Interview with Li Cong, founder of onion OMALL: what we need to do in the future is to make our consumers closer to the goods.


Interview with Li Cong, founder of onion OMALL: what we need to do in the future is to make our consumers closer to the goods.

Onion OMALL founder, global social networking promoters: Li Cong

At the beginning of this year, the well-known social retail platform onions overseas officially renamed the onion OMALL and announced a brand new brand logo to officially launch a brand new brand slogan: “onion OMALL, more for you”; and also invited famous host Kevin Tsai to be a “female ambassador” to start a new round of brand biography. Broadcast campaigns and launch new business sections. This is not only the brand new creation of onion OMALL, but also the comprehensive upgrading of its brand strategy.

In the latest phase of the special research activities of the AIDS media benchmarking enterprise, the net interviewed Li Cong, the founder of the onion, Li Cong, who shared the current development status of onion OMALL and some plans for the future.

Define the correct mode of social retail, so that “goods through the world” and “cargo through globalization” become possible.

Social retail, which is different from the centralization of the retail platform business, is more of a decentralized retailing business by personal networking, using social tools or scenes, using personal social contacts for commodity trading. The social tools here refer to the Internet or on the mobile Internet, such as WeChat, micro-blog, QQ, QQ space and other common social tools; social scenes refer to social attributes under the lines of families, communities, companies, and experience pavilions.

In the context of the globalization of mobile Internet and the increasing demand of consumer upgrading, the onion OMALL has been working to build a global network of goods and make large-scale social retail channels cover the world.

Li Cong said that in China, onion OMALL first defined the new concept of social retail, and created the M2S (Made to Social) social retail mode. International brand factory direct output (Made) to a personal carrier of social retail channel (Social), without a middle brand and circulation, means that consumers can buy more sophisticated goods at a more efficient and closer cost price.

It is understood that the onions OMALL has been online for more than 2 years since the January 16, and has obtained the first line capital investment and financing for four times, and 80% of the financing funds have been put on the supply chain construction (Made). Relying on its own 20 years of overseas trade accumulation, onions have built overseas branches and cooperation warehouses in Japan, Korea, Britain, the United States, Australia and Germany, and set up a constant temperature transfer warehouse of 25 thousand square meters in Hongkong.

In addition, with the unique M2S social retail mode, onion OMALL stands out on the social retail track. At the same time, the Guangdong provincial government has also been awarded the award, and in December 2017 was awarded the “Guangdong province e-commerce demonstration unit” honor, I myself also as the Chinese Ministry of Commerce “social retail legislative adviser” participated in the promotion of social retail legislation.

Upstream solution costs, downstream efficiency: let consumers get closer to goods.

Li Cong mentioned that the M2S social retail model of onion OMALL, the supply chain Made has been formally upgraded to “industrial chain”, intended to be close to the manufacturing and brand end, and to incubate itself to introduce its own marketing, and to sell through its own channel network.

In this respect, the onions continuously integrate the upstream (Made) brand straight out, the brand strict selection and the supply chain upgrading ability, adhere to the commodity 100% proprietary source, and have the upstream bargaining initiative, let the world factory direct, greatly reduce and even reduce the circulation cost of goods.

In the Social section of the lower reaches, Li Cong said onion OMALL uses global social networking to make goods closer to consumers. A person, a cell phone, can be a commodity to multiple channels of circulation, directly close to consumers, so that consumers closer to the goods.

He added that social retail (Social) has the two advantages of rapidly penetrating the market and centralizing traffic. The social ecology formed by Social enables everyone in the ecosystem to become a fan of onion, to create, maintain and disseminate the brand.

M2S mode, he concluded, is an efficient way of circulation, so that the relationship between supply and demand will be further integrated.

The total asset allocation chain should be built and the platform set up to make the upstream and downstream circulation more efficient.

Speaking of the future layout of the onions OMALL, Li Cong said that, in addition to continuing to strengthen the construction of the industrial chain, it is also to build a more efficient central and lower circulation system for the upstream and downstream. Make customer service, warehouse allocation, operation, channels, systems five networks, improve the service system, effectively help upstream and downstream bridging and efficient operation.

At the end of the interview, Li Gong said that social retail is developing with a prairie fire, and it is expected that in the next 5 years, the “social retail platform” is expected to form 3 mainstream retail channels with “traditional offline entity stores” and “central e-commerce platform”. By 2020, the size of social retail sales is expected to break trillions. The strategic planning of onion in the future is still insisting on centralization, continuously strengthening the competition barriers of supply chain, accelerating the diversification of channels through the global market.

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