Ai Hua: what is the bottom line of the quick hand?


Ai Hua: what is the bottom line of the quick hand?

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I think simply speaking is public order and good morals. It is recognized by all of us that some morals are good and the bottom line is not necessarily a law.                         plurality; dialectical; dialectical; dialectical; dialectical; dialectical; dialectical; dialectical; ;                   fast hand CEO China.

In March 31st, there was a lot of early pregnancy network red video on the broadcast short video platform of CCTV “News Live Room” and “Dongfang space-time”.

In April 3rd, CEO, a fast hand, issued an apology for accepting criticism and reforming.

Ai Hua: what is the bottom line of the quick hand?

In April 4th, the State Administration of radio, film and television and network information office talked about fast technology in a series of talks, and asked for quick rectification of some problems exposed recently. Network letter office said, the investigation, quick hand, small volcano video failed to carry out the responsibility of the enterprise main body. Out of the goal of gaining the eyeball, obtaining the flow of traffic, the account management, let the minor host publish low and vulgar bad information, break through the social moral bottom line and violate the mainstream values of the society.

Then, the quick hand officials responded by releasing “quick hand rectify measures”, announcing a comprehensive review of existing inventory video and stopping new video uploading accounts. The next day, the fast hand APP came down on Android’s major application stores.

In April 6th, the quick hand reissued rectify measures statement, starting multiple measures to reform, will be 5 days in the discovery page for fixed video guidance, the expansion of the audit team, the establishment of minors protection system. At the same time, the prominent position of the first page of the fast hand was placed in a statement “to implement the rectification and advance”, and announced that 51 thousand short video had been cleaned up on the 8 day, and more than 1.1 people were banned.

Ai Hua: what is the bottom line of the quick hand?

Is the king killed in the jungle bound to be scars?

This is not the first time the short video industry has been hit by regulators. Last February, the network office ordered the “pear video” rectification. Last June, SARFT asked Sina micro-blog to rectify the video content. Due to the continuous tightening of supervision, the license of network audio-visual license has been suspended.

The shortage of short video makes the whole content industry deviate, the deviation of the content platform flow and the deviation of the content workers seem to cater to the peak of the content of the content industry. But to blindly pursue the flow platform, in order to develop the user to play the edge ball, wandering at the edge of legal morality has become a new operation strategy.

Another problem that worries the market is that the industry seems to have no pure land. The more the leader in the industry, the more sick and ridden, the more the king killed in the jungle, the more you can not get rid of the soil.

Ai Hua: what is the bottom line of the quick hand?

Fast hand since the rapid development of short video community in 2013, through the rapid development of 2015 to 2016, has become the leader and leader of the short video industry.

In November 2017, the number of active users of APP was over 100 million, and the total number of registered users exceeded 700 million, generating more than 10 million new video content per day. During the Spring Festival this year, in the short video field, the fast hand has topped the top of the 100 million DAU. The far super tremor, watermelon video, and small volcano video are equivalent to the other APP.

But in the wild and barbaric growth, the fast hand inevitably faces the problem of vulgarization of content. Since the short video content was quickly handed down, eating light bulbs, drinking a bottle of liquor for a second, lighting the firecrackers wrapped around the body and so on have been criticized.

In December 2016, the fast hand announced the establishment of a community self-discipline Committee, hoping to use social forces to curb the spread of bad content. At the same time, the fast start also launched a monthly audit system to strengthen the supervision of the content of the platform.

But even so, the fast hand this time has exposed the “minor pregnant woman video” incident, let the public opinion once again to the fast content control has produced the serious question.

Ai Hua: what is the bottom line of the quick hand?

Some people say that the first time that the fast hand enters the short video industry is doomed to avoid the vulgarization of content.

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