Cai Wensheng asked Wang Feng ten questions: in the next 3 years, every Internet Co will combine block chain technology.


Cai Wensheng asked Wang Feng ten questions: in the next 3 years, every Internet Co will combine block chain technology.

Hunting cloud network (micro signal: ilieyun) Beijing, May 3rd (text / Wang Fei)

At 22 o’clock in May 2nd, Cai Wensheng, chairman of and the founder of the company, were invited to the “Mars financial creation learning group at 3 o’clock” to answer ten questions from Wang Feng.

1. the two experiences of domain name creation and personal website have made Cai Wensheng benefit from entering the field of angel investment and block chain. Cai Wensheng will soon know who the successful angel investors in China are and communicate with them. He will use the shortest time to contact China and even the most successful people in the world as a block chain investment.

2. Cai Wensheng thinks that every angel investor has the same values. Early investment is to make money. When you make enough money, more considerations are measured from the social value, that is to say, to take more responsibility and help more people.

3. Cai Wensheng says bitcoin is the largest storm that covers the world and all of mankind, so if it is a bubble, it must be the biggest bubble in history of human history. He does not know whether the future digital currency will be the biggest success, but he believes that there are about 30000000 people playing bitcoin and digital money all over the world, and the number is still beginning very early, so it is the greatest risk that it is not involved.

4. Cai Wensheng emphasized that the BEC chain was not made by Mei Tao company, nor was it done by himself. Through the above related series of events, Cai Wensheng believes that the block chain’s entrepreneurial threshold is very high. It is not only about the technical aspects, including your economic logic for the currency, including your marketing capabilities, including your community operations, which are very high.

5. Cai Wensheng disclosed that he now has about 10 thousand bitcoins. He has also invested nearly ten dozen regional chain projects. From now on, there are buoyant wins and losses, but this is only a short-term performance. From the long line, Cai Wensheng is very optimistic, and many projects need more time to verify.

Cai Wensheng also said that block chain investment is to provide an opportunity for ordinary investors to enter the same cost as famous investors and famous investment institutions. People are basically on the same starting line. Block chain projects also reflect that famous investment institutions are not necessarily smarter than ordinary investors.

He also believes that block chain projects can leave token independent, and new, some creative projects should need to be combined with token to produce great value.

Cai Wensheng also said that next year there will be many landing scenes to achieve. Now it is finance, games and entertainment.

6. Cai Wensheng believes that the early performance of the entrepreneurial project, in the future development of the bottleneck, must be combined with technical ability, at the same time to have the ability to form a management team, it is possible to make a huge project.

7. he also believes that the hot spots of chasing chaining chains are now too far behind and artificial intelligence has been left behind. Artificial intelligence and block chains can be well integrated in the future. In the next three years, the block chain and the Internet will speed up the integration, possibly each Internet Co, may have the combination of block chain technology; also, good block chain project, must also combine the Internet existing technology and user resources, can be really big.

Cai Wensheng summed up his personal investment rules as follows: one is not following the rules, the two is to embrace new changes, and the three is to serve more people.

8. Cai Wensheng advises the team to start a block chain project now. If it is too early to raise money through ICO, or to grow too quickly, it is both a double-edged sword. It will bring great trouble to the entrepreneurs, and it may not be possible to stick to the end. He also believes that because of the bear market, just to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to exercise, practical work team will stand out.

9. Tsai Wensheng combined with himself that if a person wants to succeed in a continuous way, it has a great relationship with his own efforts and self – study and self – change. If you want to get an investor, you must first see what you have, what you can do, and then do it, and accumulate it slowly, until you make certain results, and the investor will come and help you. If I have to get the money, or I have to have what conditions, I have to have the conditions to go to entrepreneurship mentality will never succeed.

10. Cai Wensheng hopes that there will be several big public chains in the future block chain, and then some basic applications will be established, and there are hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of different block chain communities, forming an ecological scene like the earth.

