How to sell a mediocre idea?


How to sell a mediocre idea?

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As a strategist, how to sell a mediocre idea is a very important research topic, or in another way, how to sell a suitable but not forced idea? This is a strategic person’s core competency. If you agree, we will talk about it today.

First of all, why not? But the right ideas are hard to sell. We have to look at the mentality of creative creators and creative recipients, and creative creators don’t want to sell a mediocre idea, because it doesn’t help your career. Then look at the creative receiver, that is, the Party A we say, Party A is usually not very likely to accept a mediocre idea, this does not show the mountains no water, can only say no, and can not be invited, obviously is not the benefit of the consideration.

Therefore, from the individual position of the creative person and Party A, both sides need the creative ability to embody the personal achievements and bring the benefits for the brand. If it can not be both the best, it is also the first choice to give yourself a gold discount and be able to take credit for a promotion and raise a salary. So in any case, mediocre and proper creativity is really not flattering and the most difficult to sell.

Since everyone doesn’t like mediocre creativity, why do they sell it? Because from the long-term interests of both sides, the appropriate ability to be sustainable, unsuitable after the implementation is not effective or even negative, everyone is finished, so even from the case of receiving the tail, we should also try to sell the most suitable idea.

Then we talk about an example of the name “Canton Tower”. Canton Tower is the landmark of Guangzhou. Before it was built, people had taken countless names for it. The most famous of them was the small waist. So far, it is still called it. This building has been named after the completion of the global collection, and finally the name of more than 180 thousand, and how to make the best choice in the 180 thousand name has become the problem at that time.

The city government formed an expert group, and finally selected a name called “the sea heart tower”. The experts thought the name was unique and poetic. What kind of name is this? How can I call this landmark in the great Guangzhou? The indignation of the people is difficult to be flat, so it has to be rebuilt.

Every creative people have met this situation, a copywriting, or a picture, after several layers of leadership, after dozens of times, after the five cut six will be able to approve the street, so a big micro-blog, and finally got the forward 3, comment 2, praise 8 of the excellent results. Or was it eventually criticized for breaking the idea and looking down on our users? The final idea is to be criticized again and again by layers of leadership.

After the sea heart tower was denied, the Guangzhou municipal government came to the professors of the Zhongshan University to give professors a better name for the names of the people and leaders, and the professors started the painful Brainstorming.

Is this scene seen again? Party A is full of confidence to encourage you, you can, you can come up with a better idea. We need a creative idea that can both take the goods, brush the screen, and let the boss press, the key is the budget is low, it is not difficult. As a result, all of the creative people mentioned that they were numb, so they agreed to change the contract for another party B.

Professors at Zhongshan University are pondering that the new landmark of Guangzhou, which is to be named with great names, can not only satisfy the people and be vulgar, but also can bear the title of the new landmark of Guangzhou. One of the professors said, “I think it’s all 180 thousand names. We are professors, and we can’t think of a better name.” the name of Canton Tower is good. “

“Canton Tower” is good? The Guangzhou municipal government said at that time that any name could be mentioned. Only the three words of “Canton Tower” should not appear in the proposal. Who is going to face up to anyone?

Then back to our advertising circle, is this a common case? Obviously, the simplest effect is the best. Why do we need to change it more and more, and it becomes more and more complicated. We don’t know what we are talking about. I only know that I need to bring goods, and I can’t see much of the budget. Therefore, Party B sometimes has to unconsciously offer some ideas that they think are rubbish, so as to satisfy the bad taste of Party A.

Have you ever thought about how to repackage the best and the most simple and continue selling to customers? If you really think it’s the best choice. Maybe you will not do this in order to make party a happy, but professors at Zhongshan University dare.

Zhongshan University professors will then repackage the name “Canton Tower” and sell it to their client, the Guangzhou municipal government.

The professors first analyze and analyze how the landmarks have been named, because the needles of the sky with the shape of the name should be called “small waist”. Second is due to the name of the place, in Dubai called Burj Dubai, in Guangzhou called Canton Tower, third is the cause of the name, blood, geo, such as the Oriental Pearl of Shanghai, Guangzhou is not supposed to call south of the Five Ridges tower. The fourth is the name of the factor, such as the 101 building in Taiwan, the Petronas Twin Towers building in Kuala Lumpur.

The 4 methods are probably divided into two parts: how to get them or not. But today’s cultural environment is not a unified culture, but a mutually contradictory cultural environment. In a pluralistic cultural environment, there is no way of naming all people to agree, so no matter how to choose, there will be public resentment.

So how to see the professors at Zhongshan University. Since no name is perfect, then we can only get back, choose a name that everyone is not so annoying, and let people get used to it slowly, so here professors find that there is no best idea at all, but not a very bad idea.

How to sell a mediocre idea?

The professors have drawn a coordinate, the four quadrants of the horizontal axis and the longitudinal axis, the left on the left, the right on the right, the elegance on the upper side, and the vulgar below. Then the 180 thousand names were poured into the coordinates, and the professors eventually found that the leftists’ favorite rightists would not like it, and the vulgar taste of elegance would not like, and vice versa. So it becomes a cultural antagonism, and there is no name in the cultural coordinates that everyone likes, so the right name should be to choose a name that everyone does not hate so much.

Then the professors will find the name “Canton Tower”, both left and right, not particularly elegant, and not very vulgar. Maybe people don’t like it so much, but people do not really hate it, so Canton Tower is the best name. After the above analysis at the Zhongshan University, the name of the Canton Tower was also accepted by the Guangzhou municipal government. Now the Guangzhou landmark we see is called the Canton Tower.

So in the end, the professors did not choose a better name for the new site of Guangzhou, but persuaded Party A to choose the most suitable name, which is also great.

The case named Canton Tower is mentioned by Feng Yuan, a professor of Zhongshan University, in a speech. This speech is very inspiring to me. I can look at it again. (no link to Tencent video was found. We searched Feng Yuan’s geography of a cultural surveyor.

OK, come back and say that advertising sells manuscripts. What have we learned from Professor Feng Yuan above?

Optimal solution method of selling manuscripts

All the people have high expectations, the global collection of 180 thousand ideas, the expert group review, the selection of experts to think of the best creative release, the public resentment, in addition to the expert group is not satisfied.

Professor Feng Yuan and so on is a hot potato. They want to give a creative idea to all people, that is, the budget of the Party A is small, the effect is big, the electric business can sell the goods, the boss can put the creative idea. The professors did not think about a better name than the 180 thousand name, but first to prove Party A’s delusions, and then tell him to know the reality, to find the right name, and Canton Tower is the best name.

In the process of selling manuscripts, professors should first clarify their purpose, eliminate the public resentment, and find a name that everyone can be satisfied with. The professors then analyzed why there was no name for everyone, because the culture was opposed, the leftist’s favorite rightists did not like it, and the elegance liked the vulgar dislike. By clarified the relationship between cultures, we adjusted everyone’s satisfaction to the name that we all accepted or did not hate. Finally, it is found that Canton Tower is the best solution.

The process is also very simple: clear purpose, establish standards, and find the best solution within the standard framework.

The best solution can be used in life, in negotiation and in daily communication. For example, the book world has just passed. Many people recommend books. In fact, reading books is the best way to read books. At what age, what books can be used to read what books. Twenty when he was old, he watched Ma Yun’s chicken soup every day, listened to Zeng Ming’s strategy, and studied the way to fortune The Freedom Trail. Was this his mother’s nonsense?

Don’t think I like mediocre creativity. Next time I may talk about an airplane draft for the Cannes Advertising Festival.

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