Conversation nail CEO no strokes: nails are not easy and safe.

Conversation nail CEO no strokes: nails are not easy and safe. at the 2018 GMIC conference, Alibaba nail CEO no strokes (Chen Hang) accepted Sohu technology interview. He has completed the journey of Hangzhou Tianjin Beijing Hangzhou in a day and is still not tired in the interview. At the meeting of the day, the vice president of the nail, Yitong, said that China has 43 million enterprises and 99% small and medium enterprises with 200 people. The work process is still inefficient, and it is difficult to enjoy the resources and dividends of large enterprises. They are the target users of nail nails. After the official launch in January 2015, the nailed enterprise users broke through 50 million within 160 days; in November 2017, the number reached 500 million, and then the nail was declared to be more than 100 million. Ma Yun said the nail made him surprise, and the carefree (Zhang Yong) said that there was only one attitude to nail nails: “do not disturb”, but no one said that at the beginning of the group, no one was willing to nail. The special team, “we have not done a good job, we have been holding a breath”, the nail team has a large part of the people from the “communication”, which is not very successful in the outside world, in 2014, it began to fade out of the people’s vision. In May 2014, there were no plans to bring several engineers into the lakeside garden and began to make nails. For more than 8 months, people outside do not know what they are doing. No trick in recalling this experience, the Sohu technology, the first nailed to the first two years, no one in Ali group wants to join, they are saying, “you can not make this thing.” But he said, the team members of the nail team are not easy to do this business. “Otherwise, how hard is it to make nails and do electric business?” From 0 to 1 to do this (SOCIAL), is not good at the group, and can not provide you with what traffic. No trick told Sohu science and technology, nail studs now enter the new users every day, more than 90% from the word of mouth communication, not the enterprise resources Ali, “we have evaluated, a serious enterprise users, the average impact of more than 100 enterprises to become new nail users.” Lakeside Garden is Ali’s “blessed land”. Taobao and pay treasure are born here. At present, the nail performance is excellent. Nail currently has about 400 employees, Alibaba with tens of thousands of employees, this is a small team. However, nails are not a typical Ali team. They value products rather than operational priorities, and are different from Ali’s team. “I am the person who makes the product, although there are many new studs, but I still hope that it is the best.” In the conversation with Sohu technology, he focused on two specific business related contents, one is safety, the other is humanized function. Nail is actually very humane about human nature. He used a lot of examples to prove to Sohu technology that nails are actually humanized. In his view, many people do not understand what nails are doing. For example, in some labor-intensive industries, it is common for a person to be lazy and not to perform a contract. If the nail can be made transparent at the moment, it will make these people unfit. “The biggest goal of the nail attendance is to take off the attendance, but I can’t tell them at the very beginning.” the employers of the labor intensive industry are naturally worried about not going to manage their employees. The premise of the worry is that the work of these companies is opaque. If the work is transparent, the boss gives more trust and space to the staff, and the staff and the boss trust each other. But he stressed to Sohu technology that in fact, the boss is the most stressed in the process of using nails. In the traditional way of communication, the boss can easily make use of the unequal nature of the class: my time is more valuable than you, I am your boss, even if I “pretend to die” not to reply to you information is also taken for granted. Emphasizing only one person’s feelings without regard for team members, “this is not a collective human nature, but a personal human nature”, which contains exclusive power. If the work communication enters the transparent stage, the boss’s every behavior will be seen by everyone, which is more equal, more pressure on the boss, “he is embarrassed to” pretend to die. ” Many functions of nail design are to convey the way of Internet to traditional enterprises, but they can not change them overnight and exert too much force. Without a trick, it is hoped that nail nails can become a product of the world, but it will not use the radical way, but will choose the way that is acceptable in the present, the gradual change, “can not push the Internet, once to the traditional enterprise, they will be messy.” Safety, safety and safety of enterprise users are more sensitive to data security than individual users, and security is the core competitiveness of enterprise market products. No way to emphasize many times, nails attach great importance to protecting the data security of enterprises. Safety is also a factor that many enterprises choose to staple rather than compete. Since last year, the investment in nail safety has reached 100 million yuan, and the Security Department of Ali has also given enough support. Nearly 300 people are engaged in the safety work of nails. Not long ago, the nail had just passed through the SOC2 privacy audit, which was made by the AICPA, and has become an important safety standard in the financial scene. In China, nails are the first, and there are no more than 5 worldwide. No move, regrets that nails have done a lot of work. For example, in the process of passing the SOC2 audit standards, the nail’s third party encryption design needs to prove to the audit system that no one of the Alibaba can see the data of the enterprise. Not to check the chat record, not to track the real-time location of the staff, “in addition to nail nails, some enterprise products will support this kind of Party A needs”, but no trick, even if the employees in the working hours of chat records, is also the employee privacy, employees do not actively sign in, do not take the initiative to upload location information, the platform will not be determined to obtain. The real time location of employees can not be regarded as a tool for enterprises. In addition, the nail also resolutely guaranteed that not only the data produced on the platform only belong to the enterprise, but also the data produced by the third party service providers, including the nail platform, only belong to the enterprise, and no other person can take it away. The nail aspect indicates that in order to protect the data security of enterprise users, nail has a higher threshold and standard in the third party service market. The nail cloud that is being built on the nail company’s open platform ensures that the data produced by the third party service Developer program is kept in the hands of the enterprise, and the developers can’t get it. Not long ago, Facebook was confronted with the biggest regulatory dilemma in the company’s history because of its alleged disclosure of user privacy to third parties. “Many software companies around the world are very weak in this respect. They have spent huge resources on privacy protection and data security of enterprises and employees. Nail is considered to be China’s first truly enterprise data belonging to the enterprise, employee data privacy belongs to employees. No way to say. We are the “leader” without the idea that nail nail is the best understanding of the needs of small and medium enterprises. The biggest problem in domestic and small enterprises is not lack of money and talent, but “thought”. How to create creative power in the cloud and mobile age is the pain point of these enterprises, which is not understood by the competitive products. It’s hard to replicate. “No matter what others do, we are the leader of this industry,” he said. When you talk about the nail, you can’t go around the Tencent’s WeChat. Without a trick, WeChat is a good personal social product. It satisfies human nature and follows entertainment and life as the center. If it is brought into business, it will make the work inefficient, difficult to focus, and difficult to cooperate. So he thinks that enterprise WeChat and personal WeChat are not good news, which means that work and life are increasingly difficult to separate for users, and the further infiltration of work content to WeChat means that the life time of the user is further eroded by the work, and later “there will be more and more micro merchants in your friends circle.” “.” No recruitment told Sohu technology, nail the current user growth rate, is the fastest in the global enterprise market. The nail is not desperately pursuing the size of the user, but the customer service is really good. “We have a big number of new users every day, but the customer service and product transmission do not do well.” Not long ago, Sohu science and technology has exposed the news of today’s headline IM products. No way to reply to this reply that the headline is originally a super heavy user of nail nail, Zhang Yiming know its value, “just do it… All”. His attitude towards competitors, like all the leaders, “welcomes the market to be big,” and he says the next nail will bring more good news and new features. The competitive business of enterprise service has just started.

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