He believes that artificial intelligence, block chain and other technologies will promote the development of human society, improve the efficiency of social operation and produce greater wealth, but it is of great significance to join the humanistic spirit. If the future through the block chain, to our human emotions, ideas become valuable, such as the value of the literary thought can be directly transferred and embodied, that is even greater.

Dialogue time: 22 May 2nd

WeChat community: Mars financial innovation learning group at 3 o’clock

Dialogue guest:

Cai Wensheng: Chairman of, founder of Mito. From 2005 to 2007, the three China Internet webmaster conference was held consecutively. He has invested dozens of excellent websites such as storm and video, becoming a famous angel investor in China.

Wang Feng: the founder of the HK.8267, founder of the blue port interactive group, a venture partner of geek group, and served as senior vice president of Kingsoft.

The following is the original text of the dialogue. Wang Feng, source 10 (ID:wangfengshiwen):

First question

Wang Feng: you all know that your first bucket of gold is a domain name, you once traded,,, (Sina micro-blog), (360 company), (Google China), (micro vision) and so on, so you are also called “the domain name king”. In April 2005, you invested all the meals and lodging in Xiamen. In Xiamen, the first China Internet station conference was held for two days. The largest number of domestic websites were invited to participate, including Li Xingping (hao123), Pang Shengdong (, Yao Jinbo (58 city), Wang Wei (potato net), Yu Jun (9238 search). Cable, and Meng Xiao snake, also invited Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Ren and other domestic Internet giants and IDG and other mainstream investment institutions. This session of the webmaster conference is generally considered to be a symbol of the transformation from a personal station to a commercial station, and has also created a wave of Internet grassroots entrepreneurship. Why did you want to organize the conference of the stationmaster at that time?

Cai Wensheng: I began to enter the Internet from 2000, the reason why I cut in from the domain name, I have no technical background, second selection of domain name business cost is relatively low, a computer plus a small amount of funds can register domain names.

In 2003, I began to make my personal website 265, and because it arrived in Beijing, I got IDG investment. At that time I was the first site of the grass root website to get the IDG mainstream fund investment, I think there are more personal websites, personal stationmaster, may also need to have such a platform, to be able to get risk investment to be bigger, this is why I want to do the station station.

I chose Xiamen because I started from Xiamen, so I hope that I can help more of Xiamen’s personal webmasters.

Wang Feng: Why did you choose Internet entrepreneurship at that time from domain name and personal stationmaster? The experience of domain name and personal stationmaster, what are the inspiration for you to invest and start a business in the future?

Domain name and personal stationmaster’s experience, the greatest impact on my future investment and entrepreneurship is that the domain name is the basis of an Internet. In the process of registering the domain name, you will know the domain name registration information of all Chinese websites: how the web site is done, who did it, and how to do it successfully. This part will be of great help to me.

At that time, I could do that. I know who did the IP stationed in China over 100 thousand of a day. How did he do it? This kind of learning is very important. After I go into the field of angel investment, I will get to know who the successful angel investors in China are and communicate with them as soon as possible. Similarly, now I am interested in the block chain, and I will be in touch with the most successful people in China and even the world in the shortest time.

This is a methodology for me, which may enlighten us all.

Cai Wensheng asked Wang Feng ten questions: in the next 3 years, every Internet Co will combine block chain technology.

Cai Wensheng’s speech at the first conference of the stationmaster

Second questions

Wang Feng: in April 24th, the Chinese angel investor conference was held in Hongkong. I know that you and the thunder army, Li Kaifu, Xu Xiaoping, Xue barbarian, Yang Xiangyang, He Boquan, Ni Zhengdong, Gong Si Jia, bun, Wang Gang, Yao Jinbo, Yuan Yue, and others are all Angel members. What do you talk about at this meeting? Do you think who has made more achievements in these people? As a very influential investor, do you think Chinese investors should have value considerations in addition to the return on investment? How do you practice it? Haha, the problem is a bit big, but since you have to ask, value We’ll have to hear it.

Cai Wensheng asked Wang Feng ten questions: in the next 3 years, every Internet Co will combine block chain technology.

