[union +] global data first defines “super user”, the new golden rule of the age of DI.


In March 14th, the first station of U-Time super user tour salon was held in Beijing.

At present, the penetration of the Internet has reached 97.5%, and the stock users have become the main battleground for App developers. The core of the App operation has shifted to the incremental value of the stock users. At this time, every product wants to seize the time and attention from the stock users and excavate “super users” who are extremely hot in their own products. Alliance +] thinks that the commercial value behind “super user” is the answer to crack stock competition – creating competitive advantage and incremental value.

Thus, a sharing and exchange of definitions, operations, acquisitions and real cases around the super user began.

Super users: users of Top 10% can contribute 5 times the value of ordinary users.

“Friends League +] Senior Consultant Han Shaochao, based on whole domain data for the first time to make a complete definition of” super user “, and gives five big secrets for defining super users: the users of Top 10% can contribute 5 times the value of ordinary users; the internal and external data can be used to create business value; the usage of information class / short video class is more important. The number of startup times of the tool class is more important; the non pay can also be a super user, but the inactivity must not; the acquisition, the potential of the superuser, and the cultivation of the superuser are equally important. Help App developers and product operators to quickly locate “super users” in the age of mobile Internet stock, creating opportunities for enhancing competitive advantage and incremental value.

[union +] global data first defines

(photo: Han Shaochao, senior consultant)

“Through a comprehensive analysis of the user’s length of use and the number of startup times, we find that in the news and information industry, 11.56% of the users have contributed 42.8% weeks, and in the sports industry, 10.2% of the users have contributed 53.7% weeks.” Han Shaochao also pointed out that “not all industries rely on user browsing time and activity to define super users. For example, in the short video industry, we need to consider the total user time, the number of startup times, and the contribution rate of UGC (share, praise, comment, etc.).

[union +] global data first defines

Operation super user: super user is the advance of data three views.

[user alliance +] operation director Qu Miao believes that super users are the key to open up data three views (macro, meso and micro). The operator can data the user behavior and the whole business process by embedding the code, and define the super user through the data and analyze the behavior path of the super user. App operators can focus on the four groups of existing users: ordinary users, low frequency high consumption, high frequency low consumption, high frequency and high consumption super users. The goal of super users is to convert ordinary users to second, third types of users by making pull strategies and convert the two or three types of users into superusers.

[union +] global data first defines

(photo: Qu Miao, director of operation)

Access to super users: [user alliance +] first proposed super user concentration

In the promotion, how to measure the super user in the channel pull new? Let the channel pull the new efficiency and the quality to the maximum. [F + +] for the first time put forward the concept of super user concentration, that is, at least 7 days retention rate and even 15 day retention rate after activation. [friend alliance +] General Manager of advertising marketing data Li Chunyuan introduced, through the AppTrack monitoring data found that the “7 days and above retention rate” and super user indicators “high active, high use time long” is a positive correlation.

[union +] global data first defines

(photo: Li Chunyuan, general manager of advertising marketing data business)

[friend +] analysis of AppTrack mobile advertising data in 2017, we found that in addition to DSP, 61%App users obtained from the “social, information flow, search” advertising. Among them, the concentration of search users is 6%, the information flow is 3.9%, and social advertising is 3.4%. Moreover, different media have different degrees of attraction to super users in vertical industries. For example, functional tools App, library and literature class App, more suitable for the delivery of information flow advertising; and e-commerce category App, education and training class App, working class App, tourism class App and so on, the launch of search and social advertising will be better, the concentration of super users will be higher.

[union +] global data first defines

What are the valuable practical experiences of Hot App?

Let’s take a look at Qu Shichao, director of comic data, to share with us that comics already have more than 130 million users. The huge user volume is behind the refinement of data operations. The comics now have the data team and the user growth team, and classify and define users in the life cycle through the U-App ([friend +] mobile statistical analysis) and the self built data platform. The operation measures take the AARRR model, in the data platform, to realize the real-time tracking of each user’s life cycle, while the user’s definition also has a very detailed life cycle tracking, and use the life cycle to support the operation.

[union +] global data first defines

(picture: look at Qu Shichao, the head of the comic data.)

Han Yuxing, general manager of the mobile mobile products center, believes that the recognition of super users in the automotive field is more of the people who pay attention to the behavior of the car and use the post – market service. Indicators include daily activities, weekly activities, and subsequent turnover rates, such as high-frequency and low-frequency dimensions. If the user wants to buy a 100 thousand yuan car, we hope that the user can not only complete the car buying behavior, but also enjoy the whole link service such as car, car, maintenance and so on through the overall consumption system of the easy car, and produce more connection behavior and create more value. In addition to business realisation, we are also building an emotional care and communication link around the social attributes to increase user stickiness.

[union +] global data first defines

(photo: Han Yuxing, general manager of Yi Che mobile products center)

Senior manager of Lok power shares the way of cash flow for super users. Through the depiction of the data dimension, we find that the super users of Le power are mainly 28 years old and 38 years old, more willing to lean and change the image, and have the ability to continue to pay. After the portrait, from the perspective of operation, we can find points that can stimulate and motivate users. We built a private education guidance online fat reduction academy to achieve business realisation. At the same time, the star student program will be launched to create a big V for motivating other students to form a mechanism of mutual promotion between content and business. The process is to understand the user through the data of the friend alliance and its own platform, to understand the user through the subdivided dimension, to find the interest of the users through the data model, and to design the playful play; finally, to optimize the operation by observing the data.

[union +] global data first defines

(picture: Happy power Senior Operation Manager)

Define the case of super user, super user, super user and Hot App. 2018 [friend League +] U-Time touring salon is bringing a new idea of value-added data for the APP operators and developers from methodology to data operations and to top real combat cases.

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