How to allow users to participate in my design


Note: This article describes my personal understanding and views on product design. Users participate in the design, refers to the limited design guidance, to give users or experience the active emotional guidance and experience of the experience, so that the design will not be a solitude of the existence of the user. The combination and interaction will make our design more three-dimensional and more expansibility.

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How to allow users to participate in my design


In the previous period, I saw an article on the building on the Internet. It was about the Norway Bergen Institute of art and design, the new building of the Department of art and music design. Every student inside could have his own studio and arranged it according to his own wishes, so as to inspire his creativity. This is a beautiful building with a recycled aluminum plate, with high-tech technology such as indoor thermostat, but its interior remains semi – finished. In this respect, for the sake of environmental protection, it is convenient for students to make their own future design.

How to allow users to participate in my design

Norway Bergen Institute of art and design

Designers may make thousands of designs on the open room, but they give the user the possibility of sexual intercourse, and they can also deliver more imagination to the user while arousing the curiosity of the user.


Returning to the design itself, we are often asked: your design has no imagination. The imagination here I mean to the user’s imagination space, interface design can have a variety of styles, users are also accustomed to the guidance of the various interfaces to complete their behavior. If we give the user a little imagination, it may bring them unexpected surprises. Under the premise of useful, convenient and clear, we can actually bring more possibilities to the users.

From the designer’s point of view, when the new demand is taken over, many people can depict the blueprint of their own design, and have different styles, or defend their views actively in the case of refutation, and are eager to add a brick and a brick to the “empty room”. A very small number of designers will argue for users, and the ears are likely to be filled with “I think”, “I feel”, “I feel”, and these actions may lead to the limitations of thinking.

The interface design we do is to have a certain connection with the user, the subjective design thinking may ignore the user’s exploration behavior, we also need to think of ways to give more initiative to the user. Here are a few points that might guide users, and perhaps breakthroughs can be found.

Sense of substitution

We like to listen to stories from an early age. The story makes the listener live because it has a sense of substitution, and our interface is a good choice if it wants users to participate quickly and immerse themselves in it.

The human brain is very sensitive to stories. It is easy to resonate, and everyone can understand the story, which can transmit information efficiently. The elements that make up a story are also very simple. Basically, it is the person who has done something and the result of doing it. If this “person” is the reader itself, the strong sense of substitution can enable users to instantly enter the drama and become more and more involved.

What should the story say? For instance:

How to allow users to participate in my design


This APP name is WalkUp, which is a stepping software. Now, there are many similar applications on the market, and WalkUp tells a story: at the moment, you are a traveler. Every day the number of steps can be used to exchange energy for a global trip. Every new place can show off to your partner. There will be a different treasure on the unknown map. The journey of risk constitutes this simple step by step application.

Setting a game background allows users to enjoy it. When we give users a simulation scenario, they can also make them play in a second.

How to allow users to participate in my design


Tide is a APP that helps users to focus. In the boot page, it introduces functions that can focus on different weather and environments. Under the guidance of simple interface, users can instantly be brought into the set scenario, and will spontaneously explore other functions.

Sense of participation

The above content can be part of the sense of participation. If we say “sense of substitution” is the participation of thinking, then this part is about behavior participation. As the name implies, participation is to allow users to participate in your design, allowing them to interact more with the content of the interface.

Besides functional and good visual sense, the design should also follow the “form following experience” to make the design easy to use and meet people’s needs. What is “form following experience”? Good design allows users to initiate interactive behavior, to follow the feelings of the user to operate the experience, without the need to learn the cost, so that the sense of participation is always accompanied by the user.

The simplest example is to let users see pictures, and to see lists can be dragged. How can we make users feel more involved? Then we need to dig deeper into the habits of users.

How to allow users to participate in my design

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