The tragedy of “looking at you, thinking about him”: did you really seduce the attention of the user?


Note: at present, the information of the outside world is getting richer and richer, and people’s attention is also being dispersed. For the brand, attention resources are user resources, where the flow of user attention is the flow of money. Does your brand really attract users’ attention?

The tragedy of

How many of your favorites have been intended to be overlooked in the first reading? How many of your shopping carts have been forgotten in the past? How many things you want to do but don’t have a chance to do?

Attention has gradually become a scarce resource in economic prosperity.

In China, the average daily number of new market players is 4, and the number of existing market players is even more numerous.

Whether it is sitting on the line or relying on the Internet, whether it is based on tradition or standing at the draught, it will inevitably face the brutal competition of grabbing attention.

In some ways, attention resources are user resources. The place where user attention flows is the area where money flows. Many people are busy every day in pulling new, remaining and promoting the work of focusing on attention.

However, just like many people can not consider the problem from the perspective of the user, most people do not think about what the attention is.

This will be the key to open up a new round of growth for you.

First, to know the truth of attention

1. limited space

Everyone believes that he has boundless potential, but not enough effort.

Indeed, from a macro perspective, everyone’s attention to learning and struggle is enormous.

At this stage, in the calculation of scientists, the information that people can process in life is 185 billion bit, the total amount is very considerable. However, this is calculated according to the limit algorithm, and no one can make full use of its attention every time, that is, no one can achieve the upper limit set by scientists.

A person can handle up to 126 bit of information per second. We can understand what others say and need to process 40 bit information per second. If the limit works, we can understand 3 people at the same time.

But in fact, have you ever tried to understand three different people at the same time at the same time? Human instinct can evade such extreme operation, and in the instinct of the user, it will not focus on every contact product.

2. the instinct of escaping

(1). Space limited

It is because of the upper limit of attention that people have to reduce their input of attention.

You can try, go to a lot of noisy places, sit quietly, listen to countless people next to it, and see that they can understand the whole meaning of a few people at the same time. You will find that it is not related to your state. The ceiling of attention is so low that the upper limit is very easy to be touched.

The user’s upper limit of attention is also the same, and the total number of products that it can pay attention to is limited in the same period. Whether it’s a APP that is not used in a cell phone, or something that is rarely seen in a collection, it’s a loser who has been eliminated in the space of attention, not to mention the products that have not entered the cell phone or into the collection.

(2). Saving resources

Attention is a valuable resource, so human instinct will use it in more valuable places.

You don’t pay attention to passers-by’s words, but you care about your friends’ gossip. When you don’t pay attention to the weather of other cities, you will understand the weather of your city.

It is precisely because of these concerns that you will have more impact on your life, so it is more important to attract more attention.

Just like advertisers often say that the three elements of advertising vision (advertising 3B principle), as long as the ads contain beauty, babies, wild animals, will get more attention.

This is because these three elements are related to the most basic human needs: survival and reproduction. This is the most primitive instinctive demand, naturally allowing people to put more attention resources into it.

So there is an urgent syrup which is hard to understand, but it can attract people’s attention: the cheetah runs after the beautiful woman and wants to syrup urgently.

By stimulating the instinctive needs of wild animals and beauties, people can subconsciously put more attention resources into advertisements.

(3). Escape from pressure

High intensity of attention will bring heavy burden to people. Many people will be in a hurry when faced with heavy work. Some people will be confused when facing sudden things.

It’s like you gave the computer too many instructions at the same time, and there was a downtime.

The tragedy of

This feeling of high pressure is discomforting, so most people in their leisure time choose some more relaxed activities to keep their attention in a low – intensity state of operation.

For example, watching TV, reading, stunning, chatting and other familiar things, do not need to deal with too much information. Even if you miss some information, it doesn’t have much impact, so that attention can be maintained at a low level of comfort.

3. ways of saving

Attention is limited and valuable. People naturally do not pay attention to many meaningless places.

In daily life and work, people will subconsciously replace subjective consciousness in many things, thus reducing their attention.

For example, like a newbie who has just learned to drive, it’s very nervous to drive in the first drive and can’t talk to the people around him, but for a driver with a long driving time, he can drive while smoking and talking. This is how people turn their work to the subconscious mind in order to reduce their attention load during driving.

In psychology, the subconscious mind deals with three kinds of information, namely, deletion, distortion and induction.

The tragedy of


Now relax and reexamine your perspective.

Just on your retina, there are not only screens for mobile phones, computers, but also things beside mobile phones and computers. Whether your colleagues, the succulent plants on the table, or even the walls and ceiling, appear in your eyes with the words you read now.

But did you observe them carefully while reading articles? The information and articles exist at the same time, but your subconscious mind has deleted the information, so it does not occupy much attention.

Human vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch can reach a lot of information at the same time, but attention can not pay attention to the amount of information at the same time.

As we said in the beginning, you can’t understand all people at the same time in a noisy environment. Before your attention is really projected onto something, your subconscious will be screened based on the experience, the value of the thing, the physiological needs, and other factors, which will give you the subjective awareness of the information you are more valuable or what you want to know, and put your attention to it.

The same is true for users. Every day, it will face a lot of advertising, no matter how hard it is. No matter what form you use, online or entity, the promotion information that users can reach is far more than the upper limit of the user’s attention.

So the user will filter through the subconscious first step, cut out most of the worthless information, and focus on the information that it wants to pay attention to or really valuable.

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