Cai Wensheng: Chinese angels will hold an external conference every year. The main topic is to promote angel investment and encourage entrepreneurship. The main reason for this entry into Hongkong is that the angel investment has done very well in the mainland of China. We should go to international development. Hongkong is just a place where China and the west combine. We hope to discuss the future direction of investment and achieve greater achievements.

As for the 14 people of the angel’s meeting, who has made more achievements, I think it is impossible to make a profit entirely on the economic indicators to make a profit, and everyone has its own way of doing it. I want to talk about the characteristics of everyone I understand.

For example, Li Kaifu’s investment style is partial logic, including data, team, direction of development, he will measure a project logically. He also prefers to invest in people with large company experience.

Xu Xiaoping, I think he is partial romantic. As long as your project can move him, he thinks this is a very interesting thing, he will invest.

Xue barbarian is the easiest person I’ve ever seen to accept new things. He’s more of a way to sow. As long as he doesn’t have a lot of money to invest, he is willing to go and invest in a large number of projects, waiting for it to be a bursting money.

Yang Xiangyang is a biased man. He invested in medicine early and later threw some hardware. In his early medical treatment, he felt that China could have a medical breakthrough to save more people; he made hardware, and felt that China’s industrial manufacturing was weak, and he was willing to help some of the industry 4. He often pays for his feelings.

Lei Jun’s style, early investment, he usually only cast familiar people, or acquaintances introduced projects. In addition, I think his assessment standard is whether this project has the opportunity to get more investors to identify, and to build a strong team, I think this is his style.

Wang Gang, he is the youngest person in the Angel Club, but I think his investment style is the most mature, and he will almost go deep into the team, including direction, talent and capital.

There is no value on angel investment, I think everyone is the same. Early investment is to make money. When you make enough money, more considerations are measured by social value, such as Hikvision’s Gong Hongjia, who made hundreds of billions of Hikvision. Once we talked in private, he said he was really hesitant. He didn’t know what to do with the money.

Later, he wanted to understand that he said he felt that God had given him so much money that he had to shoulder more responsibilities and help more people. So now he has increased the investment scope and invested all his money in more projects.

In fact, I am the same, in fact, I have a few hundred and a few stationmaster, we know of a few successful, and many are not successful, when I invested them, I also know that I might not make money, may not be of commercial value, but I think he will help more people, I would like to vote for him.

Two examples. I voted for a new farm network. It is a website that helps farmers develop agriculture with farming techniques and planting techniques. At the beginning, I don’t think I can make money, but it really helps some farmers how to breed better. I think it is very meaningful. In addition, I voted a website called loan help network, which was also developed in Hunan and Hubei, which is a small loan to farmers. It’s been 10 years. He wanted to be a Yunus like China to help farmers get small loans. The project has not been successful until now, but he has helped many farmers directly.

Wang Feng: ask, who’s the most successful person you didn’t think of in the last ten years? Did you ever have a path to a scale such as BAT in your investment and business career?

Cai Wensheng: I think that even grass can succeed, so everyone has a chance to succeed. I never think of anyone who won’t succeed. I think everyone has a chance to succeed.

I think I certainly have a chance to throw in BAT. For example, Lei Jun’s millet, is now a paragraph, I had the opportunity to invest in him, because the millet financing is very fast, and at the beginning of a large scale, more than the scope of the angel investment, so the millet will be successful, but he did not take the initiative to invest.

And I remember when Wang Xing was going to look for me when he was going to be a United States Group in 2007. He just sold the campus network to prepare for the group purchase. I thought it was very difficult to become a huge commercial platform. But Wang Xing was very strong. On the basis of the group buying, he had already become a beautiful group that we see now.

I knew Zhang Yiming and I was in 2005, when he was doing a bad news with Wu Shichun, and then he came out to start a 99 room, and he was on the basis of 99. Because at that time, I just wanted to go back to venture capital in Xiamen instead of staying in Beijing, so I missed my headlines.

These three projects are actually close to BAT. At the time, if I took the initiative, I could put in, but I missed it.

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