AI asked Chen Lei: is the thunder half year engaged in technology or story telling?


AI asked Chen Lei: is the thunder half year engaged in technology or story telling?

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QQ, thunder, Kingsoft, the three most important software for computer installation in early twenty-first Century, now is the fate. QQ has WeChat brothers to fight together. Kingsoft has become a passer-by on Lei’s resume, and thunder, how do we define it?

In 2003, thunderbolt was born in the era of the Internet Express Palm control of the 80% downloading market; in 2006, thunderbolt covered more than 110 million users, controlled more than 50% of the market share, the download field formally entered the “Thunderbolt era”; in April 2014, thunderbolt completed a 310 million dollar financing in nnaq success in the United States after two months. Listing; in October 2017, the thunder released a cloud of play, kicking off the gate of the block chain and fighting the draught again.

From “download giants” to “disciples of chain blocks”, some people say that thunder is engaged in technology, and others say that thunder is telling stories.

AI asked Chen Lei: is the thunder half year engaged in technology or story telling?


Revenue surging thunderbolt, but a year after year huge losses?

“I have good news and I have bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?” The most vulgar scene in TV play is suitable for thunder.

According to the latest fiscal year of the thunderbolt in the 2017 fiscal year, total revenue increased by 43.2% year on year, and the total revenue of the four seasons increased by 128.5%. The most inconceivable thing is that the revenue of cloud computing in the fourth quarter of last year increased by 517.2%.

Thunder CEO Chen Lei said that with the rapid growth of cloud computing business in the fourth quarter of 2017, the company’s revenue in the fourth quarter exceeded expectations. For 2018, the primary task is to expand market share and raise net profit. “

AI asked Chen Lei: is the thunder half year engaged in technology or story telling?

However, behind the brilliant growth of revenue, the net profit is horrible. Since 2008, the thunder has been wandering on the brink of breakeven or big losses. In the 2017 fiscal year, net losses were as high as $44 million 200 thousand, compared with a net loss of $30 million 800 thousand in the same period last year.

Chen Lei’s explanation is the thunderbolt has been in transformation, 2011 thunderbolt application store, in 2013 to do mobile search, 2014 to do share calculation, 2015 do live, 2016 to do VR, 2017 half to do artificial intelligence, but not always successful.

During this period, because there was no stable net profit, thunder had to choose to go to the US NASDAQ IPO. But as Chen Lei said, the frequent change track has been dragging thunderbolt. In the eyes of most investors, thunderbolt is still only the “download tool” ten years ago. The stock price of thunder also dropped from $12 / share issue price to $3.18 / share in July 2017.

However, the turning point of the story began in July last year.


Chen Lei is in power, thunderbolt turns the block chain?

In July 2017, Chen Lei officially became CEO of the thunder group, and the new official took office. The first fire was burned to the shared computing strategy.

Since joining CTO in 2014, Chen Lei has been responsible for cloud computing business. So when power was in place, he quickly upgraded the cloud computing strategy to the company’s first strategy. This is why thundercloud’s cloud computing revenue has increased significantly in the second half of last year.

The data showed that the total revenue of the fourth quarter of 2017 was about 82 million 400 thousand US dollars, up 128.5% from the same year, which was the highest increase since the 8 consecutive quarterly revenue growth. It was also the highest record since the thunderbolt was listed in 2014. In the four quarter, the revenue of cloud computing increased by more than 500%.

AI asked Chen Lei: is the thunder half year engaged in technology or story telling?

In addition to cloud computing, Chen Lei also burned the block chain. He believes that block chains may change our society and our lives faster and more profoundly than artificial intelligence. If AI is changing the way to complete work, then the regional chain will change all kinds of relationships in the work.

In October 31, 2017, at the thunderbolt strategic conference, the new generation of shared economic intelligent hardware products played a very important role in the world.

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