BBC interview Cheng Wei: from the dripping drop, we see a brand-new Chinese company.


Long term use of color glasses to see China’s BBC, after the interview with great appreciation. BBC says drops are representatives of China’s new generation of Internet Co, which will change the global travel market.

Recently, the dripping trip was officially announced to enter the Mexico market. The founder of the drop drop, CEO Cheng Wei, recently received an interview with foreign media BBC, indicating that the constant exploration of user value in the field of travel and transportation is the basis for maintaining competitive advantages. “China is an important market, but today’s dripping vision has gradually been global.”

BBC interview Cheng Wei: from the dripping drop, we see a brand-new Chinese company.

BBC interview Cheng Wei: from the dripping drop, we see a brand-new Chinese company.

The founder and CEO Cheng Wei of didi travel takes an exclusive interview with BBC to talk about the future planning of the company.

BBC thinks that drops show the image of China’s new Internet Co. Cheng Wei, 35, and his young team, not only have an international perspective, but also cooperate and win together. These Chinese enterprises value highly.

“Embedding” mobile travel “into the automobile industry revolution”

BBC said that in today’s China, people first think of drop trips when traveling. For many people, the company is not only a convenient way to travel, but also a source of national pride.

The program conducted a street visit in Beijing, and respondents said, “mobile devices and Chinese technology companies have completely changed our lives. Through mobile devices, we can enjoy all kinds of services now. The drops and these Chinese companies are great. We are creating a legend of our own. “

BBC thought that the idea of drop creation was similar to that of Uber, but then Cheng Weiji expanded his original thinking in his deeper understanding of the market. Cheng Wei said that didi is transforming the scale advantage of the travel platform into the synergy advantage of the automotive industry chain. He hopes that didi is a company that can continuously create value for users, and on this basis, it will continue to form a leading position of differentiation.

Earlier, the drop has been revealed that it is expected to include car rental, maintenance and refueling service platform services will reach the target of annual GMV900 billion RMB.

Cheng Weiye thought, “we are fortunate enough to do the right thing at the right time.” He said, “this era is bound to develop in the direction of sharing and intelligence. Just like the emergence and mechanization of electricity, the Internet will change all sectors. ” And drops of choice into the transport sector, and also hope to further solve the problems in this field.

Changing urban traffic with data across the boundary of the product

In the program, the BBC reporter was amazed at the dripping speed and skill level. At present, the company is not only limited to providing network services, but also using big data to ease urban traffic congestion.

BBC interview Cheng Wei: from the dripping drop, we see a brand-new Chinese company.

Liu Xianghong, chief scientist of Intelligent Transportation: drip intelligent signal lamp has landed nationwide.

“We can calculate the congestion index of these cities through real time data,” Liu Xianghong, the chief scientist of a drop of intelligent transportation, told reporters about the current research. With this information, we can help alleviate traffic congestion in cities. ” Last year, with traffic police in Ji’nan, traffic congestion in Daming Lake area was reduced by 20%.

BBC asks if drops will bring these technologies to the world? Liu Xianghong said, “traffic jams are a global problem. China may have some of the most complex traffic cases in the world. If dripping can help reduce congestion in Chinese cities, we are confident that such technologies can be extended to other parts of the world.

A minority company with international vision and Chinese character

To understand how drops can beat Uber to become a leading travel company in the world, BBC interviewed Chris DeAngelis, a professional consultant for foreign companies to provide consultancy for re business.

Chris thinks that drops are different from Chinese companies in the world. “This is not a traditional Chinese company. Many people have experience of studying abroad. These young people are very smart. If you see them, you will want to work with them. Compared with Western companies, they are more focused on solving practical problems.

In terms of internationalization, it has adopted different ways from western enterprises. Cheng Wei said, “our strategy is not to do everything ourselves, it will take a lot of cooperation and win-win ways. If there are already very successful Internet Co on the ground, we will invest to support it. If there are no very successful local companies, the drops will enter and share our experience in the past.

Matheus Moraes, the company’s chief executive, said, “Brazil and China are very similar to the Chinese market,” Matheus Moraes, the head of the company’s Matheus leader. We are at the same stage of urbanization, facing the same challenges and opportunities. ” He believes that for both sides, this is a very successful acquisition cooperation, not only within the company, but also very proud of Brazil.

BBC interview Cheng Wei: from the dripping drop, we see a brand-new Chinese company.

Matheus said that 99 became a member of the trickle down global travel network and made Brazilians proud.

Now, the next international city is announced to enter Mexico. In an interview with BBC, it was mentioned that Chinese society does not pay much attention to data privacy, which may cause problems for internationalization. Cheng Wei retorted the view that the Chinese government, business and users are paying great attention to data security, and if the Internet Co does not guarantee data security, it will also go through a disaster.

BBC believes that data is an important resource for drop development. Big data can not only help drop train better product algorithm, solve urban traffic problems, but also hope for intelligent driving technology research.

After the interview, BBC reporter Karishma Vaswan exclaimed that China was changing faster than you thought, and a major driving factor behind these changes was a company like drip. Dripping is changing not only the future of China, but also the life of everyone in the world.

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