How should the news and information class App be designed? Here’s a UX analysis


How should the news and information class App be designed? Here's a UX analysis

Work has now been responsible for 2 new information projects, every time the project feels a lot of shortcomings, this time to do a UX summary of news and information app analysis, I hope to help you.

One, industry background, user analysis

1. background

News and information industry from the traditional media era to the popularity of PC Internet, and now the mobile Internet era. The rate of information dissemination is increasing, interaction is increasing, and the addition of short video, live broadcast and VR industry will make the future news and information industry socialize in a variety of meeting users’ needs.

At present, the mainstream mobile news information APP is divided into 2 categories:

  • Aggregate news information app (today headlines, UC, a bit of information): the platform itself does not produce original content, grasp the integration of various information sources to push, to meet the user’s personalized needs.
  • Portal website news information app (Tencent news, NetEase news, Sohu News): PC extension portal, through reprint content and news analysis to meet the user’s diversified needs.

2. use research

According to the various ratios of iResearch 2017 data, we can establish a core user concept model of mobile news and information app.

Name: Azasi A gender: male coordinates: first tier city age: 30 Education: undergraduate family situation: a family of three occupations: company staff monthly salary: 1-2W

Similarly, according to iResearch 2017 data, we can build app news users’ high frequency user scenarios.

How should the news and information class App be designed? Here's a UX analysis

Two, UX design direction

1. efficient reading

The news and information class app is a product of “content king” from the point of view of product operation. Although each product client is different in the large data algorithm and the function details are different, the most core UX key words are “efficient reading” 4 words.

Based on “efficient reading”, the first thing we can think about is what type of typesetting is more advantageous.

Text typesetting

Text color and background color: text and background color are related to the level of light. Most studies have shown that in bright light, dark background dark colors are better identified than dark background light colored characters, while in dark light are the opposite. The contrast between text and background should be 7:1 more comfortable than reading (recommended by Material Design design language).

How should the news and information class App be designed? Here's a UX analysis

That is to say, UX design should avoid black and white design as far as possible. The background color and text color with a small amount of grayscale are easier to read by mobile terminals.

Text size and spacing: in the use of daily users, it is recommended to use text numbers: 30px-32px, row spacing: the default 1.2 is the safest and most familiar line spacing, while also reducing the amount of development (default spacing).

In fact, a lot of app now have fonts and font size settings, such as: today’s headlines, users can use the scene and the need to customize the font and size reading, to improve the viscosity of the user.

Alignment: the most common two typesetting alignments should be left alignment and alignment. In English paragraph typesetting, the left side is usually left on the left, and the right side of the side is naturally formed, while the opposite of the Chinese typesetting and reading habits is more important to the end – and – tail alignment of the paragraphs.

How should the news and information class App be designed? Here's a UX analysis

The basic mainstream Chinese News and information class app also uses both ends align, but it is definitely easier to read at both ends. I think the problem is quite different, do you think?

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