Hu Weiwei: capital helps you, but in the end you have to return it.


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Before the Spring Festival in 2018, I visited Hu Weiwei at the headquarters in Beijing.

The headquarters of Beijing, on the bright horse river, is a large terrace like the front cabin of a ship, where there is a jumper. Before the formal interview, I jumped with Hu Weiwei for a while. Her balance is much better than me. For young people who love sports, trampoline is an activity for her to steal in the company.

Hu Weiwei: capital helps you, but in the end you have to return it.

Hu Weiwei is the youngest in the ten year twenty person interview project, and is a post-80 generation. Ten years ago, her ideal was to be a good reporter. Now, she is the most prominent entrepreneur in China.

After three years of entrepreneurship, Hu Weiwei has achieved a lot and is also facing a strong competitive pursuit. But she is a less changed person. When I talk to her about this, I say you see how much the thunder had changed over the years, and she suddenly turned her head and asked, “what is the biggest change he has changed, very curious.”

I think, probably after many people start their business, they will no longer be naive.

She asked me, is this good?

“You don’t see a teenager.”

“I’ll be in a couple of years, and will it be like that.” She smiled back and leaned back. It was probably a real resistance. “It’s too horrible.”

She had not been polished into a round stone, but still an idealist, still excluded from something in the world.

A lot of suspense is focused on Hu Weiwei: how is a North drift young man stand out, what is the future of sharing a bicycle, what the capital is on her and the motorist, and how Hu Wei Wei looks at her three years of business, what are her anxieties and changes?

I hope to see some characteristics that Hu Weiwei can not see in the entrepreneurs who have been in touch with others. This time, I think I saw it. I think it’s probably free and confident. These elements appeared in these young people at a very early time. In this sense, Hu Weiwei was really a bit more fortunate than Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Shi and others.

But she also suffers from her troubles. Some of the big problems come to her work too early, for example, the rapid expansion of the team and the pursuit of capital.

Hu Weiwei and I said, “for a time, I think about the past, whether there is another way to choose, whether it can have a slightly different process, or a result that is not the same as it is now. Actually, no, I really thought about it for a long time. ” She paused for two seconds, and again and again, “no”.

In the worst case, I have a small box in my life.

Wu Xiaobo: we are all journalists who observe enterprises and do business reports. Do you really go to work as an enterprise, do you think there is a difference between you and your original imagination?

Hu Weiwei: as a reporter, we have to believe that we can do everything. Otherwise, how do you go to interview, many people you don’t know, the areas you don’t know, we have to run there directly to find that person. So a person can have great ability.

But the advantage of a company or business is that you have the power to realize the values you think are right.

Wu Xiaobo: did you think about the price?

Hu Weiwei: I probably thought about it. You can imagine that I came to Beijing more than ten years ago and came with a small box. That’s life, too. That’s what I have. I think it’s the worst and worst that I can have. I think it’s very simple for a person to survive.

Hu Weiwei: capital helps you, but in the end you have to return it.

I don’t want to go to war every day.

Wu Xiaobo: in a very short period of three years, it has completed the rest of the business for a lifetime. In two years, it has become a unicorn in the industry. The whole industry has been basically shuffling for three years, and it has become a company of thousands of people. What did you grow up the most for the last three years?

Hu Weiwei: I think it’s a perception of human nature. I just think, not to test human nature, but to recognize human nature, and to follow these, rather than think of human nature very rationalistic, very bright, not to test these things.

Wu Xiaobo: what was the most surprising thing for you in these three years?

Hu Weiwei: the competition is tragic. This is a surprise to me. I haven’t experienced this before, and maybe I’m not as strong as many men, and I think about fighting every day.

Wu Xiaobo: what do you think is the three thing that worries you most in the three years of starting an undertaking?

Hu Weiwei: first, the product can not catch up with the appropriate time, the long-term and short-term goals will always fight; second is the growth of the team, including personal growth; third, of course, how to clarify your strategy, including financing.

Hu Weiwei: capital helps you, but in the end you have to return it.

Capital will help you, but you will have to return it in the end.

  Wu Xiaobo: the three years of sharing a bicycle is a catalytic process of a lot of capital. What role does capital usually play on your own point of view?

Hu Weiwei: I think it is not emotional, like science and technology, it is not black or white, the projection of all is human nature, you use it well is to serve human, the use of bad is the destruction of human.

Wu Xiaobo: so what role did capital play in the development of the country?

Hu Weiwei: capital and MBI are all interdependent, we must be boosted by capital, but there are no products and teams like us, but it doesn’t help.

My own view is that the ultimate success of not a truly successful enterprise is entirely due to capital. So, capital helps you, but in the end, you have to return it.

Hu Weiwei: capital helps you, but in the end you have to return it.

We are beginning to miss something that makes us better.

Wu Xiaobo: Although the idea of sharing is shared, it is more like a business model of time sharing leasing. Have you ever wondered why it is a way to detonate the new mode of time sharing to solve the problem of last mile?

Hu Weiwei: first, bicycles have been a relatively large industry in China. In 2016, a total of about eighty million bicycles were produced. From this perspective, we have the industry as the foundation to achieve the products of the city.

Second, from the value level, I think air pollution, urban congestion and other problems, people have begun to remember something to make themselves better. For example, your circle of friends may be basking in marathons, swimming, and traveling, all of which are not bought with money, and all of the things you make yourself better.

So at this time, bicycles are reappearing in such a convenient way. I think people have no reason to refuse it.

Wu Xiaobo: what do you think of the market in three years?

  Hu Weiwei: now we are also providing more services. It may become a user system, adding more value-added services. For example, we now have more than 200000000 users, with an average of 230 million daily lives per day, which is based only on an important entrance to increase the daily activity.

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