AI asked Zhang Xuhao: who are you hungry after selling?


AI asked Zhang Xuhao: who are you hungry after selling?

Recently, Alibaba group, ant gold clothing group and hungry United announced that the Alibaba has signed a purchase agreement, combined ant gold clothing for 9 billion 500 million dollars to complete the purchase of full capital, which is the largest scale of China’s Internet history of a purchase.

After the completion of the acquisition, Wang Lei, vice president of Alibaba group, will be CEO. Hungry, founder Zhang Xuhao will be chairman of the hungry team, and Zhang Yong’s new retail strategy assistant, who is responsible for strategic decision support. Zhang Xuhao said that hungry, the future will be integrated into Ali ecology, while maintaining an independent brand, independent operation. Rather than getting short-term financial support, hunger puts more emphasis on future strategic resources.

In April 2009, Zhang Xuhao and four small partners co founded hunger; in March 2011, starved to complete the A round of multi million dollar financing; In April 2016, was it hungry to take the $1 billion 250 million F round of the Alibaba and ant gold dress; in June 2017, when you were hungry to introduce a war investment, the Alibaba led us $1 billion; in April 2018, I was starved to be formally bought by Alibaba and ant gold, worth $9 billion 500 million.

In the past nine years, Zhang Xuhao has made a “super unicorn” out of hunger and starved Zhang Xuhao into a legend after a 85.

AI asked Zhang Xuhao: who are you hungry after selling?

Who is hungry after “selling body”?

In an internal letter issued today, Zhang Xuhao mentioned that hungry has decided to accept the offer of the Alibaba, which will be integrated into a powerful Ali ecology in the future, while continuing to maintain an independent brand and operate independently.

AI Cheng: when Ali comes in, you will worry about the independence of hunger. What do you think?

Zhang Xuhao: I think in fact, any company that accepts such investment may face such a problem, and people will think that your independence is a problem.

In fact, I think the essence of entrepreneurship is that after you take this money and strategic partner, with such a partner, can you develop your core competitiveness, develop your company, serve your users better, serve the business better, and then have a faster growth, I think this is the core. Heart.

If I think your business is not developing well, if you can’t do it, your independence will have problems. Even if you don’t play the strategic capital, there will be problems. So I think it’s all about the development of the whole company, how to use this money, how to serve the users, and how to serve the merchants, I think this is the essence of the question. Question.

How does a teenager wearing slippers deliver from 0 to 1?

According to media reports, after the completion of financing last year, the valuation reached 5 billion to 6 billion dollars. If this time is calculated at 9 billion 500 million US dollars, after the completion of the acquisition, the “hungry” valuation increased by six to 90% in half a year. The Shanghai Jiaotong graduate student, who once wore a slipper in school to take out, used nine years to build a Internet Co with a market value of nearly ten billion dollars.

Ai Cheng: I heard that when you started your business, you had to go barefoot to deliver the food in the cold winter. It’s very contrary to me. I don’t believe this very much.

Zhang Xuhao: it’s wearing slippers, not barefoot. Because the weather in Shanghai is very cold in winter, and it often rains. It’s hard to wear shoes on rainy days and get wet at night, so it’s easier for us to wear a pair of slippers.

Ai Cheng: did you wear slippers to take delivery at that time, which was in line with your original intention of starting a business and changing your life with technology?

  in fact, we didn’t think so much at the time. In fact, our vision was to change the industry through technology, but in fact, in the process of starting our business, especially in the early days, we would like to work on the ground first, first from 0. In fact, we knew nothing about entrepreneurship or company at that time. We did a little bit of action and accumulated.

AI Cheng: why do you deserve such great acme, enthusiasm and faith to do this?

Zhang Xuhao: convenient, we are fully aware of the benefits of this convenience. In the past, a lot of the family had to go to the supermarket to hoard a lot of goods every week. A sense of accomplishment. In the past, we may feel that sending out is only necessary for college life. Now we see a lot of demand on the whole road every day.

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