Zhang Ying answers all of the things you want to know most about Davis.


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Today, the sharing of single vehicle platform ofo small yellow car announced the completion of the E2- 1 round of financing 866 million dollars, the current round of financing to take equity and debt parallel financing, led by the Alibaba.

Ofo, founder and CEO Dai Huang, said: “at present, the share bicycle industry led by ofo has moved from high-speed development to a new stage of high quality development. As the most operating experience company in the shared bicycle field, ofo will always adhere to the principle of user first, and continue to lead the development of sharing the single car industry through technological innovation and efficient operation and maintenance. “

China and the weft and weft were acquainted with ofo in 2016, and at that time there was a rumor that “Davis was kept in the office of the warp and weft”. In fact, the parties described it as a talk about each other. At that time, the warp and weft collar threw the B wheel and continued to increase the number of subsequent C wheels and D wheels.

Not long ago, Zhang Ying and Davy had a dialogue based on the “burning point”, a documentary film that was about to be released this year. We thought it was interesting and recorded it and never published it before. Today at this time point out this article, read or quite a few “sense of understanding”, maybe let you understand why it is why, and where it may go.

A dynamic fact that happens at the moment is an opportunity for us to observe and the starting point for this dialogue to take place. Before this, this “Dialogue Series” has already done three stages, according to the order of time is “Zhang Ying dialogue Mi Wenjuan: why is VIPKID?”, “headline investment Live.me, Fu Sheng Zhang Ying dialogue: empty cup and evolution” and “financing 818 million dollars, Zhang Ying on Yang Haoyong: let time solve everything, package Including the opponent. Take the node as the starting point, switch to the double identity of the investor / visitor to do the exploration, and do lateral and vertical cutting on a certain node – this series, trying to start from the event, record and backtrack the key choices and answer the question “why is this”. Below, Enjoy:

Zhang Ying answers all of the things you want to know most about Davis.

Ofo Davy

Zhang Ying: with a round of financing, some say that capital is helping and others say that capital is abducting. Get this financing and look forward to what you want to do today.

Davy: Well, I think it’s three points. The first point is that it is more direct, that is, globalization. The sharing of bicycles is convenient for users. It can solve the problem of congestion for the society and reduce carbon emissions for the environment. It is a good thing. We hope that people around the world can enjoy such services. In globalization, we must invest heavily.

The second point is the Internet of things. In the last twenty years, the world was on the Internet; in the last seven years, the world was moving to the Internet – but on the whole, it was the Internet at this level. In the next twenty or thirty years, the world is the era of the Internet of things. Cars, even tables and chairs, are connected by all kinds of things and things. This is the Internet of things.

I think this is a major trend in the next twenty years, and this trend will be shared by bicycles. For the first time, tens of millions of devices were connected to the Internet. Before that, the annual shipments of millet TV were four million or five million units, for example. And the bicycle that can not be reached with the eight poles of the Internet will now achieve this ten million magnitude or even more than 100 million magnitude, and it will develop in the future.

All of the things we think about can be connected to the Internet of things. It’s a very exciting thing to do. It will also put a lot of people into the breakthrough of R & D technology, how to manage millions of things and manage it online. No company has done this order of management before, whether it is Google Tencent Ali, really manage tens of millions of things (very difficult), we will invest a lot of research and development.

The third point is about the pattern of shared economy. I think a lot of things before were privatization, and how many items were symbols of goals or wealth. In the future, I think the world should move towards a more efficient community of human destiny, and it is very important to improve the comprehensive efficiency. The original one bought a bicycle, a car could not ride for two minutes a day, and the sharing of a single car is to improve the efficiency, more than a dozen people use a car, a hundred minutes a day.

In fact, sharing the economy and sharing the economy is different from my own. Like Uber and Airbnb, I define it as sharing the economy. Because I lend you my things for a period of time, such as house and car. But sharing the economy is purely our share, not that my car is for you.

I think sharing the economy is the next stage of sharing the economy, now we can see that Airbnb, drops, Uber platforms have special (do) B2C, that is, the special two landlord, special car rental companies. This is the trend from C2C to B2C, sharing and sharing. It can provide consumers with a better product and service.

I think the future world may take fifty or one hundred years to see that the shared economy will have more impact on people’s lives in terms of breadth and depth. The wave of shared economy is also led by shared bicycles. Recently there have been many ridicule, sharing toilets or something. I think the trend of shared economy will lead the development of the world in the next fifty or one hundred years. We are very excited that this is the start of cycling. So I think this globalization, then IOT’s Internet of things, and the development of shared economy are what we will invest in.

Zhang Ying: many people have dreams of making a world influence company when they first started their business. In the world of venture companies, this volume, so much money, can touch such a new demand, can have such an opportunity to internationalize, can affect so many people, it is really a ten million probability, which is more difficult than the color of Liuhe. What kind of feeling do you have when you think about it?

