A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.


I walked out of the school gate in 2009, and after 2 years of working in the community, I began to embark on the road to dry Taobao. At that time, I could only do well.

1, less competition

2. High profits

3, awesome weather

I can earn the first pot of gold in my life. I attribute it to the above 3 points. At that time, I mainly sold fur leather, mainly sold to the northern region.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

I remember to choose leather products with high profit, and this kind of product was still very few in the market. I took the first chance and the business could be red.

The market is always changing. As the global climate changes, the fur products are getting more and more affected by weather and other factors. All kinds of price wars are beginning to emerge.

Less demand, more businesses, and even worse, homogenization of products intensifies. In order to survive, the only option is to reduce sales.

In this way, I have worked for 2-3 years, and I have been exhausted physically and mentally. In order to stop the vicious circle, I resolutely abandoned the way of surviving on Taobao for many years.

Because I know, at this time, the customer is choosing me with a picky eye, not when I choose the customer. I am in a passive and weak position, and it is bitter to keep down.

This is my experience in the previous years.

From this life experience, I also slowly realized one experience:

Stop being chosen by customers and start choosing customers

Especially in the era of severe homogenization, especially in this way, otherwise you will be miserable.

View one: the small profit and multi sale is a kind of seeking perfection

In many people’s view, the survival of a lot of people is to do business survival only, and only to reduce the price, to sell more, although tired, but still money can be earned.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

For instance:

I remember that many years ago, the popularity of 9.9 yuan package, when everything can be completed by 9.9 yuan can be sent to post activities, but it is crazy.

Maybe you will think that 9.9 yuan can really make money? The answer is yes, let’s make an account.

1, because the volume is large, the postage is cheap, about 2.5 yuan.

2, because the volume is large, the cost of products is reduced, about 34.5.

In this way, 7 yuan for Chen Ben was left, leaving 2 yuan left, and 1 yuan of artificial and hydroelectric power was thrown from the 2 yuan. Eventually, it can earn 1 yuan, even though it is 1 yuan, it still makes money.

This model was famous in Yiwu the other year, but now it has disappeared.

Here I come down to 2 reasons:

1, supply chain problems

2. There are many customers with wool picking disease. Hundreds of bad reviews can destroy shops.

Cheap goods, the quality is the lowest, for the cheap customers like cheap, not only cheap, but also good quality, this is in line with their psychological expectations.

Therefore, this part of the customer will use all kinds of means to coerced you to give him some money, so he will not pursue it.

As a business, in order to survive, sometimes it is very reluctantly accepted the proposal of customers, withdraw money to settle.

I believe that this kind of scene is still on.

Although small profits can bring many customers in a short time, in the long run, it is also a kind of injury. Every day, tired of dealing with all sorts of picky customers, how can we have time to make the product quality up?

View two: you do not choose customers, 80% picky customers to choose you.

When deciding to sell a product, if it does not locate the crowd, it adopts the strategy of eating the old and the small. According to the rule of 28, only the 20% customers can bring profit to you, 80% of the customers are very difficult to awesome profits.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

For instance:

A healthy Taobao store is bound to have a volume product, and there must be a profit product.

The quantity product is used to expand the sales side, let more customers experience the product, which is the same as their own advertising, so the quantity of this product must also make the customer satisfied.

But, this product is very good in quality, but the price is very low, basically is not to make any money, money or through the experience of the product, then repurchase of your profit product, profits began to gradually maximize.

Therefore, when selling products, we must remember that the 20% precise people can do well in service.

So how to maintain this 20% precision crowd?

There are 2 options:

1. Recommend the VIP community

If you buy 2 or 2 times products above, you can put him in the list of 20% customers.

Because if you are not satisfied with your product, you will not buy it second times. Produced second purchases, the quality of products is still quite satisfactory, there are many options.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to establish a VIP community to generate more sales with the power of the community.

The key to the community is the secret

1, multi interaction

2. Do activities

3, more products can help solve what problems

For example, when new products are online, they can enjoy a 15% off discount in all communities.

