An article that reads the similarities and differences between brand advertisement and effect advertisement.


Note: the effect advertisement is more accurate than the brand advertisement, and can calculate the ratio of input-output; and once the brand advertisement occupies the mind of the user, the effect is 100 times stronger than the effect advertisement. Each of the two has their own advantages and disadvantages, and how should they choose?

An article that reads the similarities and differences between brand advertisement and effect advertisement.

Students working in the Internet Co should be familiar with the effect advertising, but almost every Internet Co is doing things. If you can keep doing this, how much money you will spend and how much traffic you need to buy, that’s fine.

However, with the rapid rise of traffic costs, the price of the passenger unit has been several hundred yuan from the few years ago. As the LTV remains unchanged, ROI is getting lower and lower. At this time, how to get the traffic at low cost has become a problem that many Internet Co need to solve.

The foresight of the boss, has already locked his eyes on the traditional brand advertising, think carefully: we are now on TV, is not seeing more and more APP ads, such as a lot, a music. It is expected that in the near future, there will be more types of tools, life services, and other types of APP in the electric wave media, flat media advertising, the purpose is to obtain traffic.

In view of a lot of Internet students, little knowledge of brand advertising, this article, I from the following 4 aspects, to explain the following: brand advertising and the effect of the same and different, let everyone understand that the present own products, whether it is to play brand advertising or to play the effect of advertising?

First, brand advertisement and effect advertisement introduction

1. brand advertising

Encyclopedia interpretation:

In order to establish a product brand image and enhance the market share of the brand, it is a direct way to highlight the way to disseminate the brand in the mind of consumers.

Popular terms: let users know a product, such as we want to buy clothes, a brand that emerges from the brain, is a result of brand advertising.

The characteristics of brand advertising: long and slow.

The most important part of brand advertising is the persistence of advertising, the short-term advertising exposure, almost impossible to create a brand, such as Wang Laoji, brain gold, such brands, for decades as a day will be a selling point, turning over, occupying the mind of the user, the death of this mind rammed. Unless consumer behavior changes, users will never change the brand.

2. effect advertisement

Encyclopedia interpretation:

In an advertising system based on effect, advertisers only need to pay for measurable results.

Simply speaking, is it easy to see advertisements that are advertised, or are they short of effective advertisements? In fact, in life, in addition to making chips and building rockets, most of the work is quite simple.

The characteristics of the effect advertisement: short and fast.

The most important thing of effect advertising is putting in the same day and seeing the effect on the same day. This is the biggest advantage of Internet advertising. How much money we spend on mobile terminals, how much clicks, how many downloads and registrations can be monitored and displayed with data. We can see clearly what money we have invested in the advertising effect, which has brought users and what has been wasted.

Two, the similarities between the two

Brand advertising and effect advertising cost money. Some people may ask, is this not a nonsense? Where does it pay for advertising? But in life, there are indeed some bosses who only have access to Internet products. This will demand: we will play brand advertisements and settle them according to activation or payment.

Oh, Lulu, this is obviously not to give the rhythm of money. If I encounter such a party, I will be directly blacken.

The proportion of brand advertising and effect advertising costs is divided according to product attributes and company leaders’ cognition of the two. Large companies will have fixed advertising budgets per year, tens of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of brands, and more advertising campaigns will result in less advertising.

How do you divide it? Like our previous games, the effect advertising will account for more than 70% of the total investment. If it’s an e-commerce product, it will be completely the opposite.

Brand advertising and effective advertising are all exposed. Whether it is TV advertisement, elevator advertisement, newspaper advertisement, friend circle ad, and mobile phone’s push ad, it is first to get exposure, and then guide the user to produce different behavior according to the content of the advertisement.

An article that reads the similarities and differences between brand advertisement and effect advertisement.

With the progress of technology, the boundaries between brand advertisement and effect advertisement are getting smaller and smaller. For example, a coffee that has recently thrown money into the crowd, a two-dimensional code in the elevator will be placed for a free cup of coffee. This is not only limited to brand exposure, but also the behavior of user transformation. At that time, I scanned attention and got a cup of coffee.

Cough, I didn’t go to free coffee. I only pay attention to the case analysis. Uh, free coffee is good.

The purpose of brand advertising and effect advertising is to sell. Whether it is the boss of a traditional enterprise or the boss of a APP R & D, whatever their views on the values of the enterprise, the organizational structure of the company, and the idea of advertising, the purpose of spending the money in advertising is surprisingly consistent: to improve the sales of the products and improve the earnings of the company.

Brand advertising money to buy exposure, or the effect of advertising money to buy users, is the hope that the wave is hit by the user, converted to their own users, money to use the company’s products.

There is a lot of truth in that saying:

Branding and advertising are not hooligans.

Three, the comparison between the two and the two

Effect advertising is more accurate than brand advertising. Remember, what is said is more accurate.

