Tencent senior designer: development thinking of interactive knowledge tree series


Tencent senior designer: development thinking of interactive knowledge tree series

“They like to dance in chains, and they are the fetters of other poets. “They love to dance in these fetters, and even when wearing the) – Bliss Perry, American literary critic

Wen Yiduo quoted Perry in his poem “the law of poetry” to express that the rhythm of poetry is beneficial to the poet’s restriction – “the more bold writers, the more they dance in chains, they jump well and jump well.” Only those who do not dance can be fettered by fetters and fetters. Only when they do not write poetry do they feel that the rules are binding. “

I think this sentence is not only for the poets but also for the designers. Even art creators must be restricted by rules, painting materials and styles, let alone designers born of products and users. Previous products have no designers, only developers can make DOS, Windows, Linux and other operating systems, as well as the first generation of OICQ and Foxmail software, until they realize the importance of product thinking, the importance of the user, the importance of the beauty of the interface, so that the user experience design is born. This profession is the later interaction designer and visual designer.

Because designers are the bridge between users and product development, designers should have not only user thinking but also development thinking. Because if you don’t understand what technology your product is using, then the product you design is likely to be unrestrained. As the saying goes, (by WingST), “who will not be able to land before creativity can be counted. “

Tencent senior designer: development thinking of interactive knowledge tree series

1. Understanding the limitation and realizing the design value

“Do not regard limitations or conditions of the system as limitations, and regard them as the foundation of creative design. “- Luke Miller,” user experience methodology “

Miller’s sentence shows the relationship between design and technology. I think so.

1. what the designer is best at is the idea

Tencent senior designer: development thinking of interactive knowledge tree series

In the absence of design intervention, light is a technology made of product easy to use and easy to learn is very poor, like a bald surface, really solid, but not angry, and easy to get lost. At that time, the designer came and said that this is not good. I can give you such an optimization and give a complete design concept. It is really beautiful. At that time, there were vegetation, buildings and atmosphere on the ground, forming a new product. The boss said to the table, “look at it. Let’s start. “

2. to find the fulcrum of the design

Tencent senior designer: development thinking of interactive knowledge tree series

The design idea is very beautiful, but a lot of designers come to the realization of the fool: the rest of the development, I think you do not do well, how can not do it, that can not be achieved?

A lot of times, you can’t blame development. Why don’t you help develop students to think about how your design can land better?

  • For example, you want to quickly grasp the location of the user, you should know that the mobile phone is a GPS module, APP has a fast access to the user’s mobile location information, the positioning of the latitude and longitude can be converted into provinces and cities;
  • For example, you want to make a design that can change shape according to the angle of the user’s mobile phone. You should know that there is a module called a gyroscope on the phone. How does it perceive the angle of the mobile phone and what parameters can be returned to represent these angles? How accurate is it, can you restore your design very well?
  • For example, if you want to achieve a very cool animation effect, you should know the principles of animation on the two systems of Android and iOS. If you do the design of Web or PC, it’s not the same as the animation implementation of the mobile end. Can these implementations restore the effect of your animation?
  • For example, if you want to do a function of image intelligence or a function of intelligent voice translation, you should understand which companies are doing better and what degree they can achieve, respectively? Does your development team have corresponding technical reserves? Is it possible to cooperate with these companies directly?

Even if what you do is not innovative design, but to ensure that the design you make can be well developed, you should also know the point nine diagram method, the proportion of the Retina screen, the basic control library of iOS, the principle of the implementation of the response design, and so on. The pivot of the connection.

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