NetBooster Asia and Artefact completed mergers and acquisitions to strengthen regional layout.


NetBooster Asia and Artefact completed mergers and acquisitions to strengthen regional layout.

NetBooster Asia, a leading independent digital marketing company in China, today announced its merger with Artefact, an international digital marketing company focused on data and artificial intelligence.

Strong combination of two well-known digital marketing companies

Artefact is the first company in the world to provide digital marketing strategy consulting services based on data and artificial intelligence. Artefact has 25 offices in 17 countries and has nearly 1000 experts. It has been widely recognized by the digital market and has become a trust partner for many international brands including AccorHotels, Europcar, Euromaster, Samsung, Orange, Carrefour, Emirates and Deutsche Telekom. In the Asia Pacific region, Artefact is now in Malaysia, Australia, Hongkong and Singapore, and will further strengthen its influence in Asia through this merger.

NetBooster Asia and its programming assistant, 8matic, are experts in the field of digital marketing consulting, media and creativity, founded in 2010 by Pascal Duriez and Joe Chan Kue, and currently have offices in Shanghai, Hongkong, and Seoul. K, Club Med, Cebu Pacific Air, and Huawei. NetBooster Asia has nearly 80 employees. By working together with Artefact, the two companies will have more than 100 experts in the digital marketing field in the Asian market. Both companies have won the unanimous approval of the international advertisers in the Asian market.

NetBooster Asia and Artefact completed mergers and acquisitions to strengthen regional layout.

Artefact group performance Marketing Asia Pacific director general Wei Phung, Artefact Group Asia Pacific CEO Pascal Duriez,

Jo Chan Kue, managing director of Northeast Asia, Artefact group (from left to right)

After the merger, NetBooster Asia will use the brand logo and brand image of Artefact, and will be able to promote the business of Artefact to its customers, especially in the aspects of consulting, data technology and artificial intelligence. With its own expertise in effect marketing, media and creativity, NetBooster Asia will further achieve its goals by merging into the end – to end digital marketing partners of the Chinese market and other market regions.

Relying on new technologies to provide more services to foreign customers

Thanks to the partnership between NetBooster Asia and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) in inventory management, data analysis and tracking, and media activation, Artefact will benefit from the technical ecosystem in Asia. These technologies can support Artefact’s global network to stimulate greater business benefits and provide more services for European customers in the Asia Pacific market.

Artefact group CEO Guillaume de Roquemaurel said: “today, China is one of the most advanced countries in developing digital technology and innovation. In 2016, China’s online sales turnover exceeded 700 billion euros, becoming a global leader in e-commerce. By adjusting the structure, Artefact will provide a complete service to local and international advertisers in this field, and provide global support and services in consulting, data technology, and artificial intelligence based on the needs of advertisers. Asian brands that have gained ground in the local market have already targeted Western markets, and this trend will accelerate further in the next few years. Artefact now has everything to seize this growth opportunity.

Artefact Group Asia Pacific CEO Pascal Duriez said: “I am very happy to witness the opening of this new venture. It can combine our expertise in the field of digital marketing to extend the impact to a fast growing market that provides new opportunities for development and growth. We can foresee the strength that this strong alliance will bring. The two companies share a common culture in data, media and creativity, together with an in-depth understanding of China and the Asia Pacific market. Now, we will focus on accelerating and expanding the business in the Asia Pacific region. “

About Artefact group

Artefact is a digital marketing company that relies on marketing experts and engineers. Artefact aims to reshape the customer experience through new digital technology, data and AI. At present, Artefact has offices in 17 countries around the world, with over 1000 employees providing data consultation, professional digital marketing and technology development services. Artefact was selected as the most innovative company in 2017.

Artefact provides marketing services for global famous brands with over 600 customers, more than 100 of which are high quality customers, including AccorHotels, Samsung, Orange, Carrefour, Emirates and Deutsche Telekom. Since its inception in 1998, Artefact has maintained steady growth and has been through mergers and acquisitions in 2017. As a listed company of Paris Alternext gem, Artefact is the largest independent international marketing company in the world.

About NetBooster Asia 

NetBooster Asia is a leading independent digital marketing company in China. It specializes in consumer center oriented media strategy and brings sales promotion, brand awareness and participation to customers through data driven marketing activities. The main business includes SEM, SEO, website analysis, program display, social media, e-commerce, creative strategy, market insight and strategic consultation.

8matic is NetBooster Asia’s brother company and is China’s leading independent program trading platform. 8matic helps brands coordinate China’s huge and scattered advertising technology and data ecosystem, and develop and develop top-notch procedural media strategies. Together with NetBooster Asia, with consumer centric orientation as the precondition, we integrate our programs to help customers achieve brand promotion and performance appraisal. Our vision is to become the best digital marketing company to provide marketing ideas and effects.

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