When the brand advertisement is put in, the target user has been roughly screened, such as the advertisement of the happy base camp, facing the young people around 20 years old, because the precision is not enough, here generally speaking is the audience users, there are age range, regional interval, preferences and so on, and more broad.

At the mobile end, the situation is completely different. For the media, the age, sex, living scope, income, marriage and love, consumption, family and friends, fun games, and dogs are all clear. When we have this information, it is much easier for us to put in effect advertisements.

For example, I sell mask manufacturers, our target users are first line city, about 25 years old, work family, sister, only need to put in the background, select these options, your advertisement can only show to these users, do not cause a little waste, the effect, naturally do not say.

My public number on an online course has been put out and the result is a course of operating knowledge, which is far greater than the new media, because of the target user matching.

Brand advertising is more effective than the effect advertising. This from the advertising creativity can be seen, brand advertising regardless of video, pictures, words, without exception, is to highlight the selling point of products to the user to convey the information of the product. Like automobile advertisements, they are all cars and their experience.

Of course, if you want users to remember, multiple brand exposure is indispensable.

Contrary to the effect of advertising, some advertising materials and product relations can not be reached by eight poles. For example, we recently discussed the “Kun series” with high clicking rate. In the game, we could not find the shadow of the material.

An article that reads the similarities and differences between brand advertisement and effect advertisement.

But this is not important. What matters is the click rate. In the world of effective advertising, click through rate is king. As long as the click rate is high, everything can be thrown away. If the white bottom has a high click rate, they will even use this material to express the game.

Effective advertising accounts for input-output ratio better than brand advertising.

This is also the reason why the effect advertisement is popular.

For example, the acquisition cost of a Android user is 50 yuan, and the advertising cost of 100 thousand yuan can get 2000 users. If less than 2000, then the cost of the user is high, buckle the advertisement to buy the student’s bonus; if it is higher than 2000 users, do not give a quick reward, see the quality of the user, everything is measurable.

Brand advertising, that classic waste half of the name of the advertising fee, so many ready to invest in the brand advertising boss, but half of the advertising costs are wasted, and do not know which half of the waste is, then I would not be better to invest in the effect of advertising. Then you will find that such a company can not even get paid in the end.

Because of the Internet industry, APP R & D company:

  • In the early stage of the Internet, we rely on creativity to satisfy users’ needs, and we can get users, such as photo APP.
  • In the middle of the Internet, the operation depends on winning. When the functions are similar, we should see which operations are more solid and retain users.
  • Up to now, the Internet is relying on the brand in the later stage. It is important to know that a APP wants to survive for decades. Brand!

Once the brand advertisement has occupied the user’s mind, the effect is 100 times stronger than the effect advertisement. The effect advertisement is short term, the brand advertisement is long-term, the first party that we receive many marketing promotion cases are all survived for more than a few years. What is expected, then, is that what they think is absolutely not disbanded in one or two years, but a hundred years of business, which requires loyalty to the product, not an inadvertent impulse buying behavior. This is a non brand advertising that can achieve this goal.

Take a small lobster store to give an example, they can put a friend circle effect advertisement, receive the voucher, the offline consumption has a discount, can lead a wave of flow past, after eating, and then ask these users: what is the name of the shop you go to? Forget about it! I only know that I picked up a big bargain and ate a cheap crayfish.

Two, you can put public numbers, shake the net red ads, a flagship emotional card slogan: want to go with friends face to face, and so on. Young people are addicted to electronic products and need real social networking. So when they want to chat with friends and talk freely, they will think of this crayfish shop.

Four, product advertising strategy

Through the above analysis, comparison, we can see the brand advertising and the effect of advertising, each has the advantages and disadvantages, can not because the effect can not be seen, no brand advertising, nor because there is no continuity, give up the effect of advertising.

According to the products I have put in before, I find the following 2 strategies: best.

1. brand and effect simultaneously put together, complement each other, achieve 1+ 1 greater than 2 effect.

This is the experience I summed up in a case of advertising budget before I did the game promotion. Effective advertising can buy traffic, ensuring that the server will have enough users to support it.

However, once a simple purchase is stopped, the new users will soon disappear. In line with brand promotion, it has invested hard and broad in the major game media, and has been widely distributed in the media. Even after the suspension of the purchase, there are still many users who continue to rely on brand advertising for more than 3 months.

2. brand and effect alternate delivery, one month to play the effect, a month to brand.

This is against the company’s budget under the situation, at the same time can not simply play brand or effect advertising countermeasures, only one kind of advertising, it is unfavorable to the company.

The two alternated, that is, seize sales, and seize the word of mouth. But keep in mind one thing: continuous advertising, three days of fishing two days of online advertising, advertising costs are doomed.


The difference between brand advertisement and effect advertisement is roughly explained, and their own shortcomings and shortcomings are clear at a glance. Let’s take a look at the current stage of our products. If you think about it carefully, do you need to do branding or advertising?

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