Talk about it from five aspects: how to carry out the cover design?


Talk about it from five aspects: how to carry out the cover design?

There are two things that have impressed me recently.

  • One is that Master’s go skills have conquered mankind, and that in the field of exhaustion, robots will definitely replace humans in the future.
  • Two is the new Baidu vice president Li Jiaoshou’s speech, the specific content is not clear. Do you think you have mastered the knowledge in reading a book?

NO, you need to memorizing knowledge in your mind and use it repeatedly in actual combat to form your own theory. Otherwise, it is no use, the apprentice takes time.

These made me realize a cruel reality – TM is late if I do not mind. Therefore, I hope to summarize my own learning experience through writing, and strive for every article to be of quality.

Today, I would like to share some experiences. If I feel ashamed of you, I will be a little bit of work. The author’s profession is interactive design, so in graphic design will also bring into the basic interaction design thinking.

  1. What is the purpose of your design and who is your target audience?

What is the purpose of designing a cover?

The content we want to convey will be conveyed according to the needs of users in a certain order. Therefore, the core contents that need to be emphasized are headings and illustrations that convey the meaning of the headings.

Who is the target user on the cover?

The common people of Kansas (a region where the economy and culture are not very developed). Therefore, we need to weaken but the necessary contents are subtitles and authors.

Next, due to the low-level attributes of users, the design style should be traditional and not too unique. It is not necessary to blindly reject the old design style, which is the best for users.

Talk about it from five aspects: how to carry out the cover design?

Previous works

The satisfactory parts can be classified into 4 aspects: lines, fonts, pictures and colors.

Two. Lines

First, let the cover be arranged in line with as few lines as possible, that is, let all the contents of the cover line be aligned along the line. The aim is to reduce the visual burden of users and enhance the reading experience. By observing the reference line, we can find that the alignment is more stable, and the unilateral alignment is more flexible.

Second, you can guide or balance user vision by adding lines.

Three. Typeface

First, the style of the font must be consistent with the cover. You can’t use Modern Font for a traditional cover. Secondly, changing font attributes can play a role in decorating.

The author’s summary of the character of the font:

  • Different font, size, thickness, color, contrast.
  • Add background / border / underline / shadow to emphasize content.
  • Change the word / word / row spacing to increase the modification.

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