Zhang Ying: because I come all the way, my experience is not like you, two or three – stream primary school, the only famous school degree is Northwestern University, a master, in 2008 established the latitude and longitude. Even in 2012, I never thought that Jingwei would become an investment organization like this today. In the quiet time of the night, I think of this, I still have a lot of feelings and many unbelievable, so think of this, just throw it back to you at the same time.

Davy: I think a very important change occurred during the university period. In the seven years of Peking University, the specific schools and knowledge could not be seen. The biggest change for me is to let me know the ideal, including undergraduate graduation, I originally reported graduate student, but I chose to go to Qinghai to teach for one year. I feel that we should do something for the society and understand the society at the same time. In the seven years of Peking University, the teacher of Peking University, the history and culture of Peking University and the atmosphere of Peking University, we are talking about how to change the world and how to promote the progress of the world.

Over the past seven years, I have always believed that we should do something to change the world. So when you think of a name, I choose to put the three letters of ofo together, and I think it’s like a bike – it’s all the people all over the world can understand, and I know it’s a bicycle. This is a company that is original in China and provides convenient service for people all over the world. So this is from the first day, I have such an ideal.

Until now, such as the dead of night, I want to start the whole business process. I had been asked if I had thought that the company would do it today. I said I had thought about it, and I didn’t think it was the way I thought it was, but I didn’t think so fast. I thought that the scale of ofo at this time of today may be eight years or ten years ahead of schedule, but I had thought about that before.

Now that we have capital investment, the technology of mobile Internet has been realized faster. But this picture, the state at this moment, is not unexpected at all. It is just a step in the process of our dream.

Zhang Ying: once a media interview Cheng Wei, the people around him said he had the ability to merge his dream. Yang Pinjie, co-founder of ofo, also said that Davy possessed this kind of demons and could gather a bunch of cattle people. What is the most direct and intuitive reply to this assessment?

Davy: I think I’m a sincere person, “what will this be like in the future,” and I’ll be honest with some of the more cattle. For example, I may want to dig him, but I will make friends and feel first. If I think this person is more or less the same as ofo in culture, basically, the person will come at last, and we can all touch him.

In many cases, we grab the same people, including data, supply chain and overseas executives. For the last seven or eight times, we fought at the same time with the two, and finally (candidates) chose us. I feel that my way is to communicate sincerely, to share the heart of what we do, and to see if we can find a way to fight for the future.

Zhang Ying: do you think this character has always been like this? Or as the ofo has been established, more and more sharpening? Or so, you have been this kind of character, and then it becomes more and more calm through sharpening, experience, and war, more and more attractive to people?

Davy: I think two points of view. First of all, I was born to be such a person. I also experienced some difficult moments before starting business. For example, when the Peking University Student Union ran for president of the student union, I was not a member of the system. But I am very ambitious and I hope to bring about some changes. I will talk to every person voting. In the end, I won a vote, becoming the first direct (outside) pick up person in more than ten years. At that time, I communicated sincerely.

After starting a business, I feel that I have experienced more fierce competition, and then more mature in methods, to find the best people – but I think this kind of heart and sincerity is always the same.

Zhang Ying answers all of the things you want to know most about Davis.

Ofo yellowish car into Red Square, Russia,

Zhang Ying: in the process of dealing with you, the whole still feels that you are very nice. Even if you don’t approve of it, even if you are very annoying, you will be restrained and suppressed to show it. In fact, with this kind of war, the bigger the company, the various relationships, the staff, the dealings, the complexity of each financing, it’s going to go crazy if you know the details of it. Do you think your style and state of dealing with people have changed? Do you have any thoughts in this regard, have you changed, promoted or entangled?

Davy: Yes, this is the biggest change I feel. Although there may still be a lot of people saying that I am a nice person, but I think it is more direct than before, it may be more embarrassed to say.

When the company recruited the first 70 employees in August last year, it felt very unnatural to get along with such a large age. But now the age of the company is very diverse, in their twenties, in their thirties, and in their forties, we have a lot of things to communicate directly. We feel that we do not do well to eliminate them – I think this is the biggest change for me, that is, direct communication, not to be afraid of offending people, because we have to insist on doing the right thing. Things.

Recently, I heard a deep feeling to me, called “great kindness is evil.” Sometimes you feel like giving him some chance to try, which seems to be more benign than nice. In fact, you hurt this person and also hurt the company. This is the biggest adjustment and change since I started my business.

Zhang Ying: then let me ask you about this character change. Let me give you an example.

Davy: indeed, I didn’t want to do anything like this before. For example, when we first started financing, the terms were not cut. At that time, I felt that “investors have invested money, thank you, and what terms” – actually this is not responsible for the company, or too weak, is embarrassed to argue, embarrassed to ask for something. After financing, we are very insistent on some useful things for the company or for the maintenance of our employees.

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