Trust has been established in the normal interaction, so in order to give the desired activity benefits, as long as there is indeed demand, customers will decisively start.

2, listen attentively to the customer’s voice

The product is spoken in order to solve some convenient trouble and pain in life.

For example:

When we sit in a chair for a long time, we will have a back pain. At this time, we have a massager to look at the back. It can relieve fatigue. This is the need to solve the pain.

However, the maintenance of old customers is based on listening to the aspirations of customers. I have summed up the following 3 aspects

1. The use of products

2. Experience of pain in life

3. Satisfaction with us

1. The use of products

Certification listening to customers’ feedback after using products will help you better optimize product quality.

The product itself is born to solve the pain of one aspect, and in this process, the product needs to be optimized and upgraded to buy the perfect end user needs.

2. Experience of pain in life

Although a product sells fire, it can make profits. But one thing I have to admit is that I can’t keep my clients.

Therefore, in peacetime and customer interaction, to find them more pain for this demand, demand for the development of related products, as long as the product is awesome, customers will choose in this order.

This is the driving force of your new product development.

3. Satisfaction with us

Excellent product quality is definitely the first priority, but relative services need to be kept up. If we do not keep up with the sale of products when we sell products, we will feel insecure.

It’s white to buy the product.

To tell you the truth, I’m afraid to meet this kind of business. I believe you are afraid to meet.

In order to put an end to this kind of hidden danger, we need to find out where we have done in the usual communication and add one detail to every detail.

Point three: you choose 20% of your customers by choosing a niche.

As said before, as long as there is a painful place, there is demand, so, in accordance with this idea, we do not have to stare on the hot industry, on the contrary, we can choose some areas of comparative segmentation, so we do much better.

So how to find the subdivision area?

I not only tell you how to think, but also to tell the way:

First step: find the subdivision area

I’ll tell you the easiest way to find subdivision. Open the website of AI station and enter the Alibaba website.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

Click Baidu weight

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

All of them came out of keyword search data in various industries.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

As long as you look for it, you can always find some good subdivision industries.

The second step: to determine the degree of competition

Through the above method, after you have identified the industry, next you have to determine the degree of competition, there are three considerations.

1. The number of websites

2. The number of domain names on the front page

3. How much is the number of advertisements

Let me step down to explain:

1. The number of web pages

This is mainly the search industry keywords, to see how many web pages are indexed.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

The number of pages is, of course, the fewer the better. It means that few people in this field are able to take off easily.

2. The number of domain names on the front page

The so-called home page domain name is in the form of www.xxx.com, in the industry keyword home page.

For instance:

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

I casually search for a keyword, did not appear on the www.xxx.com homepage domain name of the site, the industry is relatively low competition, is the internal page participation in the rankings.

3. How much is the number of advertisements

All things you have by censoring an industry, after the industry, direct search industry key words, if found that there are many advertisements on the front page, that the industry has already started layout, and is continuing to make money, you can consider doing.

Looking at the number of advertisements on the front page is also one aspect of determining the level of competition.

This is a reference index.

Third step: excavate the pain point, develop the product

After you have identified the industry through the above 3 steps, the next thing you have to do is start digging the pain point of the industry.

How do you dig? It’s simple with you

Only one platform: Baidu knows

Take an example: search industry keyword “temperature gun”.

A way for customers to place orders: aim at precise customers.

There will be a lot of users’ pain spot needs, carefully read no demand, see what they are confused about, for the development of products.

To develop the product, I give you two suggestions:

1. It can be a virtual product

2. It can be the strongest product

Fewer people compete, and you develop corresponding products for the industry users. At the very beginning, you are the leader of this industry.

On the other hand, at the very beginning, you locked up the 20% precise customers, which is very simple.

Knowing the way and means does not mean that you have learned, only by practicing it yourself can you make progress.

Author: Zhou Zhenxing  

Source: lux pine blogs

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