Interview with Papi sauce: the solution to the pessimist


Interview with Papi sauce: the solution to the pessimist

Compared with the net red in general sense, there is no doubt that Papi sauce has gone out of a different way.

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Li Jing  

Editor Cao Lexi

The day before the interview, Jiang Yilei, the founder of the spring rain, was recommended as a candidate for the 38 red flag of Beijing. Where is the vote? ” “Is this vote worthy of your net identity?”

This man is sitting opposite us now, more than the weird Jiang Yilei in the Internet Video – maybe we should call it Papi sauce and look a little bit smaller. Two years after becoming famous, Papi sauce still does not have any star’s “self-consciousness”. She had a leg on her chair, and her face was fair. “You feel like you’re interviewing me,” Papi chuckled and greeted us with water. The sound of no change was very cordial.

From a “small transparent” to attract the attention of the stars, Papi sauce is always adapting to the individual. She often talked about the panic day of 2016. “I was all in panic.” she didn’t feel red, life was still the same, but she saw the soaring numbers on the Internet, and some people said you were red and the misplacement was blankly.

Papi sauce can be emotional, but the company behind her needs to be on the right track. Since the high-profile announcement of the papitube program, Papi sauce is not only a public appreciation of her personal, but also the nearly 40 signatory authors of papitube, and the prospects for more than 80 employees, and of course the whole market for short video.

The “chance” of Papi sauce and the “inevitability” of papitube

Compared with the net red in general sense, there is no doubt that Papi sauce has gone out of a different way.

At the beginning of 2016, the Papi sauce quickly became popular, first to get the 12 million investment of the editing thought, the real fund, the light source capital and the star map capital, and then the first ad cooperation auction for 22 million high prices. Later, there was a plan to donate and launch papitube to the alma mater. In a few short months, she took the title of “2016 first net red”. .

From the personal brand of Papi sauce to the institutional brand of papitube, it is also the only way for almost all the head short video creators in the past one or two years: Mr. He has specially launched the MCN service brand shell video, excavating and cultivating the original content productivity in the vertical field, and two more on culture, entertainment, life, finance and so on. The plate has hatched more than 20 sub brands.

In contrast, papitube has not been exposed to a large scale, plus in 2017, Papi sauce has been put into a series of actions, such as the company’s incorporation into Tak Yang Chuan, a collection of thinking, and the withdrawal of the sub – answer community.

However, according to micro-blog video agency list, in the first half of 2017, papitube has been in the 4-5 place, not enemy Da Yu network, pear video, colony culture and so on, but by the second half of August, papitube is in the top two, the contract author @Bigger Institute, @ Zhang cat to practice the mouth and so on for a long time in the self medium The first ten of the body.

Papi sauce and her company, COO Huo Nifang, told us that at present, papitube has signed nearly 40 authors to help contract authors in three aspects of content creation, publicity and business transformation.

Interview with Papi sauce: the solution to the pessimist

And Papi sauce is even more hot. Last month, Sina made the top of the list of Papi’s video impact list. She is not able to talk about the chance of her success, and the rapid popularity is the result of the day. Although she has her own personal factors, it is also influenced by the whole Internet environment. Now Internet content has entered a relatively stable stage. To gain value, we need more time to accumulate.

However, “everything is a necessity in contingency”. In order to help the authors do the content better, papitube has a content scoring mechanism that quantifies in several aspects, such as production level, rhythm point, theme, subjective feeling, and so on. The people who score are the most authoritative in the company, such as Papi sauce, Huo Nifang and several producers.

Papi sauce tells us that she selects authors for several criteria.

Personal charisma; independent thinking and originality; continuous output ability; professionalism in vertical categories; positive energy.

“Personal charisma is more subjective, but some people are able to reach get by most people.” Papi sauce, as an example of the Bigger Institute, “he’s not very handsome, but there’s a kind of Beijing Gang’s ruffian, including me and my more than 30 year old woman, and say I like your director.”

Rather than being popular, she is more likely to see whether the authors have personalized content and expression, which makes the authors of the papitube look diverse and diverse, from the cultural differences between China and foreign countries to the film and TV series.

“And do you have any specialty? For example, we have an author by @ Lai Lai is Zoe, she is the teacher of the art school, who has done the special effect make-up of the drama group, and has the authority in the professionalism… “

Papi sauce is very familiar with the signing writers of papitbube. This is the short video family that she hatched personally, and also the star sea of future large-scale commercial realisation. “Papitube started because of me, but because all the authors can make this brand bigger.”

When it comes to the last item of the company’s selection criteria, she says that there must be positive energy and everyone laughs together. “Please don’t laugh at this. I’m going to choose 38 red flag medals. The positive energy is very important, of course.” Everyone is still overjoyed. “Hey, what are you laughing at?!” Papi has a little bit of wool and then tells us very positively that the positive energy she understands may be a small loss after seeing some comfort in her heart.

“Is there a refusal by the author who is wanted to sign a contract?

“Certainly, Gao Fu handsome is likely to be rejected in finding a woman to be in love. I don’t like Li Zeyan. Isn’t that normal?” Papi sauce is very frank.

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