otherwise it is not a precise channel for most brands.

Another factor is the quality of the target population (or the consumption potential), such as the billboard CPM at the airport is higher than the high rail station, the high speed railway station is higher than the long-distance bus station, the long-distance bus station is higher than the garbage collection station, and so on.

Finally, there is another indicator, which is a bit empty. I call it “solemn feeling”.

What is the solemn sense of the advertising media?

For example, the solemn sense of film patches is stronger than the patch ads for short video sites, such as television is more serious than the computer, such as the WeChat circle is more serious than the headline information stream advertising.

There is no quantitative indicator of Zheng’s sense. Its measurement system is rooted in the collective value identity of the whole social group. All the media with official, mainstream and positive media are stronger, folk, non mainstream and negative media, and its solemn sense will be weak.

A city’s scarcity and iconic section, its outdoor advertising solemn sense will be added, such as Shanghai the Bund, Beijing T3, Guangzhou’s small waist and so on, which belongs to the landmark advertising channels, the value is even greater.

We saw a light box ad at the China World Trade Center subway station, and we saw a frame advertisement above the male toilet in the China World Trade Center subway station. Although it affected our attention time and the same amount of information, we would think that the China World Trade Center subway station ad would be “more like a bit of advertising”, and so wide. The notice will have a more profound impact on us.

What’s interesting is that even if we don’t like advertisements, we can distinguish between likes and dislikes in the same thing we don’t like.

Similarly, each brand has its own “identity” and “status”. The bigger the international brand, the more cautious it is for advertising. When we started to start a magazine, we started the magazine for a good look, and often applied for a number of international licenses.

Luo fat in this year’s Cross – Year speech mentioned one thing: he had struggled to refuse a friend to send him a free lottery ticket on the back of the advertisement, because he felt that “getting APP” would hurt the self-esteem of the users if he put an advertisement on the back of a lottery ticket.

To put it plainly, it is because the sense of dignity behind the lottery is not enough.

So, I listed myself a formula to measure the price of CPM:

CPM= media solemnly x accuracy x crowd consumption potential

Solemn sense does not have a specific measurement, but I would probably give you a judgement here.

We now assume that the advertising channel of WeChat’s circle of friends is 100, so I will score the following typical channels:

  • News broadcast before weather forecast: 200
  • The entrance of Beijing T3 terminal outdoors Optimus Prime: 180
  • Light box of China World Trade Center metro station: 120
  • Mainstream video website hot drama patch: 85
  • Mainstream short video class site patch: 70
  • Headlines feed stream advertising: 55
  • All kinds of grassroots alliance ads: 30

The above judgments are neither malicious nor scientific, just personal feelings.


Author: Xiao Ma song, independent strategic marketing consultant, Luo thinking marketing brain

Source: WeChat public number “ID:zhongguowenlian”

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