Japan, the laudable design details


Japan, the laudable design details

When it comes to Japan, every otaku will bow and smile, then go home and quietly open a folder in the computer hidden in the N layer.

Originally, I had the same impression as these otaku. There is depth.

But since going to Japan and remembering the country, only two words “detail” have emerged in my mind.

Japan is a country with great emphasis on design details. They pay attention to details, attach importance to feelings, and pay attention to a comfortable and natural relationship between the three people, things and the environment. They do not do the deliberate design, pay attention to the operational level, for the user to consider the missing details experience, so that every finished product has a natural, natural.

It is this spirit that captures me deeply and lets me walk through a place and see a scene and just want to sigh, “this is the detailed experience of the product!”

Among them, what impressed me most is the design of its public transport system, bathroom system and service system.

First, bus system

1. to catch a plane can be fun, too

Japan has a perfect public transport system, and from the moment it entered the airport, it was clearly guided by it.

To catch the plane and find a boarding gate is one of the frequent scenes of passengers at the airport, and the Japanese designers have made an interesting phenomenon for passengers flying on the plane – the PU track of blue and red two colors on the ground to allow passengers to run on it. Blue guides passengers to arrive at the security inspection area smoothly, and the red guides passengers to arrive at the airport traffic exit. At the same time, the logo on the runway has its destination, direction and distance, and guides users with the most direct picture and text.

Using the eyes to find the direction, command the feet to find the road is a child’s ability to learn, but the search for a specific target in the open space needs to consume a longer reflection arc. Through observation, it is found that the ground guidance along the path can shorten the user’s counter time faster, at the same time, at the same time. The interesting elements make the traveler feel happy in walking.

Japan, the laudable design details

2. buy a subway ticket at least.

Queuing to buy a ticket is a very daily act. In order to save the time for a user to buy a ticket, the designer reduces the process of buying the ticket to the minimum number of operation steps one by one directly with a picture. The default is an adult, the user can switch to a small child by itself, and then choose the ticket price, confirm and put money. The three step is to buy the tickets successfully.

Simple steps can effectively alleviate the gap between human and product operation interface, and make the use process of the product become the enjoyment process of function.

Japan, the laudable design details

3. do you fear the cold? You can choose a car with different temperatures

As more and more Japanese women appear in the workplace, in order to prevent women from being harassed in crowded carriages, the Japanese railway has set up “female special carriages” at the peak of work.

At the same time, in order to improve the comfort of passengers, in the hot summer, the Japanese train will set up different temperature cars, convenient to take care of the users of different ages – the elderly and young children are weaker, can choose the weak cold air car, and the sweaty year light people can choose the strong cold air car. According to the needs of users, give them what they need.

Japan, the laudable design details

4. short men are not afraid of the armrest

“Press, Change Length” is an adjustable length hand, designed by Chinese students. The starting point of the design is for the height of the passengers to hold the armrest in a more comfortable position, the tall man is not afraid of the top, the short man. Not afraid of not.

After 5 years in the past, Japan was the first country to apply this design to the bus system, although it did not restore the design one to one, but used the least material to complete the transformation of the key parts and facilitate the user.

In Japan, this design is known as “poverty” Aesthetics – the simplest thing to create a popular way of life, which has also become the subject of many designers.

Sometimes, knowing how to use design results is more important than design process.

Japan, the laudable design details

5. no change, no worry, there is a change machine

Generally, taking a bus to find no change is a big pain point for the passengers. The solution is either to find the other passengers on the car, or to put in a greater amount of money, but in the end it is a method of emergency. In Japan, there is no need to worry about this. There is a special “money changer” on the bus to facilitate passengers to turn large bills into small change.

The purpose of the design is to find problems and solve problems. Japanese designers focus on solving daily problems and helping consumers to improve their lives, so the people also enjoy a lot of exquisite product services.

Japan, the laudable design details

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