Why don’t you buy your account if you know the users so well?


Note: a lot of operators think they stand at the user’s point of view, actually doing some self promotion operation actions, and finally the users do not buy it.

Why don't you buy your account if you know the users so well?

I have seen some operations, I think standing in the user’s point of view, doing some self operation action, and finally the user does not buy it. Here are three ways to get to know the user. These three ways also make my operation more effective.

I dare not say that I know a hundred percent of the user, but the following methods really help me to understand the idea of the user, and make my operation more effective, the contents are as follows:

Why don't you buy your account if you know the users so well?

Keep looking at what you’re interested in.

One, approaching: how do we get close to users, get to their likes and dislikes?

During my previous internship, I mentioned a topic that I thought would be popular, and was taken away by my colleagues because the user did not like it.

On the second day, she started asking me to spend at least 1 hours in the community to count how many people in the community and how many speeches in the app.

I did not know at the beginning, so, count, I just understand her intention, in fact, the classification and number of posts in the background can be seen, but not a number, I really will look?

I will probably only see what to do and do it, but can I actually compete with get to understand the user’s point? Even, do not understand the user? Not always。

Later, to do community operation, one of the tasks that must be done every day is to screen out the content, each of which is to be seen, where it looks dull and boring. I slowly begin to understand the user’s point of view, use the vain point of the user, the fear and the interest, and do the operation.

If you want to know your user, go to the vertical community that is corresponding to that user group. Pay attention to it. It’s a bubble, not just a few days, a few pages a day, and you can even interact with the user.

Why is it a community, not a community?

Because in the community, because most of the people in the group are the numbers used in their lives, there will be a lot of baggage.

And in the community, you may find a number of users who have no heads or names. They may just say one or two words, perhaps in the middle of the night, but they say something that doesn’t appear in the community. Because of this, it is more true.

In the corresponding community, you can do the following actions:

(1) summing up and catching up with the joy and evil of the users. No matter what position you are doing, knowing about these users will make you perform more easily.

(2) learn from the selected contents and carefully organized activities, and observe the response of users to these operations.

(3) understand the characteristics and popularity of the head users in this community, so as to find and train their own head users.

Why don't you buy your account if you know the users so well?

Two, read: each group of unique “cultural knowledge”, understand the user will pay the bill.

I’m a net addict (feed!) I find that every group has its own “cultural knowledge”.

1. Culture

For example, the spring brother of the cat, 233, etc.

For example, the eight group of the bean paste, from the beginning of the many requests for eight, to “catch the fish”, “she”;

Another example is the recent comparative tag trend of micro-blog beauty circles.

Every user group has their culture, such as “dark words”, popular things, and tunes. When they operate from their point of view, the users will be more vulnerable. Think about it, if you recommend a high light to the user, you say “this glittering shiny lustre,” or “sparkling, beautiful, scavenging with a kind of collagen full of fluffy sense, simply killing XXX.” “Do you have the power to kill?

2. Knowledge

Small partners in the professional vertical field should pay special attention to this.

For example, you are in the field of property, health, safety, from the most basic knowledge, to the most concerned professional content of the user, you should have a basic clear understanding, otherwise not just from the question of whether or not, minutes may be understood by the user.

As the information is more and more developed, the learning ability and judgment of the users are becoming stronger and stronger. Especially for these important areas, a group of WeChat groups, a group of users in the famous professional number of the slots, has been in place. I have also seen a public number reply to the users’ comments, which greatly exposes the unprofessional nature. According to the reading number of the public number, there should be no such common sense mistake.

If you are doing professional content, please be cautious in producing and do not take a confused attitude.

If you don’t understand no one, where do you start? To search for “just contact insurance / stock”, “novice mother, nothing to understand”, “want to buy the first class xx” and other issues, or in the corresponding community questions, with the user to discuss, from zero start class!

Why don't you buy your account if you know the users so well?

Three, in depth: put more ideas on users, you have to do so!

If you want to know the needs of the user, you can communicate with the user one to one, add your users, or go through a phone call (there will be a number of users who ignore you and don’t give up).

In the process of contacting with users, we need to do these things.

(1) users complain about you. Remember not to reply immediately. First, you can listen to the suggestions and opinions of the users and accept them with open heart.

If you can just explain it and don’t listen to it, the user will not tell you the next time. On the contrary, if you do well, users will be happy to continue to give you feedback. For example, a user told me before, why you don’t have a XXX function, actually it is, but the entrance is too deep, and what you can do for him is to make a screenshot of the function, then frame it and send it to him, for example, there is a function / activity that many users don’t know, and then there is a user in the community. This function / activity is sent out in the area, and many users ask at the bottom. At this point, you can reply uniformly and tell them where to find it.

(3) in the process of communication, remember not too rigid, do not be too polite official, like chat as naturally better, chat after a few words and then throw out the problem, and occasionally to soothe, express the emotion of the user, is the drop roar.

Why don't you buy your account if you know the users so well?

Four. Finally, a few words

No matter the product or the operation, it is not omnipotent to know the users. If you know what you want to do, you must immerse yourself in the user. As time passes, you will form a “intuition” to better carry out the operation.

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